Jimmy at the Boneyard

As a general rule, Jimmy Eat World makes us happy, and the band’s new video for Big Casino is no exception.


3 Responses to “Jimmy at the Boneyard”

  1. 1 Troy from Las Vegas

    Here is Evanescence in the Boneyard at night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c7nZ3VwQtgA

    (Sorry, I do not know how to make those fancy links.)

  2. 2 Chris in Richmond

    ….and here’s a recent(!) video from (remnants of) Bananarama of the Boneyard and surrounding Vegas neighborhoods. Michele’s beloved Big Shoe gets almost as much face-time as Bananarama….

    The girls and the shoe may be old, but they’re still beautiful…..


  3. 3 Jim in Tulsa

    One of you two are going to “Love” this…


    Jim in Tulsa

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