Imperial Palace Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon

Since recording show #129, a couple news items caught our attention.

Since HET acquired all of the property on the east side of the Strip from Harrah’s to Paris, everyone has been awaiting the company’s “master plan” for redeveloping their holdings. Everyone assumed Imperial Palace would be the first to go. Well, don’t expect an implosion of IP anytime soon. A blurb at the bottom of today’s Inside Gaming column indicates Harrah’s is converting Imperial Palace to the Total Rewards players club—a sure sign IP will be around for awhile.

The Las Vegas Strip was the site of yet another shooting yesterday when a couple people got capped at Caesars Palace. The Las Vegas hotel and casino industry is pretty good at sweeping these stories under the rug quickly, but when multiple incidents occur over just a couple months, questions about safety on the Strip are sure to increase.


12 thoughts on “Imperial Palace Isn’t Going Anywhere Soon

  1. I don’t think the IP converting to Harrah’s Total Rewards would make me stay downtown but if Rico and Audrey hate Total Rewards enough to stay downtown more power to ’em.

  2. Glad to hear HET is adding IP to Total Rewards. I hope this doesn’t mean their comps will decrease for poker players (it most likely does, and it already has). It was $3/hour before Harrah’s bought them, and then it decreased to $2/hour. Still one of the best comp rates on the strip (most are $1/hour), and we’ll see how Total Rewards changes things.

    When I was in Vegas earlier this year, I stopped by the former Barbary Coast to check out the new place. In speaking with an employee, she said that they (Bill’s) would be going to the Total Rewards system too. I wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not, but with the news about IP, this sure seems possible now. I guess we’ll see.

  3. Can’t wait till the former Barbary Coast property will take my comps at that property. I’ve always liked it but now I get to use the comps to get it.

    There is light at the end of the Evil Empire… 2 Weeks till Mirage/Paris trip. Hope to break into the MGM comp world.

    Jim in Tulsa

  4. Actually, we meant we won’t get shot or blown up downtown! Getting bombed is another story, however…

  5. The IP garage was intentionally built on top of a significant wash (desert creek) and built so the wash goes under Caesars then under the IP coming out in their garage, crossing Winnick (intentionally flooding the street) then cascading. Google Video of some of it at

    You can follow the wash east from Spanish Trail (Trop and Rainbow), running north side of Trop, parallel to Trop, vanishing under The Orleans, and then again near The Rio going unde I-15 and Caesars:,-115.239136&spn=0.012102,0.019956&t=h&z=16&om=1

    Funny note: Many years ago, it would flood one of the parking lots at Caesars (before they built over it) when it rained really good. People who had good insurance on old cars were known to park in that Caesars lot if a good rain was hitting the west side of town, knowing the wall of water would soon wash their car away.

    This was also before the massive flood control dams and holding areas (reference,-115.354342&spn=0.00605,0.009978&t=k&z=17&om=1 ) were build across the west side of the valley. The flash floods literally sent walls of water.

    The water coming under the IP is a fraction of what it used to be before flood control. It used to submerge cars stupid enough to try to drive through it. Now, they shut it down at the first sign of water.

  6. If the IP is staying around for a bit longer, hope it gets a new face lift anyway!! Too dark and dreary inside the casino!! Harrah’s needs some new or upgrade hotels to keep up with the neighbors!!


  7. I played the web version of the Gems Tiles game that is often discussed. I never play slots in Vegas, but thought I would try it while watching TV.

    After playing a few session, my conclusing is that the on-line version is ‘juiced’. Is that your experience as well? If so, how does it really play in Vegas when real money is going in?

  8. Found this on and thought it was really clever.

    Top 10 changes to the IP under Harrah’s.

    10. No more free coupons to the car museum.
    9. Raise High Limit area to $1 or more.
    8. Remove all but 3 video poker games.
    7. Personality removed from all existing employees.
    6. Restrict parking garage to Diamond Club members.
    5. Convert Legends In Concert showroom into nightclub.
    4. Expand buffet.
    3. Convert Flamingo Wash area in lower parking garage into Diamond Lounge.
    2. Remove dealtainers pit and install poker room.
    1. New home for World Series of Caveman Keno.

  9. We stayed at IP in June because the deal was really good (Its almost like I have to defend why we would stay there. Haha). We were pleasantly surprised because the reno’d rooms were fairly nice with really comfy great new beds. They were actively upgrading other floors while we were there…another reason why they won’t be imploding it soon.

    Though the casino was still dark and dreary like caplondon said, it was surprisingly (almost) smoke free. Usually you can cut the smoke with a knife in there because of the low ceilings but it was like they upgraded the ventilation (doubtful) or maybe people are just smoking less due to the new laws??? Now if only they would take the styling of the area around the monorail and continue it throughout the casino area…

    Thanks for the update. Glad I used up my IP comp dollars last trip!!!

  10. I’m glad the IP is staying around. The poker room is one of the softest in town. Everytime I’ve played there more than half the players were drunk. Just avoid the 2 locals who are also playing this weak room and you should do great.

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