Five Hundy by Midnight 153: With Love From Jeff Goldblum and Pam Dawber

Las Vegas podcast #153 includes:

  • The O.C. opener
  • Listener calls about that pre-trip feeling; poker rules; Las Vegas Hilton; Stratosphere; Jillians; bacon; the $20 trick; tipping the valet; no clocks in Las Vegas casinos myth; Palazzo; Grand Lux Cafe; poker rooms; haters; Zumanity; strippers and cell phone numbers; and much more
  • Fun with white tigers at Mirage
  • Vegas Roundtable
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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25 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 153: With Love From Jeff Goldblum and Pam Dawber

  1. I listen to most of the vegas podcasts since I am stuck at a desk and work in a storeroom long hours and keep up with quite a few shows, epecially fivehundy, the strip, tai, vegasry.

    Each show is SO different it almost doesn’t make sense to have a contest at vegastripping. Each show is great and have lots of personality. There was kind of a rant at This Ain’t Iowa but they were more annoyed at vegastripping that at fivehundy.

    The Strip has great interviews with entertainment personalities and vegas developers and restauranteurs. Fivehundy doesn’t even interview people but everyone seems to love the drunk dialing – it’s practically been raised to an art form at Fivehundy. This ain’t Iowa has tons of sports betting, stories about strippers, crazy locals stories.

    These shows are just too different to get into a competition. I did like the fact that vegastripping gave Steve Friess a “vegas person of the year” award for his interviews ( he did 5 or 6 with Steve Wynn, a couple with Sheldon Adelson )

    Anyway, the point is I love them all.



  2. Darren, try craps to turn your luck around, it can be cheap to play ($3 to $5 minimums are available mid strip)

    Put your money down, ask for some help and tip the dealers when you’re doing well – you’ll have a lot of fun win or lose

  3. Darran – “Dressen or not a Dressen” is a MUCH catchier title! Hope your luck turns around!

  4. Just booked tickets for Cher on her second night at Caesars.


  5. Well half way through the latest trip and slots, keno, roulette .. the whole lot are bad. Still five days to turn in around though.

    Made up a couple of games.

    Firstly knowing you are both somewhere in Vegas at the moment as well there is ‘Dressen or not a Dressen’ kinda self evident rules.

    Secondly there is ‘Are you going to Vegas?’ not a game you can play in Vegas or even on the flight but as we stay overnight in a hotel just off the airport the night before departure with a mixture of other vacationers waiting for their flight is a fun time to fill before departure. Easy game though as the ones going to Vegas always have the biggest smiles ( honest , not biased ! ).

    Thanks for the restaurant tip – good food. So good we are going back there again tomorrow night!

  6. no, tim whatley. the dentist on seinfeld. I had to temper the george with a little whatley to make it just right.

  7. Carrie & Doug (but a few pounds lighter) – their house is number 3121 (Prince’s favourite)

  8. Whatley? You mean the chick Jodi Whatley that sung in the 80’s?

    Here I thought I went too far to accuse Tim of hanging at the MSP airport, yet you want to call him a bad campy crossdresser?

  9. michelle
    pam dawber 40%
    peppermint patty 20%
    jennifer anniston 40%

    jerry 15%
    kramer 35%
    george 40%
    whatley 15%
    bacon 5%

  10. What size PayPal donation would it take to get a picture for the person with a blind-mind-theater?

  11. I’ve always envisioned Tim as a younger version of Jerry Garcia. And Michele looks a lot like Jennifer Aniston. Hence, the frequent comments muttered by strangers as they walk hand in hand, “I wonder what she sees in him?”

    PS: Let’s drink a toast to the strippers. No other occupation is so mocked, yet so loved (at least by men).

  12. I am thinking what we really, being a vegas site and all, is the odds of Tim and Michele looking a certain way. Might as well open it up.

    Tall 1-2
    Short 1-5
    Skinny/boney 1-4
    Fat 1-4
    Mustache 1-3
    Mullet 1-5
    Glasses 1-7
    Shoes older that 2 years 1-3
    Looks like he never left the 70’s 1-10
    Looks like he never left the 80’s 1-5
    Looks like he never left the 90’s 1-5
    Secretly Gay 1-15 (ie frequents the now infamous MSP airport bathroom looking for guys from Idaho)

    Tall 1-3
    Short 1-4
    Skinny-boney 1-4
    Fat 1-3 (all that bacon talk worries us)
    Mullet 1-8
    Day-glo scrunchie 1-5
    Glasses 1-5
    Shoes older that 2 days 1-30
    Looks like she never left the 70’s 1-8
    Looks like she never left the 80’s 1-6
    Looks like she never left the 90’s 1-8
    Lesbian 6-9

  13. The real question is whether there’s going to be a show next week, or if Tim and Michele will be in Iowa at the Blue Ribbon Bacon festival:

    Bacon for Michele, and $1 PBR for Tim, it’s a win/almost win situation!

    (A fruity drink for Tim would be better.)

  14. Tim,

    There is a pic of you and Michelle floating online! If I was good at doctoring it I would, but I will leave it for now. (BTW, it is not an adult site!)

  15. When a stripper calls a customer it is usually to get him to spend money on her. “Carl, let’s hang out today. I have to go dress shopping anyway so…you can help me pick one out.” So guess who ends up paying for the dress? I used to know a dancer back in Los Angeles who would call guys while she was on the treadmill at her house. It would go something like this- “Hey Carl. I was gonna stop by the club tonight and would really like to see you. Why don’t you come by and we can have a drink.” What she doesn’t tell you is that she was woking, not just hanging out. She also doesn’t mention that right after she hung up the phone with our friend Carl she was on the phone with the next guy. Each guy is probably gonna get a dance or two with her ’cause guys are dumb like that and think the girl really is into him.
    Stripper Marketing 101

  16. for anyone who mightve been wondering, i am not out of the hospital… thank you guys for your well wishes, it meant alot.

  17. The waterwall at World Market is much nicer than the one at Pallazo. Will try to sneek back in there and take a picture for you.
    To try to describe them both the one at Pallazo is a simple two story wall where the water starts in a pool and spills over the wall. There is a straight line escalator on either side of the water fall wall.
    At World Market it is the same basic idea BUT the two escalators are curved forming a ‘U’ shape heading up to the top of the water wall. The water wall is not just straight down but actually wraps around the inside of said ‘U’ shape. Yet at the bottom part of the ‘U’ there is a large opening in the wall to walk through.

  18. Just downloading this episode but I am enjoying the “Tim & Michele” descriptions. My husband and I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you two but have previously discussed what we thought you look like (probably WAY off!!!). On our trip last year, in order to keep our morale up in the face of horrible luck, we made up a new game in the vein of “Ho, not a ho” or “Meat or B.O.” – “Tim and Michele or just some random Vegas couple”. Hmmmm…the title might need some work

    The rules….point at a random couple and say “Tim and Michele?”. Now we have some idea of your ages etc. but that was thrown out of the window for the sake of laughs because the more outrageous the couple the better in this game. And you know there is no lack of that in Vegas.

    That young punk couple full of tats, piercings and leather? Tim & Michele?
    That cougar with a too tight outfit and her younger, bored looking boytoy? Tim and Michele?
    The matching mulleted couple playing sigma? Tim and Michele?
    The drunk couple cursing loudly at the video poker screens?….wait….Tim and Michele?

    All good natured fun.

  19. Did you say the show was “writerless” or “rudderless?” Either one works.

  20. Unfortunately the reason I hadn’t updated and called in after my pre trip call was because I got violently ill after the first day in town. I was so down about it I couldn’t bring myself to call from under the covers shivering.

    Next year I will be taking Airborne for a week straight before I leave for my Vegas trip. I don’t care if it’s witch medicine or not, I’ll take anything that remotely implies that it will prevent me from falling ill next year.


    I picture Tim as an eighties band geek wearing a levis denim jacket everywhere.

    I picture Michelle like Rebecca Pidgeon from the movie Heist. A little edgy, and smarter than the boys.

    Hope you guys are having fun in Vegas.

  21. Just a heads up, Sara Bareilles’ song “Vegas” is available for streaming on her MySpace if you want to save your 99 cents to spend on good music.

  22. Tim: A guy with a cop mustache with his most cherished possession, a grey Member’s Only jacket he bought with money from his summer job in ‘86. Wants to wear fingerless gloves everywhere, but knows Michele would divorce him for it.

    Michele: A mousey blond wisp of a girl who privately wonders in a good way what quirk of fate assigned her to Tim. She’s the type who eventually will roam garage sales looking for 70’s era bookends, then proceed to bargain the price from $1.00 to 80 cents.

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