Five Hundy by Midnight 151: Hot Times at Monte Carlo [Repost]

Las Vegas podcast #151 includes:

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34 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 151: Hot Times at Monte Carlo [Repost]

  1. Couple notes about this podcast.

    1) Stayed at the Monte Carlo in November and looking at the pics, it appears the exterior of the room I was in burned! Thank God it did not happen when I was out there. Went with the wife and my parents. The idea of trying to get my mother down all of those stairs scares me!

    2) Tried the $20 trick a couple years back at the LV Hilton. Sorta worked. Long story short, was given an upgrade but when we went in the room, it was occupied. (I still wonder what the lady thought when see woke up to see us coming in.) Eventually after a few changes we ended up with a business room/suite. (Basically a larger room)
    My best tip for doing this is try to get in a line with a rep who looks like they know what they are doing!

    Jay in NJ

  2. Thanks Daisy. Abby was a great dog, and we miss her a lot—even her habit of waiting until just after I hit the record button to begin panting, snorting, drinking water and/or farting. We are sorry to hear about your cat as well. These things are never easy.

  3. Hey Michelle and Tim,

    I heard on The Strip Podcast that you have lost your family member. I don’t remember his name, but his panting will be missed. You might have mentioned it on the podcast, but I missed it. My sincere condolences.

    I have made the tough decision of putting down my cat. She will be leaving me in a couple of weeks. She lived 13 happy years.

    Sorry guys.

  4. First, I like your podcast. With that in mind I find a little irony in your advice on keeping the facts straight. It was very good advice and I thank you for that. OTOH, much of your podcast is based on news. It is stuff that you don’t know of. You heard or read or saw something and repeated it then added your comments. As little as 2 degrees of separation can get the story very turned around. For example if someone sees something and reports it to Norm then Norm sleeps on it and reports it in the next RJ then you report it and your accuracy is very weak. Main example is the InandOut reporter. Look at googlemap and you will see that InandOut was an excellent vantage point for the MonteCarlo fire. Next if you had seen the very early webcams when a huge piece of the center facade fell down in flames, it was very difficult to determine if the fire was at ground level or high up or both. It is entirely possible that the InandOut reporter was as accurate as any professional reporter could have been at that early moment. Lastly as so many people inaccurately reported THE ROOF was not on fire. There were many people on the roof walking around trying to figure out what was going on and fire crews used ladders from the roof to climb the back side of the facade and look over to see what they were up against. Some of the fire was fought from the roof. The roof is the flat horizontal part. The fire was generally the vertical facade and the associated fake rooms that appeared to be the top floor.

    Please understand that I am not being critical of you or your reporting. My point is the irony between your very good point of accuracy and the nature of the podcast.

  5. I dig the El Ranch banner. It was where I stayed on my first trip to Vegas in 1985. Cool pic.

  6. GregoryZephyr– It depends on their bacon selection.

    Greg W.– Thanks. I wish we could have at least received their top prospect for giving them the best pitcher in baseball, but it’s better than letting him walk away for 2 draft picks. It still hurts, though– he was a joy to watch, especially knowing that he was pitching for my team.

  7. In non-Vegas news, my condolences for losing Johan: as someone who has had to see his favorite team lose Junior, Alex, and Randy in the space of two years, I feel your pain. +, now my adopted team has to deal with him. Argh.

  8. I’m thinking of opening a chicken restaurant. It will feature a mascot of a rooster with funny-looking eyes. I’ll call the place the “Clam-eyed Cock.” Would you eat there?

  9. Boog-
    Many calls of mine were buzzed or drunk dials but I have not done one in that state for some time now. I have not heard the whole show so I assume I had a call on Episode 151 and I sounded drunk? Definetly not drunk. I do tend to slurr and I have that free shitty cell phone from verizon so perhaps it sounded like I was drunk. Thanks for asking.

  10. Troy,
    I’m just curious.
    When you call in to the show are you…
    A) Always drunk
    B) Sometimes drunk
    C) Never drunk


  11. Jose is close, it’s actually bacon wrapped turkey and is fairly standard at the Brazilian Steakhouses. We ate last Saturday night at the other one on the strip, Pampas at P Ho. Very good, and there is usually are coupons available as well as Tix4Tonight sells reduced price vouchers for dinner there on some days, I believe. We recommend giving it a try if you are up for a festival of meat.

  12. Baseball is a 7-card stud variant so showdown rules are dictated by 7 card stud rules – best 5 cards only.


  13. Dear Tim & Michele,

    If it wasn’t obvious from my very slurred speech, my update to you about my time in Vegas for my bachelor party and sister’s 30th b-day was very much a Drunk Dial. I’m sorry for saying that I invented the game “Ho, or just dressed like a Ho” I’m sure I got the idea from you two, but I’m afraid that in my drunkeness I have often claimed to have invented several things, the Spork, Post-Its, and the Internet are some of my best examples. Please accept my sincerest apology.

    Just a few more comments regarding my update:

    1.) Yes, there is a bacon-wrapped dish as part of the ensemble menu at Samba. I think it was a bacon-wrapped pork.

    2.) My bachelor party and sister’s 30th b-day party were 2 COMPLETELY separate incidents. So, no she definitely didn’t join in the shenanigans that went on at Sapphire, just wanted to get that straight.

    3.) Similar to another listener’s phone call, I also saw a sign warning people not to use drugs or they’d be kicked out of the establishment. I saw the sign in a bathroom stall of Revolution Lounge at the Mirage. Maybe this is a policy of MGM Mirage to have those warnings in various bathrooms. I wish I had taken a picture of it to show everybody.

    I’m totally digging the El Rancho banner!


  14. Hate to debate you, Lauren .. but matching handbag and shoes – definitely not a ho .. tramp maybe .. but not a ho – actually the more “ho-ed” up the attire (or lack of it) .. the more chance that it’s not a pro ho .. just a “club girl”

    I refuse to say how I know this .. lol


  15. Just to verify .. Mark is correct .. no matter what the game, it’s always the best five cards .. period.

    Also .. iTunes is still downloading just the partial.


  16. Just for an add in on the $20 trick.

    If you know the names of the particular type of room or suite upgrade ahead of time it may help out a bit.

    For example- If you are booked at Venetian in a standard room you could ask for a Rialto suite when you slip the $20 between your drivers license and your credit card.

    The point is to know the upgraded suite name or view that you might like ahead of time at the particular hotel you will be staying at as the reception clerk will know (or think) that you are familiar with the place.

    It may increase your chances of getting exactly what you want.

  17. john b: That’s essentially the same recipe as for the bacon martinis at the Double-Down Saloon in Las Vegas. The bartender told me the secret was to use expensive bacon and cheap vodka.

  18. Time to break open the jingle box again. I can see a new popular recurring section of the show : “Improv with Tim & Michelle”.

  19. Poker Question Answer: In the event of a tie, it is still the best 5 cards, and a split pot. Let’s say in Texas Hold ‘Em that there is a straight on the board, but two players remain in the hand. One has pocket aces, the other pocket queens. It is a split pot, it does not go to who has the next highest card.

    Hope this helps.

  20. I’m not sure why some people were getting only partial downloads of this one, but I reposted it in hopes of fixing the mystery problem.

  21. some thing is wrong! maybe it is itunes I down loweded your show twice. the first time the sow ubroptly ended in the middle of your ipmrov. the seconud time the show was 1 minnut shorter.

  22. Weird. Everything seems OK. I tried direct downloading from the site, through iTunes and through the RSS feed, plus I streamed it using the Play the Podcast link. All of them are giving me the full show.

  23. Just tried again by clicking “get episode” in iTunes store and looks like I got the full thing.

    My automatic update is just the intro and your comments about the website being down.

  24. Tim, it may just be that I’m being impatient but I’ve just tried downloading the show and it’s coming up as 2 minutes 5 seconds long

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