I Sound Like I’ve Been Gargling Sand

I’ve been battling a cold all week and don’t have much of a voice right now. Thus, no show this week. We have a couple Las Vegas books and TV shows to talk about, but nothing that can’t wait until next week. Thanks for your patience.


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  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    Best remedy I know for a cold is a shot of rum (Captain Morgan Original is the best but as they don’t sell it in the US you’ll have to try it with Morgan Spice), with a shot of Blackcurrant cordial (Ribena in the UK) top it up wth hot water – yummy and medicinal !!

    Oh and I’m first !!!!!!!!

  2. Hope you feel better. I also hope Michelle and the dog don’t catch your cold.

    I caught a cold in Vegas once and absent mindedly sucked down Sucrets while playing Blackjack. You can OD on Sucrets by the way.

  3. Lou from England! I had no idea you were a doctor…or a bartender. Either way, you clearly have some specialized medical training.

    I’m hoping for a review of the season premeire of Las Vegas. Tom Selleck owns the Montiseto (incorrectly spelled I’m sure). It’s not the Vegas I know, but entertaining if I’ve had enough Captain Morgan (right Lou?) to not question the impossibility.

  4. Sorry Mike, I’m not a Doctor and have never worked a bar, but I do like my rum.

    Tim – if you’re going to give us reviews of Las Vegas could you give us Brits spoiler alerts as we’re not at the end of season 4 yet, I’m a week behind but Casey has just died and Sam has inherited the Montecito (yes Mike you did spell it wrong).

    It’s not the Las Vegas I know either, but it still makes me happy, and it’s more believable after a Captain or two.

    6 weeks today and I’ll be there, hopefully getting ready to watch the New Frontier come down (on my Birthday)

  5. Las Vegas is shown in the UK? Once again, I’m clueless about foreign cultures. I thought British TV was all Supernany, The Office, and that crazy lady who talks to dogs.

    Well Lou, I won’t spoil it for you, but keep downing those Captains before you watch because it’s not getting any more believable. I’m hoping to own the Montecito (thanks for the spelling) some day.

    Have fun in the real Las Vegas and happy birthday!

  6. Hi Tim ad Michele (one ‘l’ or two?!)

    I wanted to say thank you for putting together such a fantastic show. I first discovered your show after MikE informed me just how good it is, and he is right. In fact I listened to your latest effort on my flight home last night from Manchester and hearing the dog panting in the background made me chuckle 🙂

    I hope you get well soon and look forward to the next episode!! Viva Las Vegas!

    Simon from London
    A new regular listener

  7. Michele and Tim-
    Hello. Thanks as always for a great podcast. You two rock.
    A question for you and/or anyone else who would like to chime in…
    When I last saw ‘Las Vegas’ Danny was just going off to some secret mission…
    So the question is- Should I netflix the other seasons or just let it go?

  8. Noooo Lou that should have had a spoiler alert in itself – have about the last half dozen episodes taped so not quite up to that one yet. Its all the silly times that Sky are now showing the series … really, midnight on a thursday ? Must be falling ratings. Maybe they wont pick up next season.

    BTW Tim currently hearing Springsteen’s latest album on napster at the moment – “Magic”. Not the biggest BS fan but have to say not a bad album at all. Back to his Born in the USA days type vibe ?

  9. I wish you the best in recovery Tim, however what a perfect time for a all Michele show. I think we are all dying to hear the Pretty in Pink story referenced in last podcast.

  10. Wait a second, how do you spell Tim and Michele with one “i”? Is that “Tm and Michele” or “Tim and M’chele”?

  11. I’m never sure were to put the ‘l’ in tim, so I’ll skip the opening saluatations.

    I didn’t know the UK has a different Las Vegas theme song…I went all the way to iTunes to check it out. Pretty hard to beat Elvis though. It’s nice to see ‘People Get Really Drunk in Las Vegas’ as one of the top 25 vegas tunes, but ‘Las Vegas is Waiting’ is a terrible omission.

    Springsteen rocks. Thanks to Darren for giving me a chance to say so. His version of Viva Las Vegas from the ‘Essentials’ CD is my favorite.

  12. All of the confusion about how many ELs are in Michelllllle is why I “invented” T&M.
    It’s so much easier and faster.
    Just be sure to send me a dollar every time you use it.

    Tim, hope you are making a quick recovery. I need some more fivehundy podcast fixes before Pod and I leave for LV on 10/18.
    Maybe Michele should try a solo podcast? You could lay on the couch next to her in agony as she did it and pass notes to her to let her know if she was talking too much about shoes and shopping.

  13. No problem Lou, just got to that episode tonight.
    At least you did not divulge the main plot point – what piece of the Vegas landscape will be shown outside Ed’s amazing travelling office’s window!

  14. Tim must have banned me or the filter caught me with something so I will try again what I posted yesterday.
    Regarding the tv show Las Vegas. The last episode I saw had Danny off to some secret mission.
    Should I just leave it at that or is it worth renting the other seasons?

  15. why rent when you can buy. don’t forget the rum…this show is not meant to be watched sober.

  16. I drink rum and watch Cops. They are usually in Las Vegas at one point.

  17. Troy

    Our opinion – skip season three which was dire ( unless you consume double amount of the standard obligatory alchol whilst watching … hang on that might be a reason to watch it ) and head straight for season four which improved greatly ( but still needs some alchol ). Improved possibly because James Caan demanded it for staying just one season more ?

  18. Mike from Roseville- I have Netflix so would just get it from there.

    Jim from L.A.- I used to live in Los Angeles (Burbank) and loved watching COPS. Having only been to Las Vegas as a tourist I only really knew The Strip and did not imagine there were suburbs where “Bad Boy” stuff takes place but it does, and often in some parts of town.

    Thanks for the advise on Las Vegas. Still I will probably sit there bitching about “Hey there were just driving south at Circus Circus and now one second later they are in front of Monte Carlo.”

    Tim- Hope you are felling better.

    Yes, I too think Michele would do a fantastic show on her own.

  19. BTW- is that Venessa Marsoopalolis or whatever her name is still on the show? She was my favorite part.

  20. I hope Tim is feeling better.
    With the exception of CSI, I don’t watch TV about Las Vegas much. The disconnect between those shows (including the poker tournaments) and reality of living there a few years ago was just too much. This doesn’t mean I won’t visit Vegas again. We’ve already stayed at Main Street Station once since we moved away.

    I’m about to become a Minneapolis resident–new job. I have your Heartland podcast, but are there any Indian casinos or racinos close to Minneapolis that are worth visiting? Just wondering….

  21. Brian-
    Do not go to the time share presentations. It is not worth the free tickets to a ‘top show’. Pretend to be talking on your cell whenever traveling near the time share people.

    Get all the cards you can from the Porn Slappers. They are fun to trade with your friends when you get back home.

    Strippers to your door for $50 means just that. TO YOUR DOOR. Want them to come in that is A LOT more money.

    Go to Little Darlings gentleman’s club. it is full nude and no booze but tip the door man/ valet and he will hold onto your bottle for you. Take your soda glass outside with you to get some ‘fresh air’ and add the rum to it then go back inside. Tell Dante I said hello. wink wink

    spyonvegas.com and go to ‘open bar’

  22. Brian-

    As far as transportation goes- Most taxi drivers and limo drivers can be bribed. (I know as I was a limo driver for a year here) They will turn off the meter early and pocket the difference which can still be less than the fare would have been.

    If taking a taxi from the airport to the strip, tell the driver to take Tropicana NOT the tunnel. He’ll try to tell you it is faster. Maybe, but who cares? It will increase your fare.

    Best bet is The Duece (the double decker bus) if you need to travel up and down the strip.

  23. So There’s no pod cast and there are more comments than the last 6 shows.

    Feeling redundant Tim?

  24. Has anybody taken the tour of the Neon Boneyard – I know T&M talked about it a few months ago and I thought they might have gone on their last trip so that Michele could see the big shoe, but it’s not been mentioned so I guess not.

    You have to book in advance and I wondered if it was worth doing.

    Also is it easy to get to – I know it’s near Downtown – but maybe not a good place to walk to.

    I thought asking now would increase the comments even more – Tim you’re not redundant, but a show for the girls from Michele could have been good !!

  25. Thanks for the tips, Troy.

    And I am not considering time shares. I’m at the IP and the rate keeps dropping so I’m happy.

  26. Lou – I was in downtown for Bikefest last weekend and I think I drove by the Boneyard. It is right on las Vegas Blvd right before Cashman’s Center. It looked cool, but I had other things on my mind.

  27. Since there’s been no new podcast, I’m forced to watch another episode of Las Vegas tonight…time to crack open a new bottle of Admiral Nelson

  28. This would have been a perfect week for five hundys answer to the Little Red book.

    Feel better Tim, looking forward to the next show.

  29. Lou-The boneyard is about 1 mile North of Fremont street on Las Vegas Boulevard. It doesn’t look like an unsafe walk in the daytime, if it isn’t too hot. The bus runs north infrequently, as do the cabs. You would have to call a cab, or have them wait. Cost is a $15.00 per person donation to the museum. You have to make reservations in advance. Although I was able to get in the same day, this is frowned upon and not recommended.

    I found it to be very interesting and well worth the cost and effort. It is, however, a bunch of old signs laying on the ground in no particular oeder in a couple of fenced lots. There are no signs from the Sands or Dunes, since they hadn’t formulated the boneyard idea yet, and they were impolded with the properties. Some signs are in such disrepair as to be hopeless, some are very nice, and most are very restorable.

    My wife and I went in late August, it was VERY hot (She couldn’t make the second half), so be careful of the weather when you go. It takes about 45 minutes.

    Hope this helps. Jeff in OKC

  30. Thanks Jeff, it sounds like it’s worth a visit, and as we’ll be there in November the weather should be perfect for walking round.

    Thanks as well to Troy, the map was a good idea, and it looks like you can actually see some of the signs in the yard.

    I think I’ll book a cab though

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