Five Hundy by Midnight 157: Be Our Guest

Las Vegas podcast #157 includes:

  • Sunset Tan opener
  • Our first in-studio guest
  • Binions sale complete
  • Rio’s Masquerade Show in the Sky isn’t closing
  • Is Las Vegas slumping?
  • How Dave does Las Vegas and other random chatter
  • Vegas Roundtable Podcasts
  • Wings for Wheels
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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10 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 157: Be Our Guest

  1. Well, that’s good to hear because I think that’s basically what my podcast output is going to be for the foreseeable future.

    BTW, new episode at the end of this week for anyone interested. We take topic requests over at the link Tim posted.

  2. RE : The future of the South Strip.

    The North Strip is definitely going to be the place for the newest excitement but the South Strip will still have the highest concentration of rooms at the Tropicana-Strip intersection. I think that intersection has something like 10 thousand rooms which used to be considered a phenomenal number.

    I think the question to be answered is if the “high end” attractions found at the South Strip such as Robuchon restaurants at MGM, MGM SKylofts, Craftsteak, MIX, Foundation Room, The Hotel, those kinds of places will still be a top draw or will the South Strip properties gradually become places that gets crowds looking for more affordable rooms but still nice.

    There’s going to be so many brand new high end rooms at Encore, Palazzo, City Center, Fontainebleu and eventually Echelon, plus a new tower at Caesars we’re looking at 20 thousand additional hotel rooms.


  3. Thanks for the ’shout out’. We’re looking forward to our upcoming trip to Vegas.

    Drunken shopping is one of my favorite activities in Las Vegas; although sometimes I forget to shop.

    Rita Rudner?? I’ll be at Circus, Circus on that Thanksgiving.

  4. I subscribe to the podcast through iTunes and for the past few weeks it hasn’t downloaded the complete podcast. I was surprised today when I looked on the site here and saw the run times significantly longer than the iTunes run time. Example, this week’s podcast on iTunes was 12 mins long. Last week was only 30 minutes. Just thought you guys would be interested to know itunes is depriving me of my love of the podcast.

  5. @Mike:

    I also get my podcasts via iTunes and didn’t have any of the problems you described in the past weeks.


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