18 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 129: Here Comes Palazzo

  1. BC – Legends show. Be happy they were not the real Legends! We got to see Chuck Berry/Jerry Lee Lewis/Little Richard at the Orleans last year.

    Boy .. its best just for the memory to live on. Whilst LR was fine, im not sure Chuck knew what song he was playing half the time. So prob best to make do with a Gwen Stafani impersonator!

    Toni Braxton …. one word sums it up. Noooo.

    Skill Bonus on Slots can only be a good thing, especially if they bring back more of those games of old. Surely Space Invaders anyone ?

    Tim/Michelle maybe during the next chat evening you can host a mini gems wild tiles tourney.

  2. Hey Tim and Michelle…
    Thanks for using my call. I feel like a celebrity now! 🙂

  3. Tim,
    Loved the snippet of Michele singing karaoke that you tucked in after the closing music. Any chance we’ll get to hear more?

  4. BC:

    You’ll be happy to know it worked. She downloaded the show and listened to the last two minutes just to check.

    Nicely done.

  5. Looks like T&M fell back into their “tried and true” pattern of using drunk dial audios to pad the show. Thought for sure we would get some more on-air e-mail replies, like last week, but NO, old habits are hard to break. Why not just make it 60 minutes of drunk dials and be done with it. Sorry for the rant, but someone has to tell the king he has no clothes. lol.

  6. Normally I wouldn’t acknowledge VegasVinny’s comment, but I had a really bad day and feel like taking out my bad mood on somebody.

    First, we have absolutely no need to “pad the show.” We are under no obligation to fill any sort of time quota. If we didn’t use the voice mail messages, the show would simply be shorter. In fact, the show used to be around 30-40 minutes most of the time until we began getting more and more listener calls. We find them entertaining and informative, so we use most of them. That said, I recognized long ago that some people may not like the listener comments, so we put most of them at the end of the show—easy to skip if you like the rest of the show but not the calls.

    Second, when we replied to e-mails a couple weeks ago, we made it clear the Dear Tim and Michele segment would be an occasional part of the show but not weekly, so I don’t know why you thought “for sure” we’d be replying to more e-mail.

    Third, thanks for the show concept. I’ve added “60-minute Drunk Dial Spectacular” to the list of upcoming show ideas.

    Finally, I suggest you might want to give some of the other Las Vegas podcasts a try. There are a bunch of them, each with their own angle. If you don’t enjoy our “tried and true pattern,” maybe you’ll find one of the others more in line with your lofty expectations.

    Sorry for the rant, but someone has to tell the anonymous e-mail commenter he is being rather dickish. lol.

  7. Ha, you said “dickish”.

    BTW- It is Heather’s birthday this weekend and we are celebrating at a lovely establishment to be named later in Laughlin. Well, the establishment is actually in Laughlin and we will be naming it later. Actually, the establishment has already been named, we will just be saying the name of it later.
    Oh hell. We are staying at Pioneer.
    Will call in from there.
    And probably drunk.

  8. Michelle – I too have “performed” at the lounge in the Barbary Coast! My performance involved some sort of impromptu conga line through the slots. Yeah…picture it.

  9. Rock on, Tim!

    I was supposed to be in the air right now, on my way to Vegas, but the trip fell through a couple of weeks ago. I’m sad.

  10. I like drunk dials.

    I like panting dogs.

    I like Sigma Derby.

    I like Vegas.

  11. Oddly enough, I always thought “tried & true” meant it was tested and proven to be good… so yes, Drunk Dials are tried & true.

    Please note that Five Hundy is a Mini-Media Empire… I’m not sure who the King is, but by definition it must be hosted by an EMPEROR.

    Also note that this is a Vegas related podcast which clearly makes it an inappropriate place for children. As such, clothing is entirely optional. **

    Personally I spend 5 hours driving to and from work each week and I much prefer to listen to an extended show featuring a few drunk dials. Much better than a 30 minute show followed by listening to the radio and a bunch of crummy commercials telling me to drink my ovaltine.

    (**) Proper foot attire may be required in select locations.

  12. Tim,

    Keep the show you want it to be, we’ll still be here, listening, drunk dialing, soundscapes, gambling with Tim and Michelle, tip of the week, link of the week, etc.

    Sorry to hear you had a bad day. I hope the lights of the Vegas strip are waiting at the end of the tunnel!

  13. I agree that the show is good in any format.

    You can’t beat listening to somebody who is sooooo drunk in Vegas they struggle to slur never mind speak.

    I read some of the comments before I heard the show, and so timed the drunk dials, they come in at about 16 minutes which means we got 36 minutes of T&M.

    I think I need to get out more !!!!!

  14. Love the show as is! Please keep the drunk dials! I usually listen while commuting on the train and always get weird looks when I break into giggles!

    With regards to this episode: we have seen a Pac-Man video slot machine before at Harrahs in New Orleans in 2003. Obviously wasn’t skill based but did have a bonus where the game played and Pac-man ate ghosts/fruit for credits I believe. We’re huge arcade/video game fans so we were pretty excited about it.

    Speaking of video games, I saw this today…hopefully will be showing up in an O’Shea’s bathroom soon.


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