Five Hundy by Midnight 142: The End of an Era [Repost]

Las Vegas podcast #142 includes:

  • The Soup opener
  • New Frontier implosion
  • The latest Rio problems
  • Imperial Palace and Venetian players club changes
  • Dear Tim and Michele
  • Listener calls about the implosion, Hawaiian Tropic Zone at Planet Hollywood, Four Winds Casino in Michigan, good pancakes and more
  • Michele explains her disdain for Pretty in Pink
  • Trippies 2007 Official Nominee - Vote Now!

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19 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 142: The End of an Era [Repost]

  1. Unlucky Troy – the Trippies really should have best D list Vegas celebrity impersonation. You would be the cert.

  2. Tim:

    Can’t download it. Get only 3 seconds.

    Also keeps rebuffering.

    Problem here or with you.


  3. Four Winds Casino is right on the Indiana and Michigan border, next to Lake Michigan and about an hour or so from Chicago.

    You guys could do the Lake Michigan Casino trip, just head east to Milwaukee to start at Potawatami Casino and then just follow your way south around the lake to Horseshoe in Hammond, IN, Resorts in East Chicago, IN, Blue Chip in Michigan City, IN and then finally end up at Four Winds in New Buffalo, MI.

    Horseshoe is part of Harrahs so you could scope the Diamond lounge there, plus there is a Harrahs in Joliet about an hour southwest of Chicago as well.

    Love the show. I will be in Vegas the week before Xmas and will actually be attempting to fly home Christmas Eve. If I get stranded and can’t make it home for Xmas, at least I picked a good place to be!!!

  4. I think the Five Hundy by Midnight management team should consider creating a Black Book of people that are banned from being a topic of discussion on the podcast. Perhaps Hall & Oates would be first on the list. Big Elvis might also qualify although since we haven’t heard much reference to him lately, maybe he is still on the potential list. Prince got dangerously close to being on the list but luckily he left town and so he’s no longer talked about.

  5. Having no problem downloading the podcasts.

    The Hall and Oates song “Las Vegas Turnaround” predates “Sara Smile”, but it may in fact be the same Sara. But was Sara a flight attendant? You’d think with the cash H&O were generating in the mid-’70s that she wouldn’t have to work, especially at a dangerous ass job like flight attending. Maybe she just wanted to get away from him/them? It seems like she’d be creeped out, having her every action turned into a song by that blonde-haired pretty boy Hall and his trollish partner Oates.

  6. About Hall & Oates and “Las Vegas Turnaround”. (Keep in mind this is from memory, and I may still be drunk) “Sara Smile” was released on Columbia records, I think it was their first hit. Earlier, they had released a couple albums on Atlantic that went nowhere, including “Abandoned Lunchonette”, which was rereleased and included the single “She’s Gone”. I recall hearing “Las Vegas Turnaround” on my 8 track copy of “Abandoned Lunchonette”. I always though Sara was Halls girlfriend from their starving artist period. Maybe I should post this using a different name.

  7. I heard an interview with Daryl Hall last week. He lived with Sara for 30 years, splitting up just a few years ago. Apparently she was not only the inspiration for many of his songs, but the cowriter of some of them as well.

  8. So what you’re saying is that Sara contributed more to Hall & Oates than Oates did?

  9. So, if Sara was an inspiration and a co-writer, does she qualify for a headlining act as ‘Hall and Oates’ in Las Vegas?

  10. Bizarre. While apartment hunting I’ve been staying at an extended stay hotel across the Interstate from the Original Pancake House that Michele refers to in this podcast. Breakfast there last Sunday (12/02/07) was impossible it appeared to be full of church ladies, with a 45 minute wait. I got breakfast at Caribou Coffee instead. I’ve been to the Pancake House on Cheyenne in Las Vegas a couple times, and it was pretty impressive.

    Oh yes–tomorrow I’ll be moving to an apartment in St Louis Park with a reasonable rental rate, and only 3 miles from work at Siemens.

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