9 thoughts on “New Frontier Implosion Video Roundup

  1. Sure seems much ado about a realtively small hotel. But the lights are cool and they are getting very good at it.

  2. Sad to see another legend go down. 🙁

    This makes two that I *just* missed… I arrived in town less than a dozen hours after the Boardwalk was imploded. I also spent last week in Vegas, but had to head home on Friday, so I missed the New Frontier’s implosion, too.

    I have a ticket stub from when I saw George Carlin at the Stardust on May 4, 2005. There’s another one that’s gone. During that show, Carlin mentioned Steve Wynn and how he was ruining the “slum” end of the Strip. George called that one right. Long live Circus Circus! LOL

  3. Downtown is quickly becoming the only place where you can see old las vegas. In fact they probably should not use the Freemont Street Experiece so heavily on drawing visitors in but market more as the old style vibe.

    Still .. at least there is Circus Circus.

    Personaly though I love the tackiness aspect of the themed hotels and do not like the trend away to upmarket ‘generic’ spaces – you can get those kind of places in dozens of Cities. Those Planet Hollywood rooms though sound intriguing.

  4. I am so not sad to see this place go! It is poetic seeing Wynn & Encore behind it. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope that Circus Circus is next!

    I ventured back to Bellagio back in August, from Wynn. Big mistake!

    PS… “Old Vegas” is so old! It’s like fax vs. email. I’m just tired of the “old vegas” argument … that is getting OLD. I agree with Dave, “I like my Vegas new and shiny and beautiful.”

    Too bad your [OLD] Vegas is showing!

  5. I’ve stayed at the “New Frontier” before and it was a dump 10 years ago. I’m in Las Vegas 3 times a year and haven’t gone back there since the 90’s. I was much more disappointed to see the Stardust come down!

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