Five Hundy by Midnight 149: A Porch and Two Broken Folding Chairs

Las Vegas podcast #149 includes:

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26 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 149: A Porch and Two Broken Folding Chairs

  1. Love the podcast .. as always .. quick clarification for ya ..

    Masaharu Morimoto was at one time the head chef at Nobu in NYC. He left a few years back and now has his own place in – believe it or not – Philadelphia. No permanent Vegas ties that I know of.

    I know .. picky picky ..

    Keep up the great work!


  2. Nice morning suprise seeing the podcast already posted and ready to go.

    Have yet to listen to it ( waiting for the wife to wake up – the podcast is a family event ) but noticed in the show notes the link to the new B Connected site. Had a quick look and have to say seriously impressed ( though not sure if we will be gambling the $20,000 in one trip to get up a comp level ! ). The slot search ( like I believe Harrahs have on its site ) will provide hours of fun before our Feb visit i’m sure. Still can’t find Hexbreaker 2 though – I’m sure I saw that was released on a blog somewhere or maybe I was dreaming. Usefull having the floor plans to guide you to your favourite machines. I can see us navigating the floor clutching a pile of floor plan prints outs already.
    Will be intersting to see how accurate they are.

  3. Of course following on from the above, Orleans being quite low limits the printout of floorplans to get to your favourite machine is fine.

    Saw however Wynn has heard of this and has gone one better. Complementary handheld Sat-Nav’s ( along with audio instruction ) ensure you reach your machine via the best possible route updating hourly with any congestion information ( spilt drinks pile ups etc ).

  4. Bolo: Thanks! Now that you mention it, I recall seeing a Food Network show about Morimoto’s Philadelphia restaurant opening.

    Walter: Thanks for that link. We had no idea. Very strange that LVRJ has a bunch of feeds and yet not a single mention of RSS on its homepage.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for putting me back into a deep depression while you were talking about the Barbary…. j/k

    Great show! (again)

    * btw, I tried to write this in Comic Sans, but could not figure out how.

  6. Hey guys..congrats on the award! That’s great.

    Just wanted to post a comment on the TI smell. We have stayed there on 2 of our trips (July 2006 and July 2007) and the tropical coconut smell is still there. It does seem to be a lot stronger right by the first set of room elevators (when you are walking from Mystere to the casino/elevators. I just love that smell…there is someone in my office that has some kind of coconut lotion and as soon as I smell it…it brings me back to my vacation.

    TI is a great place to stay. Sure…no pirates…but the location is AWESOME and the strip view rooms are really a great value. A week cost us around $900 last year. (26th floor). The prices do seem to fluxuate from week to week…and I tend to cancel and rebook a few times b4 our trip to get the lower rates. I can imagine that once Encore opens and Echelon (sp) the prices will go up.

  7. Your tales of Casino Smells brought me back to my last trip where myself and my fiance ventured in to Circus Circus, and the only memorable thing to come out of that little trip….my fiance commented “God this place smells like a wet penny”…. and we laughed and laughed…..

  8. Hello from the Flamingo! I am in a “Go Luxury” suite at the moment. These are worth the upgrade, the view is incredible. 18th floor looking right up the Caesars Palace fountains to the front door.

    In my call about BC, I didn’t even consider the VP pay tables. Certainly, that would be enough to not go in there again. Not a VP player, so I didn’t think of that. It’s a good point.

    Michele, you asked the question a few months ago, and I am here to confirm that YES, the advert wraps on the casinos do effect your ability to take pictures out the window. This view is amazing, but pictures show the grated holes of the wrap very well; especially night shots.

    Damn you Toni Braxton!!!! Damn you and your “intimate, dazzling show from this R&B superstar’s sultry voice”!!!

  9. The only smell I can remember from Circus Circus is the stupidity. (I am a smoker so here is the hypocrisy, but I am considerate:) My wife sat a non-smoking Blackjack table that was surrounded by two heavily smoking tables. What was the point of that!?

    OH! I am two degrees from Bacon! I made a movie with Michael Shannon (actor). Mike was in a movie with The Bacon called THE WOODSMAN.


  10. I saw Kevin Bacon host the “Concert to Benefit the Rainforest Alliance” in NYC in 1996… does that mean I’m one degree away?

    Darran – I’ve played Hexbreaker 2; it’s pretty easy to find. I like the original Hexbreaker a lot better.

  11. Fabulousness as always – of course you won the Trippie!

    Got a quick question on listeners calls. Do you have the technology – or the time – or the desire – to edit a portion of a call? For example, if I were to call in on my next Vegas trip and leave a detailed audio TR, covering several topics, would you be able to pick and choose a segment to play?

    Or is it better to make multiple shorter calls?

  12. Kes, the answer is too get really drunk (I mean sloppy drunk), then dial 702-866-9494, and see what happens. You get extra points if you drunk dial with a Porn Slapper, Time Share Person, or a hooker.

  13. Well, Tim – don’t want to be a cause of pain anywhere near that area!

    And Jim, how many points do I get if i drunk dial with that minister outside of Casino Royale?

  14. Don’t dis the minister-

    Last March on the last full day before flying out, I collected the loose change I had accumulated over the days I was there, cashed it in at the cage at the casino-whose-new-name-we-shall-not-mention and gave that money to the minister when we passed him heading for the Denny’s. That night I took the dice at said casino and had one of those rolls that legends are made of. I’m one of the last of the low rollers, but cashed out with just under three hundred just from that roll. Guy at the other end of the table who was playing with real money made thousands.

    In October, I meant to go give the minister money, but didn’t and took it in the shorts at the craps tables.

    I’m not saying, I’m just sayin’……….

    Next weekend I will be there again and one of the first things I am going to do is give the guy a few bucks.

  15. Following on from the B connected site looks like The Orleans own site has had a bit of a facelift too …

  16. I can only get to 3 degrees. Been at neighborhood parties with Patty Duke several times. Patty (Anna) is Sean Astin’s mom who starred in White Water Summer with Kevin Bacon.

    Hetz from Idaho

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