Harrah’s Entertainment, the ginormous casino owner we love to hate and hate to love, announced today it is changing its name to Caesars Entertainment. This isn’t a huge surprise, as the Caesars name carries more prestige.

In 2004, Park Place Entertainment, then-owner of Flamingo, Bally’s, Paris and Caesars Palace along with a bunch of casinos outside of Las Vegas, changed its name to Caesars Entertainment. Harrah’s Entertainment acquired Caesars Entertainment a few months later.

So what does this name change mean? When we complain about diminishing diamond lounge benefits and 10 minutes later rave about free room offers, we’ll be calling it Caesars instead of Harrah’s. Other than that, probably not much.


9 Responses to “Goodbye Harrah’s Entertainment, Hello Caesars Entertainment”

  1. 1 mike from roseville

    All right…it’s time to start the rumor. They needed to change the name to Caesars so they can:

    a) change Harrah’s Las Vegas to The Horseshoe
    2. Tear down Harrah’s, IP, O’Shays, Flamingo and TCFKABC to build the long awaited Death Star Themed ‘super casino’.
    III. Start selling off properties to pay off the debt from the privatization of Harrah’s corp. starting with Harrahs LV.
    D. Connect Caesars by elevated walkway over the strip to the sister properties, rename the whole thing Ancient Rome and declare success in achieving their ‘manifest destiny’ of world domination.

    of course; I could be wrong and it’s just a meaningless PR move.

  2. 2 Darran

    Five. Distance themselves from the recent permit regulation problems.

  3. 3 HL

    I’ll go with “Start selling off properties to pay off the debt from the privatization of Harrah’s corp. starting with Harrahs LV.”

  4. 4 Chris from Dallas

    I thought of Darran’s point when I first read about this.

  5. 5 Jim in Tulsa

    Okay, fine! So are they going to change the name of their newest casino to “Julius’ Gamblin’ Hall and Saloon” after the “new” Big Guy?

    Hell, if you can screw over the Namesake Founder, you can screw over a few million customers w/o any remorse.

    Ray Kroc kept the name “McDonalds”, he didn’t change it to a “Kroc of Food”.

    Gamblin’ just ain’t the same now a days….

  6. 6 mike from roseville

    If you really stop and think back how the Harrah’s empire was ‘built’; they had Harrah’s, then they acquired Rio, and the next frickin’ thing they owned half the town. Heck of deal, but shit…the Harrah’s name hasn’t had much to do with Bill Harrah in a long time.

    The last time I was at Caesar’s, old Julius himself walked through the casino. You think when Trump and Wynn are gone they’ll dress some poor bastard up as them and parade them through the casino to entertain the drunks?

  7. 7 Dave Lifton

    This is proof that Snackus Maximus kicks Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar’s ass.

  8. 8 mike from roseville

    Snackus Maximus is the finest theme restuarant in Las Vegas…maybe the world

  9. 9 Darran

    Just wish that they would open T K Maximus next door.

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