Five Hundy by Midnight 138: It’s All in Good Fun and Bad Taste

Las Vegas podcast #138 includes:

  • Harrah’s and Rio problems continue to grow
  • Restaurant reports
  • The Beauty of Magic is closing
  • David Copperfield is in trouble
  • Joey Bishop is dead
  • Viva Laughlin needs more singing
  • Listener calls about Bonk at Hooters, odd room themes at Planet Hollywood and getting the Copperfield treatment on Wheel of Fortune

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12 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 138: It’s All in Good Fun and Bad Taste

  1. Re Viva Laughlin, the music was the best part of the show but the show sucked.

    Yes Viva Las Vegas was inappropriate but it is such a great song.

    Steve Wynn could immitate Stevie Wonder.


  2. Good show this week.

    Anyhow, vacationing in Dallas this week rather than Vegas ( yeah I know … visiting family ).But as a Brit abroad with tv time on my hands came across a couple of shows/films suprised that you havent mentioned.

    Firstly, “Lucky You” – a film I believe not yet released in the UK. Wow lots of Vegas goodness and not a bad little poker film ( playing spot the poker celeb ). Ok yes, I did fall asleep in the middle of it but that was more due to going to my first ball game and watching the Cowboys see off the Vikings.

    Music in shows. Working through 40 Rock ( hilarious show ) and yes have noticed that does have a few numbers in it – more parody songs than actual songs but a good example of how to include
    musical numbers.

    The Bonk show reminds me of an old drinking game we used to play where you can Bonk, Superbonk or Hide. Will leave the rest to your furtile imaginations as the actual game im sure is nowhere as good as you as thinking.

  3. For all of us Brits wanting to see Viva Laughlin, Virgin Media have purchased the rights and it will be on the Living channel in 2008 – can’t wait to see all 4 episodes!

  4. Returned yesterday from 4 days in LV but never got drunk enough to forget the pain I would endure by listening to my own voice on the show, so I will offer this up as a trip report (in no particular order)

    We were at the Palms on Friday from just after 10 until about 11:45. No sign of Boog, least not in his U of I shirt. If he ended up wearing another shirt, I didn’t see anyone I thought could be him. The place was packed, and well, let’s just say the scenery was outstanding. We highly recommend the Blue Agave bar for people watching on a weekend night.

    We were looking to stay on the real cheap on Thursday night and had a “new tower” room at Terrible’s. The “tower” in this case being a whole 6 floors by my count. It was just over $75 after taxes, and on the whole the place was not that bad. I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it, but I can’t recommend against it either with the exception of: absolutely, positively do not stay in room 1101. It’s less than 10 paces from the nearest slot machine on the casino floor and has the entrance to the employee area stairwell next to it; your chances of sleeping at all in that room are very small. Turning the A/C fan on doesn’t help as it may be the loudest I have ever heard. The engines on the plane that I took in weren’t that loud.

    Spent Friday and Saturday at the LV Hilton as I got “standard” rooms there for $100 a night (average). It was pretty decent; the room was a little dated, but really not bad. I had pre-purchased monorail tickets when they were on sale this summer for $9/day, so we were able to get around without much problem, except for the extreme distance the stations are from the strip at most locations. You could find $5.00 craps on Friday and Saturday night, but I didn’t see any $5.00 Blackjack, and I believe it was still 3-2 there. (I don’t play much Blackjack and I didn’t there) In one corner by the sports book they even had a few 9/6 JOB machines. The rather remote location would probably keep me from staying there again, unless the room rates were significantly less than those available on the strip, which they were for this trip.

    In the Miracle Mile they have some work done on the floor at the South entrance, replacing the faux cobblestone with marble tile. While I kind of liked the old theme, I always thought the floor in there was uncomfortable to walk on, so this is an improvement.

    I know Jimmy Buffett doesn’t do it for everyone, but myself and a couple of my college buddies were in for his show at the MGM Garden Arena. The street party beforehand was a great time and representatives of the Parrothead nation were out in full force. Getting out of that Arena and back to the casino floor in the sea of humanity when the event is over is a friggin’ joke, however. I had never been there before and I am thinking you’re better off to go out one of the other stairwells to the street and go back inside at another entrance.

    The room keys in the Hilton have Barry Manilow on them. Guh.

    The Craps tables are the big 8-person tables and I think they were built by Satan himself.

    (more later in anything else comes to me)

  5. Review of El Cortez in Downtown

    Hi everyone, I just got back from Vegas and stayed at the El Cortez and wanted to put my two cents in. If you like the nice casino’s on the strip, then definately this place is not for you. However, if you are trying to book on the cheap and your alternatives are Circus Circus, Fitgerald’s, etc. then this place represents an excellent value. I stayed in the newer section, which were the Towers and what I would recommend. Bathroom was tiny, and water pressure average, but room was huge and everything was clean. The staff seemed pretty friendly also. One of these family owned type casino’s where I think they do the best with what they have with limited resources.

    This casino probably caters to lower to middle class. However, if you are booking last minute, and big price difference on the strip, I think this is a worthy alternative for a clean place to crash at for a few days. Personally, I normally stay at the strip in one of the nicer casino’s such as Mirage, Monte Carlo, and would still go for those hotels, but if a really huge price difference, I think this is a worthy alternative for someone middle class who just wants to find a clean place to stay at for a weekend. Also, the big thing to remember with El Cortez, is you are paying very little compared to other hotels. Not perfect, but a doable option if you are flexible about the neighborhood, noise, etc.

  6. Tim there is a Sands Casino here in Reno that was recently purchased by Terrible’s. I will send pictures soon of the sign. Unknown if it is the same type of sign you are speaking of although I have seen the Sands sign on the convention center in Vegas and it does like similar to the one in Reno.

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