Five Hundy by Midnight 148: Three Years of Vegasy Goodness

Las Vegas podcast #148 includes:

  • Keeping up with the Kardashians opener
  • Palazzo gambling conditions
  • Sam’s Town joining Club Coast?
  • PolyEsther’s details
  • Evaluating Las Vegas poker tournaments
  • Analysis and discussion of the 2007 Trippies
  • Tim gives and Academy Award acceptance speech. Michele gets misty.
  • Listener calls about Palazzo, Celine, Elvis, New Year’s Eve on the Strip and more.

Five Hundy By Midnight 1/6/08 (62:27 min, 57.3 MB)

20 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 148: Three Years of Vegasy Goodness

  1. The coffee shop at the Riviera has a huge amount of bacon and that is the only redeeming quality of the food outlets at the Riv.

    Congrats again on the win!

  2. Have to disagree that the Bellagio has the most legendary poker room. While it has the highest rollers and is starting to make it’s own history I have to credit Binion’s poker room as legendary. I equate some quality history (WSOP) with legendary.

  3. Hetz, you are absolutely correct about Binion’s. If I said Bellagio is the most legendary, I was wrong. I should have said it was the hottest poker room among today’s big-name pros. That would be more accurate.

  4. Nice to see your first post on Brian’s forum.

    They are a bunch of good guys there.

    Loved the show, not sure if Meatloaf and Celine are in the same category though.


  5. I’ve got a friend looking at booking a room in the Signature Towers at MGM, has anybody stayed there?

    If so how long does it take to walk from your room to the Strip?

    I know it took me 10 minutes from a 14th floor room at Bellagio, out the south exit via the covered moving walkway, to the crossing outside P Ho.

    I guess it would take a lot longer from Signature to the Strip.

    Also which is the best way to walk – via MGM Grand or along Harmon?


  6. Lou,

    I stayed at The Signature and it was nice! I even spent some time at the pool (and I NEVER do that in Vegas since the penny slots call my name.) I am wanting to book another stay there VERY soon.

    As for walking to the strip, I think it is not the best. When at The Signature they make you feel like you are not even in Vegas. I had my car, and there is a private entrance on Harmon. So, I didn’t walk, and I am glad. First, I wouldn’t walk on Harmon there. The area surrounding The Signature is a little beat up. So, that leaves the MGM pathway. I never used it, but from looking at the distance from my room to the MGM I would say it is 10-15 minutes. But, I would believe it is enjoyable. I wouldn’t know… I am kinda lazy. Think of it this way, would you walk from Hooters to the strip? Then you have your answer.

    During that same trip I HATED walking through the P Ho Mircle Mile to get the casino more then the trip from The Signature to the Strip. Stupid Shoes!

  7. The only time we valet park in Vegas is for the Planet Ho. Either that or we park at Paris and walk over.

    The free park behind the Miracle Mile is ridiculous but it was the only place to put a lot I assume. Or do they think it would stimulate the need to buy.

    As Tim says we come to Vegas to gamble not be forced to drag our wives through a shopping area to get to a casino. By the time you get to the casino the husband is mad because he had to walk and the wife is mad because she couldn’t shop.

    We have stayed at the Grand Desert on Harmon and hesitate to walk from Korval to the strip. It looks too grungy for me.


  8. Thanks for the info Jim From LA.

    We’ve never hired a car in Vegas and usually walk beteen the casinos, how can you drive when the alcohol is free?

    Last year we walked from Bellagio to the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, which wasn’t as good as I thought it would be, but it did mean I could eat and drink what I wanted and only put one pound on.

    I’ve just booked my flights for this November, and you might be able to offer some more advice closer to the time as we’re having a few nights in LA/Anaheim first.

  9. We had friends who stayed at Signature for 6 months and when ever we went to visit it was always a pain in the butt. Mandatory valet and if you don’t like that you can park at MGM and walk over. WHich leads me to your question- Yes it does take a long time to walk to the Strip. You basically have two chopices- walk along Harmon which is a mess because of the construction or walk from the towers via the tunnel/walkway and then through MGM. Find an aerial map and see how far that actually is.

  10. Dan, you’re not supposed to be ‘forced to drag your wife through a shopping area’. You’re supposed to be happy to escort her as she browses. If you’re really lucky, you might find a pair of these for her to try on:

  11. Did anyone notice at the bottom of this page: “Five Hundy by Midnight is powered by WordPress 2.0.5 and 3K2, using the Hundy style. ” Am I totoally out of the loop and missed out on what “the Hundy style” is? Can I get the Hundy style on my web site? Better yet, can the Hundy style be applied to my car, my house, my wardrobe?

  12. Every major mall should have 7 Champs stores, 2 Field of Dreams and at least 2 Fye record stores disbursed amongt the 14 shoe stores, 32 ladies clothing stores etc. so men can brouse while women shop.

    Plus more benches, lots more benches.


  13. Benches that is all i ask for in the Miracle Mile! That and no Tahiti Village people asking me if I am going to be in town tomorrow night.

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