10 thoughts on “Gambling in Las Vegas Documentary

  1. Nice find! The guy was a little annoying, but much better than those whacked out old fucking TLC, DISCOVERY, TRAVEL channel shows. I was happy not to see the Anthony Curtis for a change.

  2. This documentary was, in a sense, more raw than the sanitized versions on the cable channels. I like it a lot. Wish they had, comeback to the guy that was up for over 24 hours and still at the BJ table. The lady who played everyday for the past 10 years, I believe, she should get a life. Everyday is a bit much. I think she is fooling herself that playing everyday is not considered a gambleraholic.

  3. Tim & Michele,

    Hope both of you are having a great time out in Las Vegas! Just heard a story on CNN this morning about significant rainfall and widespread flooding throughout Las Vegas, so I can only imagine the sad state of affairs at the IP parking garage right now. If ever there was an event worthy of an impromptu podcast recorded live on the scene, the happenings that are undoubtedly unfolding at the IP parking garage would definitely be it. Oh, the humanity!

  4. Travel Channel Just aired some new shows, I have them on Tivo, I will watch them when I get a chance.

    More Las Vegas FAQ’s and more Las Vegas Do’s and Don’ts

    It has been a while since the Travel Channel did anything new on Vegas. The Last one I remember was “What’s New 2006” They haven’t done a 2007 version.

    A Little Vegas is better than no Vegas

    Go here for times

  5. I am suprised at the patience of the interviewees. Usually, when someone is losing like that, and those questions are asked of them, they are going to bite the guy’s head off!! I kept cringing thinking that “this question is going to draw the wrath”.

    “Are you having fun losing so much?”

    “Why don’t you quit?”

    “Why did you do this?”

    Lucky he didn’t get smacked!! 🙂 A good watch though! Thanks for posting.

  6. Louis Theroux is awesome. Check out some of his other stuff on YouTube. He’s subtle about his biases, but they do show through and I actually like that.

    Is there anything more beautiful than part six of that documentary?

  7. Best part is when the 2 salesmen return to the Hilton after being MIA on the strip for many hours losing $10,000 – Louis says “We don’t have to play tonight if you’d rather call it quits since you’ve lost an awful lot” The guy turns to Louis and spoken like a true gambler says “I’m not a quitter! – I am NOT a quitter!”

  8. Not relevant to the main link, but thought this might be of use to some of your listerners.

    Been trawling through the net to find what hotels offers are out there at the moment and came across this blog, which seems to list most of the current offers. Don’t think it has been mentioned before on your podcast, so below is the link.


  9. Yesterday I visited the Fiesta Henderson for a little gambling and the buffet.
    They have the best bacon, so far, on any buffet I have visited. Sort of smokey, sort of thick and cooked from limp to crispy. Also the fried chicken wings on the far east station are the best I have had. Crispy, not dried out. Very meaty with a hint on soy taste. Wow.
    The wait is long on Sundays, but we beat the crowd on Saturday.

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