Five Hundy by Midnight 134: Listener Callapalooza

Las Vegas podcast #134 includes:

  • Real World Las Vegas opening clip
  • Timeshare sales people, poker, The Price is Right at Bally’s
  • Book review response
  • Bad gambling
  • Las Vegas Strip shooting
  • Ultralounges and footwear
  • Sigma Derby in Lake Tahoe and Royal Ascot in Montreal
  • Gems Wild Tiles
  • Staying at Tropicana, the MGM Grand buffet and scooter rentals
  • Low-grade Las Vegas hookers
  • Heart Bar at Planet Hollywood
  • The Flamingo smell
  • Celebrity sighting at Michaels

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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 134: Listener Callapalooza

  1. Well good to see OJ did not loose his shirt in Vegas. In fact it sounds more like he gained a shirt .. and shoes .. and pants etc etc.

  2. Michelle,

    THANK YOU for pointing out to the world that Crocs are FUGLY! No man should ever wear those despicable pieces of crap. Not even little boys. I figure that a boy is just a man in training, so why screw him up at the start? I also agree on the “mandles.”

    Just say no!

  3. “We recorded the show before Britney’s most recent meltdown happened.”


    And thus also before the opening of Diablos’s Cantina and my coverage of the hot babes at midnight.

    Oh I feel dizzy. I think I am going to have a meltdown myself.

    Air. I need air.

  4. T&M,

    I love your melodious voices.
    Don’t forget now. It’s only about a month until Pod & Boog hit Vegas.
    And you know what that means………… FREE DRINKS for all fivehundybymidnight podcast listeners.
    Saturday night, (10/20), at The Palms at some craps table.
    I’ll be wearing a long sleeve orange Fighting Illini (Politically incorrect) CHIEF T-Shirt.
    Tell me you listen to T&M and I’m buyin.

  5. Not that I’m fishing for credit or anything, but I mentioned the Sigma Derby machine at Lake Tahoe back in January, in a comment for show #104. I didn’t take any pictures of it, though. Next time I’ll know better.

  6. Much like Keno, my grammar/spelling is bad.

    That would be “If you’re there…”

  7. It is ironic that there has been a lot of talk in recent weeks about Las Vegas shootings and crime, and then right on cue is the OJ incident.

    To the untrained ear, “Palace Station” and “police station” probably sound similar. Maybe that is why OJ was smiling when he was escorted from The Palms. The cops told OJ they were taking him to the police station, and OJ thought he was going back to get more memorabilia.

  8. My wife works at the Clark County Detention Center and OJ has made the week very interesting. A work mate was interviewed by ET. As OJ made bond today, she will now have to deal with real murders again!

  9. I’m going back through the old shows and listening to them all. I think I’m on #25 or so, so far. Just one question: What happened to the “Tip(tip)(tip) of the Week”???

  10. To RoyVegas-

    “…To the untrained ear, “Palace Station” and “police station” probably sound similar.”

    Now THAT was funny!

  11. Perhaps it could be replaced with Tit of the Week ? – who has made the biggest fool of themselves in Las Vegas that week ?

    Or yep could have another meaning.

  12. Yeah at first I thought Darran was talking about that show at Ballys…

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