Five Hundy by Midnight 145: A Whole Lotta Teeth

Las Vegas podcast #145 includes:

  • Las Vegas celebrity Christmas greetings
  • Harrah’s problems move to Flamingo
  • Harrah’s buyout nears completion
  • Rumors about Donny and Marie replacing Toni Braxton at Flamingo
  • Crown Las Vegas update
  • Gold Spike renovation
  • Club Grazie details
  • Listener Mark’s Las Vegas Hanukkah song
  • Listener calls about Sigma Derby, Imperial Palace, Daniel Boulud and more
  • Trippies 2007 Official Nominee - Vote Now!
  • Christmas in Vegas by Louie Louie

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20 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 145: A Whole Lotta Teeth

  1. I think the LVRJ article says that the self locking latches were the only items switched, which may not be a fire code violation, depending on the age of the floors affected. I’d feel better about the coverage if there wasn’t a vibe of union-management gamesmanship here. I find it hard to believe that maintenance workers are so concerned about fire safety that they have to go to the county in order to sleep at night. Especially short term workes and workers who admitted to stealing from the company before they were terminated.


    Thanks for playing Louie Louie’s song – finally, a song that captures two of my life’s joys: Vegas and Christmas, whata combo!

    PS: I gave your show credit on the Amazon review. (link above)

    PPS: My gf has a run in with Carrot Top a few months back – He rudely bumped into her on his way up the escalator to his show inside the Luxor, and didn’t even say “sorry” or “excuse me.” Based on the show times, he was running late, but still, he could’ve excused himself for something.

    Thanks for a great podcast, love the show!

  3. Amazing Johnathan is still at Sahara. If not then I saw an amazing imposter last night.

  4. I am amused that anybody would even consider there was an excuse for Carrot Top

  5. I agree with Jeff in OKC when he says-“I’d feel better about the coverage if there wasn’t a vibe of union-management gamesmanship here.”

    I bet this stuff happens all the time all over and we just dont hear about it. Harrah’s bashing is getting old.

  6. Kudos to Mark for the Vegas Hanukkah song, that must have taken a good amount of work to put together. Great tip on Daniel Boulud, I’m gonna put that in my must do list for February.

    Kudos to Bill for the call-in.

  7. Since COMPUSA is going out of business, any chance one of the lower end casinos picking this up as the name of their new rewards program?


  8. Hi Joey from Boston,

    I’m glad you liked The Vegas Hanukkah Song I wrote. I wrote it last year, and surprisingly, it didn’t take too long to write at all. I had downloaded and listened to the show where T&M requested Vegas themed Hanukkah music on Sunday. I got the idea in my head and wrote it on Monday at work, and e-mailed Tim that I was working on it. It took me the rest of the week to get to the store to buy a microphone, so I could record the song and send it to Tim.

    Next year, I hope to revise it to bring it up to date.

  9. Or keeping with the Osmonds theme of the podcast T&M dueting Little Bit Country/Little Bit Rock n Roll

    Or rather Little Bit Bacon/Little Bit Debbie Gibson

  10. Or rather ( day at work is slow today )

    I’m a little bit Gibson / I’m a little bit Hall & Oates

    k thats enough of that.

  11. Just heard that NJ just decided NOT to renew Tropicana’s gambling license in AC. Initially they were only going to give them a one year renewal but decided to do it not at all. It was being reported that they had cut jobs beyond what they needed to run the casino and hotel. Tropicana is appealing. If I hear more I will let you know.


  12. BigRed, I thought it said that Roman Empire did NOT do the renovations in question. I think it said Roman Empire was formed late in 2006, and the problem work was done from 2004 to early 2006. This makes the closing more curious. Lets see if there isn’t a “Preferred outside contractor” in six months, and if it isn’t owned and staffed by many of the Roman Empire people.
    I love electricity.

  13. Misdemeanor charges at 4:30 on Friday? Makes me think they’re eating a lot of Rolaids down at Clark County HQ.

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