Las Vegas podcast #144 includes:

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13 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 144: Las Vegas Megapodcast”

  1. 1 Jim

    Large tube of Lubricants ? Trannys ?
    No mention of Bacon or Quiet Riot

    Am I starting to see a trend here

  2. 2 Jeff in OKC

    Uh, I don’t to sound more ignorant than I am, but, who’s Dave Mustain?

  3. 3 Jeff in OKC

    More ignorant than I are. Don’t mean to.

  4. 4 Tim

    Dave Mustaine is the leader of Megadeth.

  5. 5 DC


    Just click on the link to VT’s site. It’s pretty clear then, given Tim’s answer too.

  6. 6 Jeff in OKC

    oh-somedays I’m very unhip. I wonder if they have a Megadeth themed room at Pho?

  7. 7 Joey from Boston

    OMG I thought I was gonna get in an accident driving while listening to the Jay Z bit from laughing so hard.
    Yeah, Yeah! C’mon!

    That was the single funniest thing I’ve ever heard in a podcast!

    Did Michelle know you were going to do that befopre you had her go into the H&M story or was that completely ad-libbed?

  8. 8 Dave Lifton

    The Jay-Z-L’il John conversation was inspired. Funniest thing on the show since the farting dog.

  9. 9 Tim

    The Jay-Z thing was off-the-cuff. If it was planned out, I never would have asked Michele to talk about H&M.

  10. 10 mike from roseville

    I’m sure if it had been rehearsed, the topic would have been shoes.

    I’d have to put it right up there with the long-ago reenactments of the Green Valley Ranch show…or was it the Golden Nugget? I’m a bit hazy.

  11. 11 Joey from Boston

    Comedic Gold!

  12. 12 Noebie

    yeah, yeah! uh huh, uh huh

  13. 13 Andrea

    Michelle — Just had to let you know that there’s now a 3rd H&M in the Union Square area — they added one in the new addition to the Westfield San Francisco mall on Market. (Sorry, Tim, that will be my last comment on that topic. :))

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