Five Hundy by Midnight 132: A Bold Choice, Sir

Las Vegas podcast #132 includes:

  • Melrose Place opening clip
  • Trip wrap-up
  • Flamingo deluxe room
  • Video poker deteriorates, Top Gun, Reel Gems, Filthy Rich 2 and Goldfish slot reviews
  • Our first Cirque experience
  • We dig Planet Hollywood
  • Planet Dalies, Paris and Planet Hollywood breakfast buffets, Stripburger, Fix and Stack
  • Miracle Mile update
  • Listener meet-ups
  • Storerotica
  • Topless pools
  • Las Vegas Strip beer pong
  • Walt Hudson: Adios Las Vegas
  • Trip photos

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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 132: A Bold Choice, Sir

  1. I haven’t downloaded FHBM132 yet (56k line, so I DL while I sleep). Sorry I could not make it to this meet. I was close enough, but many work related events prevented my escape, even for a short while.

  2. Hello Tim and Michelle

    I heard the podcast and i could not believe that living in Las Vegas, Love is your first Cirque show!

    It is crazy!

    I am from Brazil and i am a not crazy Cirque Fan, but you can not miss some of this shows, because they are the most unbelievable shows from all over the world!

    Of course if i leaved in Las Vegas, maybe i should not go to Cirque shows so often, or maybe not at all, because i am so close, but when yo are far away, you start to make the Cirque shows like a must to go everytime that you go to Vegas

    My first show from Cirque was Kà, and i can not explain how great this show is. Is a show that anyone can explain, you must experience to understand.

    What i am saying is almost a mantra from all the reviews, but it is a reality.

    I saw Zumanity an i can guarantee that the DVD from the pre production, LOVESICK is much better than the show, and you can not forget that Cirque shows have so much money from the developing that if the box offices don’t run as the casinos expect, they change the show to achieve more audience, so, Zumanity lost all the edgy things and became a circus freak show with laughs

    So, if you could see Kà before the show starts to change to a kid’s story, please go before the show changes, because is really unbelievable, you will enjoy much more than Love!

    Another show that is a must see is O, because of the stage that is all in the water

    Please guys, you have some of the best shows of the world! Don’t miss it! Make a tour for the shows at least one time at your life!

    About Mystere, i don’t want to see because it’s an old show and is a classic cirque show, for kids, no story, just to see acrobats and clowns.

    Congratulations for the podcast and enjoy another burger at Stripburger for me!

  3. Have yet to hear the podcast ( taking 5 mins from work ) so have yet to hear T&M review of Love .. but have to say we loved it. Is probably the only Cirque show we have been to that we would go and see again, not just for the music but also loved the idea that it was as much dance as it was acrobatics ( which as talented as the acrobats are, after sitting through 30 mins does tend to get a bit repeditive ).

    O and Mystere we saw back to back on our first Vegas trip and were unimpressed with both, Mystere being marginaly better for us due to the closeness of the performers and the story element. For the most part though we just through they were both just down right weird!

    Looking forward to hearing the Goldfish review, it seemed to have an hypnotical quality for the wife and father-in-law. There was also a variant machine
    we spotted which had mermaids in place of gold fish, though these were rare back in April ( believe Harrahs was the only place we found one ).

    Good to see the Bellagio conservatory photos. They have some awesome displays there. Have to say it is the one place in Vegas we will always make sure we go to see each trip.

    Darn February seems so long away!

  4. We do love the Goldfish game but have yet to figure out when the bonus arrives. It is totally random and some of the bonuses can be minscule, i.e. the scatter can turn into nothing and pick a bubble can be very small. But it is a pretty fair game and let’s you play.

    The Flyby on Top Gun can be nothing as well but is fun to get it. The Top Gun can be fun to unless you return to base too soon.

    Have played the Fithly Rich and the bonus is choose your pig and is good fun. Never got the music note bonus and the nouce when the bonus square comes is quite rude.

    Haven’t finished the show yet but the start is outstanding (as an avid penny slot player I could listen to reviews all show long).

    BTW I found LOVE boring and too long. Actually fell asleep.


  5. BTW still on Goldfish, the fish food bonus – wife managed to pick all the food without hitting the three turtles. When this happened all the turles left turned gold for multiplied points bonus. Vaguely remember the picked one being worth $150 on a 1c machine, 30 lines ( not sure whether this was on 1 or 2 coins per line ).

    Finally, been meaning to ask this for a while. Does anyone know of any website where there are online slots based on current Vegas machines ( like the Gems Wildtiles site ) ? Preferably free to play. Have so far found Cleopatra, Enchanted Unicorn, Wheel of Fortune and Monopoly but are there any others about ?

  6. more free boob tips.

    If your ever at the the Caesars convention center go to the 4th floor and look down. The pool directly bellow you is Venus. I saw plenty of nice racks and some a little less desirable. It’s a little high up but low enough to enjoy yourself. there is usually 1 to 2 dudes at every window down the hall.
    You can walk right up even if your not at the convention, well worth a few minutes out of your way.

  7. Thanks for a great recap! I’ll be heading to Vegas tomorrow morning. We’re staying at the Flamingo as well. I will be attempting the $20 trick, but i’ll also be proposing to my girlfriend, so i’m gonna throw that out there and see if it’ll work too!

    Also, we’ll be seeing the Beatles Love show, and as a huge Beatles fan i’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for the great description of the tripped out images. As you know the Beatles were tripped out a lot so the images make sense. Perhaps it is better to see high.

    I’m glad you guys got to try the crepes at Paris. I was in Vegas 2 years ago with my girlfriend and parents and the crepes were our favorite food in Vegas. Tomorrow my girlfriend has already said the first thing we are doing after dropping our bags off at Flamingo is going straight to Paris for crepes!

    I will be sure to try the Top Gun slot when i’m there… and i suggest trying the Star Wars penny slot next time you’re there. I won $70 on one pull the first time i played it. Great bonus mini-games and lots of craziness!

  8. Make sure you play the Dark Side version of the Star Wars – the bonus spins are much better.

  9. Good to know that you agree with Judd Apatow about the proper state of mind to enjoy a Cirque show. I too have never experienced once, which isn’t that surprising since I have only been to Vegas once. And I’ll try to hold out longer than you guys!

  10. Thanks for the great report from your trip. Two things: your observations about music in a casino are spot-on–I notice it when it’s really bad and really good, and I remember liking PHo’s selections. However, best music I’ve encountered so far is Borgata–always appropriate, often surprising, and never cheesy. Also, can’t agree more with the biscuits and gravy–and can they please have biscuits that don’t substitute for hockey pucks? (BTW, bacon salt is on its way!)

  11. We are amused by Sigma Derby, but don’t live and die by it. We did walk by the MGM table to pay our respects but didn’t play.

  12. Welcome Back, glad you had a good time, and thanks for the extensive trip report…

    But Never Mind Sigma Derby, all the detailed descriptions of your dining out and not once did you visit Snackus Maximus?????

  13. I’m disappointed. You said you did no recording whatsoever aside from a couple of drunk dial voicemails? I don’t care about the dining and shopping. I just want to hear the sounds of Vegas. I miss those “Wheel…of…Fortune” sounds and the melodic ding-ding-ding-ding-ding.

  14. Greg,

    A quick tip if you’re having withdrawal pains due to being away from Vegas too long:

    Make a quick run to your local big box wholesale store (sam’s club, costco, etc) and pick up a box of Margaritaville Calypso Coconut Shrimp.

    Pop that in the oven for about 10 minutes longer than the directions suggest.

    Before long your entire home will smell exactly like the Tropicana (or maybe the Flamingo if you prefer) without all of the old people (unless you are one of them).

    Then throw away the shrimp because it tastes like crap (even when you don’t over cook it).

  15. It’s been about 9 months since I saw it in person, but I think Blondie’s in the Miracle Mile also has beer pong if anyone is so inclined. Nice sports bar if it is an all guys trip as the waitstaff has been very compelling, shall we say, the times I have been there.

  16. It was nice meeting you two while you were here. Did you enjoy the lighting storms?
    Earlier was a good question- Was there Snackus Maximus action?

  17. After listening to this I wish I had stopped and played that Top Gun slot machine when I was in Vegas two weeks ago. It sounds like a lot of fun.

    Although I did get to finally play Sigma Derby for the first time at the MGM Grand and that was lots of fun.

  18. Yeah, the slur in my voice would partially explain why I had a rough time getting up the next morning. But I had a good time reliving the Jacks or Better session.

  19. Michelle, I have to say I totally empathized with your “lost day” as I had an almost identical experience (and it was my very first trip to Vegas, for my 40th birthday). Needless to say, I had lots of fun the day before my hubby made up a little bed for me next to the toilet. I made him delete that picture!

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