Five Hundy by Midnight 130: Just Add Bacon Salt

Las Vegas podcast #130 includes:

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36 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 130: Just Add Bacon Salt

  1. According to the Review Journal, “The singer will perform in an ‘unplugged’ trio format, backed only by longtime musical director Bill Fayne on piano and multi-instrumentalist Domenick Allen.”

    But you knew he wouldn’t make a move without his “musical director.”

  2. Just got back from Sin city, Stayed at Flamingo,on our 2nd day the constuction was so loud on the floor above us, we asked to be moved to another room. They gave us an upgrade to a GO suite…and free tickets to the Second City show Both were Great.Stppoed by the Monte Carlo and was suprised at the renovations made to the Casino ,Carpet , lounges etc. Might stay there next time. We ate at Dick’s Last Resort at the AxeCalibur and was impressed with the outragouse waiters , hats and obnoxious atmosphere. It’s a great place when you’re drunk. Lost 20 bucks on Sigma derby at MGM but mt wife hit $800 jackpot on the Top Dollar slots…not bad. We took the dough and ate at CraftSteak ……best food in town. MGM properties are still the class and best value in Vegas

  3. $82.50 for Sylvia Brown? Sounds like a bargain compared to the $300 she was charging when she came to Calgary. Yes, that is a three followed by two zeros.

  4. El Cortez most definitely had a $5 pai gow table on a Saturday night when I played there last March.

  5. Look assholes, you two REALLY need to watch the kind of shit you put on your podcast.

    I was sitting on the balcony last night and decided to load up your show on my Pocket PC to listen to while getting some fresh air.

    I’m sitting back relaxing on the balcony chair, and hear you tell us all that the Imperial Palace is not going anywhere.


    You don’t even give a disclaimer to your listeners to sit down in a safe place before you deliver that kind of news???

    You can guess what happened next.

    Upon hearing this, I stood up on the railing, and for a good 5 minutes contemplated jumping. I don’t know if I want to live in a world that allows a place like the Imperial Palace to exist.

    I was finally coaxed off the ledge by a passing prostitute who offered a half-priced handjob (how could I refuse?) … but had it not been for that meth-fueled hooker … I very well might be road pizza.

    I will thank you to be a little more sensitive in the future before just flippantly delivering news that is very distressing and disturbing to some of us.

  6. Sorry VegasRex. You are correct. We should have placed a disclaimer at the beginning of the show warning people about the show containing potentially troubling news. We know these sorts of things can be a little touchy and can set off suicidal thoughts when occurring too close to a recent encounter with the Imperial Palace buffet. I don’t know what we were thinking. Our apologies.

  7. I’ve always had good luck finding $5 Pai Gow at the Coast properties; specifically Gold Coast and Orleans, which have a free shuttle to the strip.

    The tables there are extra wide, for plenty of elbow room, and they don’t feature the bonus bet. I hate Pai Gow tables with bonus bets… if I wanted to run through my money quickly I wouldn’t be playing Pai Gow.

    South Coast used to have cheap Pai Gow too but I’m not sure if they still do now that they’re South Point.

  8. Long live the Imperial Palace!

    We’ve already given up too much of old vegas, let us keep this one.

  9. I have a tip for all you cheapos…there is a store called Savers where you can buy used very clean clothing very inexpensive. The great part is they have loads of casino give away t-shirts as we as nicer casino three button shirts. Buy cheap and give to your friends back home!

  10. By the way I saw Vanilla Ice at the South Point Casino Buffet last week.

    This week my wife and I saw Chuck Mangione, at South Point, in concert. They use the night club which seats 400. We enjoyed it very much. We find more value in the outlaying properties.

  11. That call from Flamingo about the preponderance of large women at Flamingo makes me think it was this year’s iteration of Big Beautiful Women Bash that was the subject of “XXL Travel” on Travel Channel. See, like many of you, I presume, I have a TiVo wish list for Keyword: Vegas and this popped up there. It was, well, interesting. Last year’s bash was at Stardust, natch; the show featured three attendees and their experiences getting to the bash, and then at the bash and around Las Vegas. I’m just going to let you find it on Travel Channel so you can form your own opinions.

    I’ve never been to Krave, but it sounds like they’re going the way of that theater in PHo (btw, aren’t they begging to have a Vietnamese restaurant?) which has seemingly 18 shows on rotation, with a show every two hours. Perhaps Krave is trying to shed their queerness, especially since they are fairly far away from the other gay bars in Vegas.

  12. What has it come to that Vanilla Ice in now performing at the South Point Casino Buffet?

  13. The Wedding Chappel story sounds like a CSI episode. The one about the alien and the Elvis. 🙂

  14. Hi Tim and Michelle,

    I have been a listener for a couple of years now, so thought I’d better say hello, as I’m also a vegas Junkie!

    I have been over a few times in the last 7 years and have seen some changes, but hey that’s Vegas right.

    I’m due out again in february 2008 for my wife’s birthday, so have been listening with interest regarding hotel information.

    We’ve stayed in a few strip hotels but never downtown so may end up there next time round. We were going to try Ceasars but with the new building work going to happen, may give that a miss.

    Keep up the good work, on a very fun and informative Vegas podcast, I also listen to ‘This aint Iowa’ and have met Brian last time I was in town, a very nice and a funny guy.

    All the best from the UK


  15. Hey guys,

    Just returned from my first trip to Vegas! It was awesome and I’m sure to return!

    We went for a friends wedding in Henderson – They were talking about getting hassled outside the place where they got the marrige license – one guy followed them to their car and kept offering them a limo ride to a chaple to get married right away!! They said they were handed 4 ‘offers’ right outside the door!

    We stopped in the ‘former’ Barbary Coast. Although I can’t confirm this 100% because I didn’t see him perform – All the signs say Big E is still performing in the lounge not Drais. The anouncment outside over the speakers also says catch Big E in the lounge – So I’m 99% sure he is staying put.

    The Sunday brunch at Wynn was outstanding – wish I could have tried everything they had, the pastry/dessert section was worth the price alone!

    Michelle you’ll be happy to know I brought 4 pairs of shoes with me and my wife only brought 2- granted I only wore 2, I had comfort in knowing the other 2 pairs were with me should I need them (actually I only own 4 pairs of shoes???)

    Stayed in a GO suite at Flamingo which was really nice -only thing that could have been better is if you didn’t have to walk through the Flamingo to get to it!

    What’s with all the children on the strip – I think instead of metal detectors at the casinos they should work on some sort of age detector – not just little kids, teens too- I saw so many teenagers with attitude issues walking around like they owned this town – I thought you went to Vegas to get away from the kids?

    love the show keep it up


  16. By the way Vanilla Ice was just eating not performing at South Point. He was posing with fans for pictures. He seemed to be cool.

  17. There’s something fishy about this “checking out the X’s entertainment page because they might not be taking reservations in the future” story.

    Tell the truth, Tim… you were on the entertainment page checking out the Thunder from Down Under pics.

    Mirapex IS BAD.

  18. Re: Excalibur

    Funny you should mention about the delay in listing of reservations during the show. Noticed whilst reading through a Poker magazine publication ( Poker Player ) there was a mention of Excalibur being not long for this world. Having not seen anything on the web about it was very sceptical but what a strange coincidence.

  19. Gem Wild Tile tales – to include ourselves in the ‘live’ machine being bad. Me and the wife stuck $10 each into the Orleans machine.

    Didnt even have time to order a cocktail.

    ’nuff said.


    Due to the ongoing de-theming, the Luxor has changed the name of their buffet from “The Pharoah’s Feast Buffet” to “MORE, The Buffet at Luxor.” You can’t say “Luxor” without rhyming it to “MORE” which changes the pronunciation to “Luck-Sore.” Not since the “Barbary Coast” was changed to “Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall” has there been such great name pickin’ Nice job guys.

  21. Gems Crappy Tiles… Yep, Heather was playing at, uh-hum, Casino Royale and lost most of the money she had taken from Harrahs. GWT are definetly bad.
    (PS- she did win most of it back at Mr Popeil’s rotisserie slot machine… Good times.)

  22. At Silverton, I played Gems Wild Tiles for about half an hour and was ahead a whole $2!!!! I had to stop playing because my eyes just couldn’t focus on those gems anymore. Maybe I was drinking too much, or not enough.

  23. The Imperial Palace was the very first strip hotel that I ever visited on my initial voyage to the center of the universe, 20 years ago. It was a disgusting pile of putrid, low-ceilinged, flatulent, smoky, puke-stained urban rot back then and I have checked back each year since to make sure that nothing has changed. Nothing has changed. My hat s off to those who can stand the joint for more than ten minutes. I break out in a rash just looking at the sign from out on the Boulevard.

    I never did make it to the car display. Maybe I’ve cheated myself out of the best attraction in Vegas. Having been to Vegas 50+ times, I think I should be entitled to a front-row seat when they pack Imperial Palace with explosives and convert it into a much more attractive crater. I think that VegasRex and I would volunteer to push the BOOM button.

    You people reporting on tubs of lard roaming around on those motorized Fatso tractors put me off food. Those machines were designed to provide mobility for people who cannot walk, not for people who are too freaking massive to move from slot-to-slot at Caesars. Cut back on the buffet and walk the strip a little then you wont need to attend Barge conventions and wear t-shirts that prove your commitment to dying early.

  24. Played Gems Wild Tiles here at a local casino…played for an hour and was up $50! Tried it at Palace Station, Casino Royale and some casino in Mesquite last time in Vegas…my money would have lasted longer if I had set fire to it!

  25. Oh and I was just listening to “Munchcast” the new podcast from the TWIT podcast network all about food. The first episode called is called “Bacon and Gravy”. Now they don’t actually talk about bacon or gravy that much but I thought it was hilarious when they referred to bacon as “meat candy”. They are so right! Mmmm meat candy!!

  26. We just returned from Vegas, and after filling up your voice mail with a bunch of comments, we have some notes:

    1. We didn’t get stabbed during our time on Fremont Street, but there were several people who seemed like the type who would do it! On several occasions, there were couples having loud (yelling) arguments while walking down the street. They seemed more common near the Fitzgerald’s end than the Plaza end.

    2. Speaking of Fremont, they were putting up some neon signs on the blocks between Neonopolis and El Tez, under the name “East Fremont District.” The grand opening/lighting ceremony is scheduled for August 27 or so, I think a flyer said. They’re trying to class up the joint, I guess!

    3. Audrey learned how to play craps ($3 at Golden Gate, and the Tez) and she loves it! She also played in a poker tournament for the first time, which was a little intimidating, because she’s a little 5-foot pipsqueak. She finished 11th out of 45.

    4. Flying between the Twin Cities and Vegas, Sun Country is the only way to fly (to coin a phrase)!

  27. Exerpt from Trip reprot on

    “Well, the pool finally opened and we scuttled in to grab some prime seats in the sun. We kept waiting for other people to take their tops off before we did because we didn’t want to be the first. But Jen is much braver than I, and with a flourish she was topless and damn proud. I followed suit (suit, get it? Goddamn I’m funny) and we finally started to relax. Until I lifted my head and noticed there were suddenly about 50 women in the pool over 300 pounds, some very well over. This, my friends, was the BBW convention. BBW stands for Big Beautiful Women. And they were very happy to be showing off their bigness. There were women in there who were so big they had to ride into the pool on scooter. A scooter!!! If you’re on a scooter your big ass does not need to be wearing the same stuff as a 100 pound teenage girl. Now, as unpopular as my opinion will probably be with the politically correct folks of this forum, if I weighed in about the same as a baby humpback whale, you can be damn sure I wouldn’t be flitting around a topless pool with my funbags swinging to my waist in a string thong bikini. Not all of the women were in string thong bikinis, in fact about half of them were in regular old swim suits. But not enough. I saw fat where I didn’t even know you could get fat. I saw things that will haunt my dreams forever. “

  28. Dan, I was just there that same weekend. In fact, I know which 300 pound woman on the scooter that the excerpt was referring to; the fact is, she was probably closer to 400 lbs. I saw her and her equally girthy, yet scooterless friend at the buffet. It was a “heavenly” weekend for those known as chubby chasers. For those of us who don’t appreciate the plus-sizes as much… well it wasn’t a sight to behold.

  29. Was is just me or did Russ the caller about blackjack sound just like Anthony Curtis?

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