Goodbye Hooters

If your heart (or other part of your anatomy) is set on staying at Hooters Casino Hotel, now is the time. New owners plan to dump the Hooters theme.


7 Responses to “Goodbye Hooters”

  1. 1 Hornhiyo

    So now where on the Strip can we get the best rack rate? I guess we’ll always have the mammories.

  2. 2 Maryanne from Vancouver

    I realize everyone is sad and broken up about the loss of this great themed establishment, so here is a comic to cheer you up. (Esp. for you, Michele)

  3. 3 Jim from LA

    I heard they are replacing the Hooters Theme with a Denny’s Themed Casino. I cannot wait to stay in the Moons Over My Hammy Suite!

  4. 4 Vegas Hotels

    Yay, they’re booting hooters from the strip. I stayed in that hotel once and regretted everything about it. I know it was cheap but there was not pizzazz, no bright lights of Vegas nothing. The girls weren’t even hooterific at hooters and that is a dissapointment. All I have to say is thank you las vegas for getting rid of this hotel.

  5. 5 Chris from Dallas

    They booted my old mainstay San Remo for THIS???!!!!

  6. 6 BC

    “Boutique hotel”? So much for Hooters being a cheap place to stay. With a recession looming, I think this may be a mistake.

  7. 7 arthur

    So I guess we’ll be seeing the Hooters girls on escort cards now.
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