Five Hundy on Your Desktop

Want a sweet-ass Las Vegas photo and a constant reminder of your favorite podcast on your computer screen? We created a couple dope desktop photos for your downloading pleasure.

vegas wallpaper a

vegas wallpaper b


8 Responses to “Five Hundy on Your Desktop”

  1. 1 JohnnieVelour

    Those ARE the dopiest, sweet-assed desktop picks ever. Almost as dope as beer fun!

  2. 2 BC

    Nice! I’m surprised Michele didn’t push for a picture of a shoe store.

  3. 3 Warren

    Or an H+M

  4. 4 Noebie


  5. 5 Rick

    Thanks for the “beer fun fun fun” picture. That is one sign that I wanted a picture of but forgot to get!

  6. 6 Tim

    How much is that shitty band Train paying you to include their name in all of your posts?

  7. 7 John

    these are awesome! how about 1920×1200?

  8. 8 Jason Coombs


    Got the MBay one…now got vertigo!

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