Donny and Marie Osmond Replacing Toni Braxton?

According to a KVBC report, Donny and Marie Osmond are in the final stages of negotiation with the Flamingo to replace Toni Braxton next year. If the report is true, the Osmonds’ gig will keep them in the showroom at the Flamingo for 40+ weeks annually for several years.

Oddly, Donny and Marie announced just a couple weeks ago that they’ll be performing together for a week in July 2008 at MGM Grand.


15 thoughts on “Donny and Marie Osmond Replacing Toni Braxton?

  1. Geez, I’m getting old. I want to write something smartass, but, it might do pretty good.

  2. As long as they don’t take down the huge picture of Toni on the side of the building.

    I don’t know if that would really be a very dignified pose for Marie…or Donny (of course he is ‘a little bit rock and roll’)

  3. So much for the FlamingO’s recent attempts to attract a younger, hipper crowd.

    Then again, if Harrah’s is gonna save the money and just plaster Marie’s face onto Toni’s on the side of the hotel, then it could attract the ever-growing MILF market.

  4. So if people used to ask for the nipple room when Toni’s picture was up, will they ask for a tooth room once it’s Donny and Marie? Will their blinding smiles cause a spike in the accident rate on the strip?

  5. Looking forward then to hearing a an impersonation from Troy ( thats for Marie not Donny ).

    Well that has the wife happy and her fingers crossed they they might be in place for Feb. However if this is the case they cant be at Flamingo very much for the first year – they have an Osmonds tour planned for next year. I know this as the wife has already got her tickets for a UK date.

    Vegas Film Spotting – saw “Next” last night ( Nicholas Cage ). Not a bad film. Good casino shots for first 20 mins especially at spot the slot. Texas Tea, I Dream of Genie etc were all present.

  6. If they decide to plaster Marie;s face on Toni… how will they ever choose which version of her face to use?

  7. Ummm Scott M…. there IS only one version of Marie’s face. I’m not sure what sources you’re listening to about that.

  8. Hmmm… Let me get this straight. Marie has two daughters that are on the internet saying they want to “sleep around”, and a 16 year old son who is in drug rehab? Seems like she should stay home a little more to me.

  9. Donny and Marie are two multi-talented performers who sing, play instruments, dance and who know how to involve the audience and help us remember what is really important…EACH OTHER…Looking forward to this show!

  10. Never been a big Fan of D&M…but hopefully it will bring a different crowd to that portion of the strip. Over the last few years the entire strip has degraded to a “less than appealing” crowd.I have heard rumours that David Bowie maybe be looking at bringing a “Diamond Dogs” type show to Vegas

  11. I’d love to see Bowie in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, when the rumors started in July about him bringing a show to The Strip, he quickly issued a statement saying they were untrue.

  12. I think D&M would be an excellent draw at the Flamingo. Both are entertainment veterans in the field and I believe they would put on an excellent and entertaining variety show for the young and old alike. I was actually a fan of the Osmonds in the 70’s!

  13. I really hope this is true! This will be a really great change & asset to the strip, I know I will be there more often, if they’re performing at Flamingo! PS… Charlene …seems like you should probably mind you own business, I’m sure Marie spends alot of time at home & now she will be spending more time with family (her brother).

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