Viva Laughlin, Oct. 18, 2007–Oct. 21, 2007

Viva Laughlin, the CBS television musical drama based on the British series Viva Blackpool, was pronounced dead today following a four-day struggle with poor writing, bad acting and devastating production numbers. VL leaves behind several unaired episodes, expected to be adopted by or an as-yet-unidentified cable network.


8 thoughts on “Viva Laughlin, Oct. 18, 2007–Oct. 21, 2007

  1. Well…I’m all for bad TV being off the air. That said, I never saw the Laughlin show but find it hard to see how a network would pull a show after 2 episodes. If their gonna make a commitment, make it for a half a season or a full season, give viewers a chance to make up their ming.

    Producers of TV shows should have it in their contract that it will at least air X amount of episodes before canceling a show.

    Froom the couple comments it seems like they got it right and pulled bad TV off the air but I’ve seen it happen to good shows before and it kinda sucks.

  2. Now my tivo is going to be confused next Sunday when I’m in vegas… I guess it will tape CSI for me instead.

    It sounds like they already filmed 9 episodes… it seems like if they already spent most of the money they could dump the show off on dvd or at least in one of Ron Popeil’s time slots.

    CBS needs to take a few programming cues from MTV. The Real World vegas reunion was a train wreck as well… but they allowed every episode to air and some folks actually watched every episode!

  3. Interesting pint Scott.

    I just saw a DVD for Studio 60 that says “the entire season” including the unaired ones.

    OTOH I doubt if anyone could sit through 9 episodes. Maybe torture in Guantanamo Bay?


  4. I guess if the guys on CSI went about solving crimes by asking about the neighborhood, those shows would be canceled too.

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