Atlantic City Sands Implosion

It’s may not be Las Vegas, but casino implosions in other cities are cool too. Atlantic City experienced its first casino implosion tonight when the Sands fell to make room for a shiny new Boardwalk resort. See the video here and here.


4 thoughts on “Atlantic City Sands Implosion

  1. There was another implosion on Thursday .It was called VIVA Laughlin on CBS!
    Blackpool was good cause it was British but Viva Laughlin was sooooooo Bad. I could n’t turn it off ……I was waitin for another song !

  2. What does Viva Las Vegas have to do with Laughlin?

    Hugh Jackman is so incredibly bad that he is good.

    Do they pay for the songs? I remember when Cold Case came on, the shows were expensive because you had to pay to play the old songs.

    What’s with rhe cop?

    Every character on the show is dumb and overly played.

    I give it three weeks.


  3. Dr. Cox will undoubtedly be thrilled when Viva Laughlin takes an Emily’s-Reasons-Why-Not-like plunge.

    As for the AC Sands, I stayed there on my last trip to AC. Very poorly laid out, and filled with creepy characters, but the staff was friendly (very accommodating when I had to extend my stay), and at least one of the pit bosses was very cool. The Swingers bar in the middle of the casino floor also had some mighty tasty cocktails.

  4. Went to the AC Sands on its final night of operation and never saw it so busy.

    The NBC40 clip is so much better than just the building collapsing. Thanks for linking to it.

    Was not planning to return to AC until the new casino was built, but 2011 seems a bit long to wait. Besides MGM apparently has something in the wings next to Borgata that might be completed just as soon.

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