Las Vegas podcast #133 includes:

  • So You Think You Can Dance opening clip
  • Harrah’s arena
  • MGM Mirage’s new investors
  • Is Dubai a country?
  • Jimmy Buffett’s music makes people shoot each other
  • New Frontier implosion
  • Spamalot VIP packages
  • Las Vegas Monorail discount extended
  • Planet Hollywood grand opening
  • Tangerine reprieve
  • Light becomes The Bank
  • OPM becomes Love and Money
  • Trader Vic’s sounds pretty damn cool
  • Jay Z announces 40/40 Club at Palazzo

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16 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 133: The Show With No Transitions”

  1. 1 Michele

    I learned something today: Dubai can either refer to one of the seven emirates that constitute United Arab Emirates (UAE) in the eastern Arabian Peninsula, or that emirate’s main city, sometimes called “Dubai city” to distinguish it from the emirate. More info here:

  2. 2 Troy from Las Vegas

    From KVBC TV Las Vegas-
    “Harrah’s Entertainment negotiated a deal for the local renters it is evicting. Last week, people at several apartment complexes near Flamingo and Koval were given notices to vacate within 30 days.

    The eviction is legal, but many were upset at the short notice Harrah’s gave them. Now, Harrah’s says it has a deal with the Stout Management Company, who owns 54 apartment complexes in southern Nevada.

    Renters are offered their first month’s rent free, all extra fees waived, their security deposit transferred and a $300 credit for moving costs.”

  3. 3 james in nc

    Easy on the Miss NC there bub. Miss SC is the geenyus. You need to do a drinking show again. I’ll send you some Sailor Jerrys and your can diet coke and fake capn on. You must finish bottle in one show. That’s the deal. Jnc

  4. 4 Richard in L.A.

    I just came home, in a drunken stupor and thought I read the headline Jimmy Buffet shot… oh well.

    Not that I’d wish anyone harm, but I wouldn’t mind a certain someone getting shot in the vocal chords and guitar playing hand…

    Okay, seriously, I don’t want to live in a country where a no-talent hack can make money off a song called “Cheeseburger in Paradise.”

    Alright, end of drunken rant…

  5. 5 Dave Lifton

    Nothin’ like gettin’ Sunday’s listenin’ done on a Saturday night…

  6. 6 Darran

    Yep but what am I to do in my sunday night poker tourney now – no new hundy to listen to.

  7. 7 Drambuie_man

    For a totally differnent observation, is this really episode 133? It seems like only last month I joined to hear Tim muddle through solo episode 3, and only yesterday Michele was making dirty comments about episode 69. Where does the time go?

  8. 8 Tim


    I know what you mean. I’ve had that same thought recently. As a general rule, I don’t stick with hobbies this long. I’ve started several Web sites over the years only to get bored three months later and quit working on them. I’ve never had as much fun with a hobby as I have with podcasting, so I think we’ll be doing it for a while. Thanks for sticking with us for this long. We appreciate it.

  9. 9 Troy from Las Vegas

    Oh, I was hoping Richard in L.A. was talking about Lenny CrapHits. Either way…

  10. 10 Troy from Las Vegas

    A couple of thoughts after listening to #133-

    Regarding stadiums, arenas and entertainment venues, Tim mentioned MGM, Mandalay Bay and Thomas and Mack. There is also Sam Boyd Stadium which has a Lalapalooza type show every year as well as monster trucks and stuff, there is Orleans which is home to a professional hockey and arena football team. I am finding it hard to find a use for a small venue like that and yes, traffic will be a nightmare. Remember once City Center is up and all those people have moved in and then the Planet Ho tower and everything else…

    I drove past Diablo yesterday and it is still fenced off so no, it is not open. My opinion- They ruined the front of Monte Carlo. What a shame.

    On my way south on the strip yesterday I was looking at those light ball things on the front of Planet Ho. I do not know if they light up but they change color in the sun’s reflection depending on what angle you are looking at them from.

  11. 11 Troy from Las Vegas

    Oh yeah, there are many fun facts about Dubai on the internet. It is a great place to have investing in property on U.S. soil. I suggest checking the place out on Google. Or start here-,2933,185725,00.html

  12. 12 Chris from Dallas

    OK Tim and Michele!!! BUSTED!!!

    You guys have made enough subtle references to it that I can safely accuse you of watching “Bret Michaels: Rock of Love”.

    I am glad I am not the only one. It’s my guilty pleasure. My wife thinks I am ridiculous (I am).

  13. 13 Gregory_Zephyr

    Will there be a spinoff podcast about Dubai? Oh, wait, they dont have gambling there. Never mind.

  14. 14 Cameron

    Good show, not long enough. I guess you didn’t hit the racebooks in Las Vegas.

    BTW, Harrah’s is the Evil Empire.

  15. 15 JaredinDC

    Uh oh, no more strawberry daiquiris allowed!

    (click on the ‘slideshow,’ good times)

  16. 16 Joe in Reno

    I as heard that Harrah’s has just opened a new sports book with TVs at the table games so you can watch the game while you play.

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