Trippie Time

Trippies 2007 Official Nominee - Vote Now!

Thanks to your nominations, Five Hundy by Midnight is in the running for two 2007 Trippies—best blog and best podcast. Voting is open until Dec. 15. If you’re so inclined, please throw us a vote in the Best Podcast category.


10 thoughts on “Trippie Time

  1. Congrats on the trippie nods – they are well deserved. I am sure all the loyal listeners will gladly vote. Speaking of loyal listeners…we have been listening for almost three years now. How about throwing us all a bone. If FHBM wins, give us a picture of you two. We really need to put a face with the voices in our heads. Only the lucky few that have been to the meet-ups can do that. I don’t think we are asking for much. Just a thought…..

  2. Perhaps it might cause Tim and Michelle a giggle or two if we listeners give an idea of how we envision them from the Podcast ….

    I dont know why but when listening to Tim I always envision the FBI agent from Season One/Two of Prison Break ( the bald one who redemmed himself in the end )

    As for Michelle … all I can think of is a blaze of colour from the H&M stores!

  3. I think more like Sonny Crockett and Susan Anton… Or maybe Debbie Gibson.

  4. Yup Debbie Gibson, good call. Only problem is havent seen an image of her since the 80’s so now I have a bald headed mid 30’s ex FBI guy with an 18 year old keyboard player.

    Listening to the Podcast wont be the same again.

  5. No. Not Debbie “Deborah” Gibson. That is a point of contention in our house already.

  6. I was thinking more Burt Reynolds and Sally Field from Smokey and the Bandit.

    So Michele (Lily), which caracter is Tim (Barney,Ted,Marshall,Robin)?

  7. Tim can’t be Barney or else he wouldn’t be wearing sneakers to the Ultra-Lounges! Suit-UP!

  8. Hey Michelle and Tim,

    I agree with you about the Seinfeld thing. I am totally sick of his bee movie too. I am never going to watch it!! We’ve seriously had too much of him lately! Yes, Larry King is losing it, but he was a little too arrogant.

    If anyone who has anything to do with the Peppermill reads this: Please don’t get rid of it!!! The Peppermill is an LV Icon to me. They have the best breakfast on the strip. Don’t mistake that opinion for the best buffet, but they do have the best sit down breakfast! I have nothing but good memories of that place.

    Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about my last visit in August. I stayed at Bellagio. Michael Mina restaurant sucks!! The original in SF is so much better. Also during my stay there, roulette….GOOD! I’m aware that is an oxymoron, but it was good to me this time around. My number hit 5 times in an hour with a $100 buy in. Video poker there… BAD!!!

    Good luck on the Trippies!!!

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