Do You Believe in Life After Love?

Rumored for more than a year, Cher is headed for Las Vegas. Tomorrow, Caesars Palace is expected to announce Cher will be performing more than 200 shows over the next three years at the Colosseum beginning on May 6. Get ready for an onslaught of media coverage, beginning with appearances on Good Morning America tomorrow morning and Nightline tomorrow night.


9 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Life After Love?

  1. Five Hundy is now getting everywhere. Just finished watching an episode of How I Met Your Mother – second season ( Bachelor Party ) and there was your play out tune. Hope you are getting royalties Tim.

  2. I am clearly not their target demographic…Bette Midler?, Cher?….don’t they have rock and roll in Vegas?

    when these contracts expire, I’m putting my money on Paul McCartney or that ‘no talent ass clown’ John Mayer.

    I’ll continue to focus my energy on drinking and gambling. Captain Morgan is the ‘wind beneath my wings’

  3. The Celine sign is down in front of Ceasars and the Bette sign is up.
    It says “The showgirl must go on”
    Heather says the font makes it look like “The Showgirl must goon”

  4. I hope I can buy a replica of that black strappy outfit that Cher wore in the video on the aircraft carrier. My ass will look super in it.

  5. ill they be selling bits of skin from all her plastic surgeries in the gift shop?

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