23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 159: Listener Callapalooza 2008

  1. Does anyone have information and tips for La Reve? Didn’t get any during the show.

  2. Good points about how the market will have to adjust itself once thousands of brand new high end rooms ( that are being built at a cost of a million per room ).

    There’s been so much talk about the high end market but the vast majority of mid range customers will find that they can get rooms at Mirage, Paris, Mandalay and at pretty good prices. I think the properties will be feeling so much pressure to keep those rooms booked and with the quality of rooms in those slightly older properties at good prices that can only be good news for customers after being gouged for most of the past decade.

    Good news for Las Vegas, especially when it comes to the convention business when shows like CES complaining about Las Vegas prices.


  3. Wow. Simply wow.

    I don’t even remember telling anyone about that Le Reve package, let alone twice.

    And sorry, I got my Wagner operas and characters mixed up there. I was actually kicking myself about that.

  4. The tape is actually visible in a picture in the February 2008 Las Vegas Trip photo set. Page 3 fourth row on the left.

  5. Vegas Right Now


    “Vegas, Right Now” Campaign Hopes To Draw In Tourists

    Posted: March 11, 2008 04:09 PM PST

    The economy may be slowing but when it comes to tourism city leaders have a plan to speed up travel to Las Vegas.

    Action News reporter Heather Klein has details on the new slogan from Cashman Center.

    They are slogans tied to the city of Las Vegas: “What Happens In Las Vegas Stays In Las Vegas” and “Your Vegas is Showing.”

    Wednesday morning at the Cashman Center we learned about the new city slogan “Vegas, Right Now”.

    It is the latest slogan to continue building the Las Vegas brand and pull travelers and their money to our city.

    However, it is extra important for this upcoming spring and summer travel season.

    According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the travel market is softening.

    As the economy slows, a lot of people are only spending money on basic needs.

    However, Las Vegas still ranks on top with those who are still traveling.

    “Vegas, Right Now” is a way to keep it that way.

    It is a way to highlight what is happening here right now, right on the lasvegas.com website.

    “Our focus will really be to drive people to the website for the current information. We are going to be updating this daily, weekly, to really provide the visitor of what is going to happen this week when they are here,” explained Ron Dondero.

    This campaign starts this week and will continue throughout the summer.

    It was originally supposed to gear up weeks from now.

    However, because of the state of the economy, the Convention and Visitors Authority felt the need to jump start it and get people coming now.

    Stay with Action News as we track how this new slogan will affect the Las Vegas economy.

  6. So were the callers this week part of some elaborate April Fools prank or were these people for real? Just wondering?

    I think I have a better “New Slogan” for Las Vegas.

    Picture a depressed man wheeled into a hospital. The doctor checks him out and says “I need 2 days of Vegas STAT!” The man suddenly gets better. (Copyright by me right now which mean I want a portion of any profits made in Vegas from this slogan)

    I know it seems lame but is it really any worse than what they have now?

    Jay in NJ

  7. I think we need to investigate Tim. The callers sounded TOO drunk. (If you can be that in Vegas) We can call it “Bacongate 2008”.

    Jay in NJ

  8. Thanks Mike E. Good to know about Le Reve and the VIP section.

    Also, I always enjoy your reading your TR and listening your drunk dials. 🙂

  9. wow… just to clarify I slipped the bouncer 100 bucks for myself and 3 other guys.. although I am a big guy.. maybe next time I should try to shake my moobs for the bouncer to get us all in…

  10. I think this was on the show a few weeks ago, but whatever. I want to agree that the Top Gun slot machine is OUTSTANDING. The Harvey’s in Lake Tahoe had one lonely machine and I put my free $10 slot play coupon in it and won an additional $30 in some bonus round, which included a vibrating chair and lound DANGER ZONE music. just saying.

    I rarely play slots, but if i find this thing in vegas (going there april 12-20), i will definately play.

  11. i Tunes
    Sorry to be a pain, but can someone please tell me how I can download old (like really old) podcasts of this show onto my ipod, or am I stuck having to listen to them via this website on my computer.
    Not that there aren’t worse things on earth…
    Thanks in advance!!

  12. Heather: Simply right-click on any of the podcast file links and choose “Save As.” Once you have saved the file to your computer, you can drop it into iTunes.

  13. a) I would like to add 2 thumbs up for the thought of Brian Setzer playing in Vegas.

    2) I give the Hawaiian Tropic Zone about 6 six months based what I saw there (or the lack thereof) last weekend.

  14. Former leader of the Stray Cats, now fronts a rockin’ big band. He’s a much better choice than when I said J. Geils Band on the show.

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