Five Hundy by Midnight 135: Is OJ in Some Sort of Trouble?

Las Vegas podcast #135 includes:

  • Jimmy Kimmel opening clip
  • Our ship comes in
  • OJ makes Palace Station famous
  • Do we really need another Hard Rock Cafe?
  • More hotel ads
  • New Las Vegas game shows
  • Classic signs make a comeback
  • Lady Luck owners explore Fremont connection
  • Listener calls
  • The Trippies return
  • Harrah’s cuts Total Rewards diamond benefits
  • H&M opening date
  • MGM Grand’s West Wing Bar
  • Circus Circus gets its own players club

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27 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 135: Is OJ in Some Sort of Trouble?

  1. Nothing to say. I just wanted to be on top. Now I am gonna go listen to the podcast.
    Going to Playboy Club tomorrow so will report in on that.

  2. T&M,

    If you love good BBQ, then you have to go to Lucille’s at the Green Valley Ranch. It is OUTSTANDING! Best I’ve ever had and I’m a food giant.

  3. Thanks for playing my calls, T&M!

    I checked the Rio website, and they did clearly state that R.U.B. opens in October. My bad…

  4. I just read in St Paul a man ripped a head of a duck at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

    Did OJ go there from Vegas?

  5. I must say the Corn Palace does not hold a candle to the 50 ft. concrete present on a liquor store on the edge of Huron!

    And for pure cheese how can you forget Wall Drug? And my favorite was always the Murdo Auto Museum, what a trap.

  6. Now I NEED to hear the Pretty in Pink story. NEED.

    My traveling companions for next week just bailed (they had good reason). I might do my first solo trip – I was too excited.

  7. Michele, can I borrow your underwear for ten minutes? (And yes, that’s a “Pretty in Pink” quote, not just a non sequitur.)

    Seriously, add me to the list of listeners wanting to hear the full “Pretty in Pink” story.

  8. I saw Love in May and had the type of reaction that you two talked about with concerts. Immediately after seeing it I couldn’t wait to buy as many Beatles albums as I could. I would also suggest the “cheap seats” to anyone who is looking for Love tickets. The show looks great from the top row.

    As for LV signs, they are the reason I love Fremont St. It just doesn’t feel like Vegas to me without neon around.

  9. I was in the supermarket the other day and thought of you guys. How could I not? Tim, I saw the perfect present for Michelle. A cookbook called “Seduced By Bacon.”

    You don’t have to come to Rochester and shop Wegmans to get it, they have it on Amazon.

    You two are so into the groovy,, happenen’ bacon thing, that I’ll be really shocked if you haven’t already seen this book.

    So – was i the first?

  10. FYI

    The new Hard Rock Cafe is not part of the “Morgan” Hard Rock Casino in Vegas.

    Seminoles Buy Hard Rock Cafe Business for $965 million The Seminole Indian Tribe in Florida has purchased the Hard Rock Café. The deal announced Dec. 7 includes 124 Hard Rock Cafes, four Hard Rock Hotels, two Hard Rock Casino Hotels, two Hard Rock Live! concert venues and stakes in three unbranded hotels.
    However, the deal does not include Hard Rock’s Las Vegas casino, which is owned by Morgans Hotel Group Reports this week from insiders day that the Tribe could be looking to expand to bring a Hard Rock Casino to Atlantic City.

    Wednesday December 27, 2006

  11. Has anyone stayed at the Las Vegas Club Hotel on Fremont St. I am regular visitor to Vegas, but want to switch up my downtown hotels a bit and they have a great price for the time I am going…any thoughts?

  12. Matthew,

    I have stayed at Plaza, Fitz, Golden Nugget, and Las Vegas Club. The room in the LV Club was frightening. The furniture appeared to be made of cinder blocks and the plastic covering over the light in the bathroom was shattered on the floor. If you do stay at the LVC I would upgrade to the nicer tower, at least.

    I like the Fitz and GN about equally. Plaza smells. I’ve heard good things about 4 Queen and the Tower rooms at El Cortez.

  13. You can always check A good source for hotel reviews from people like us.

  14. The Bowery Boys podcast – These guys ripped off your exit music. However, I do like their podcast.


  15. Matthew,
    I have stayed at Fremont which was a nice and clean room. Recommended.
    Yes, the Plaza does smell kind of funky but for practically the same price for a room at the GN you can get a big(gish) suite at Plaza. Sure it is not prestine but it is big.
    Heather has stayed at LVC and said is was kind of frightning.

  16. Hey Everyone,

    Going to Vegas on October 20-22 and will stay at the El Cortez hotel on Fremont Street in the towers. Read good things on trip advisor, so will give a report on what I think. Also the prices are great for the weekend compared to everyone else.

    Was thinking of taking the Deuce to the monorail to get around on the strip. Anybody know if that is practical vs. taking a cab. Don’t know if there are any other cheap alternatives since the Deuce takes forever on the strip.

  17. I stayed at West Wing a couple years ago and the lounge was never very full. Very hip decor and relatively quiet. I’d recommend it if you are with friends or someone special as a place to relax and chill. If you are looking for a place to hookup with strangers, though, don’t bother.

    Re: Hotel ads. Where does it end? Yesterday it was shows. Today it’s booze. Tomorrow? Wilford Brimley hawking Diabetic supplies? Or, how about a giant “Hilary Clinton ’08” ad?

  18. Lol….”Your Vegas is Showing” are they kidding or what is this really the new multi-million dollar slogan?

  19. When I got the players card at the Circus Circus in Reno, it was called the “one” club. The name and logo was just like the MGM Mirage card good at all their casinos in Las Vegas.

    The difference is that this “one” card is only good at the Reno location.

    Now they are putting the Vegas Circus Circus on a similar isolated program.

    Perhaps MGM Mirage is gong to sell Circus Circus altogether?

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