Las Vegas podcast #150 includes:

  • Girls Behaving Badly opener
  • Cosmopolitan problems
  • Greek Isles redevelopment plans
  • Visitor growth slows
  • Harrah’s Las Vegas opens The Toby Pit
  • Listener calls about Palazzo, Luxor, Purple Reign, Encore at Wynn, Blue Man Group, degrees of Bacon, Western’s chips and more

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21 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 150: Gambling in Toby Keith’s Pit”

  1. 1 BC

    Tim, you made it about two-and-a-half chapters further into “The Picasso Flop” than me. BTW the author, Vince Van Patten, is Dick “Eight is Enough” Van Patten’s son. Vince played quarterback/virgin Tom Roberts in the 1979 film “Rock ‘n’ Roll High School”… any Ramones fans out there?

  2. 2 Andy from Ohio

    Toby’s Pit is really just the Party Pit with a little Texas makeover. It looked relatively good, but nothing special.

  3. 3 Dan fron north of Toronto

    I hate to admit that I actually finished “Picasso Flop” and I must say it was not Michael Connelly. I think I paid 40% of face so I probably overpaid as well.

    Anything for a Vegas read even a mediocre one.


  4. 4 David G

    For fans of the AVN awards, my coworkers were out there at the convention and took some pictures. There are some pictures of the Palazzo and some skimpy pictures of ladies. The site is NSFW… click on “image gallery” to see the amusic pics.

  5. 5 john b

    I saw “Cloverfield” yesterday and one of the Trailers was for a movie called “21”. It is based on the MIT Blackjack Team and could be very interesting.

    Also saw a new show on E! called “The 12 Sexiest Jobs in Vegas”.

  6. 6 StringCheese

    Saw Purple Reign at the Brew Pub in October 2007 – they were incredible, and the food tasted great. Can’t remember if the show was free or there was a nominal cover charge – but I think it was free.

  7. 7 Bob

    You mentioned that Purple Reign play the Brew Pub at the Monte Carlo (on Wednesday, free for everyone). FYI they yanked the microbrewery part of the place in Dec 2006 so if anyone is going to try some microbrews, they aren’t making them on-site anymore.

  8. 8 Greg W

    OK, I’ve hit 30,000 on Gems Wild Tiles. This means that I will get the same thing in the casino, right? Right?

  9. 9 Jim from LA

    The roof.
    The roof.
    The roof is on fire.

    We don’t need no water…

  10. 10 Jim

    Hot Hot time at the Monte Carlo

  11. 11 Jeff in OKC

    1 of the least sexy jobs in Las Vegas-Any job at the Western. Guy I don’t want to be right now-Member of the welding crew on the roof of the Monte Carlo.

  12. 12 Karl in Indy

    As of 3 PM ET, it appears as though the fire is pretty much under control, although there are conflicting reports as to whether or not some employees might be trapped on the roof or top floors. It looks like the fire was contained to the central portion of the roof and top few floors of the hotel’s three wings, but there’s a good amount of damage nonetheless.

    The Monte Carlo has been evacuated, although early reports of evacuations at NYNY, Bellagio, and MGM Grand were evidently incorrect. Also, there was mention on CNN of high limit gaming on the top floor. I’m guessing that this was just misinformation on their part, and that they were likely referring to some of the high roller suites on the top level.

    For anyone interested, live coverage is currently available on CNN. Let’s hope for a positive outcome with no major injuries or casualties.

  13. 13 Michele

    We can’t update the site from work, but the Monte Carlo is on fire.

    Best wishes for the safety of all involved.

  14. 14 Joey

    I like Jim from LA’s idea for a spot about the 12 least sexy jobs in Las Vegas, and I think he’s got a great start going with the three he he gave.

  15. 15 K Bac

    The strangest bit of conversation I ever heard in Vegas was some creepy guy roaming the Strip at like 5am. He was going up and down the street asking all the hookers “Hey, do you know where Countryland USA is?”

  16. 16 mike_ch

    I think the caller who ate a steak at Luxor went to Company, the American bistro that opened up the other month. There is a Luxor Steakhouse, and it on the same side/wall of the casino as Company, but it’s not immediately next to LAX.

    Just for completeness. Good show.

  17. 17 Mark from Denver

    Any other guys out there who saw the sexiest jobs in Vegas show, like me, want to know who we have to kill to get that job at Tao beach?

  18. 18 Chris

    This spam just in: anyone want to own a piece of Celine Dion’s stage? Or a red chip and two ticket stubs for $129?

  19. 19 jim from LA

    I want to see a show on the 12 least sexiest jobs in Vegas:

    – Bathroom Attendant at Drias.
    – Slot Machine Cleaner at El Cortez (right after someone ate Extra Hot Buffalo wings on the Penny Slots)
    – Fire Inspector at Rio

    etc, etc

    (Glad to see you back online)

  20. 20 Darran

    Good to see you back!

  21. 21 Joey

    How long was the site hacked for?

    Good to see it back up without damage.

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