Five Hundy by Midnight 161: Stripping Elvises, Closed Museums and Buttless Pants

Las Vegas podcast #161 includes:

  • 12 Sexiest Las Vegas Jobs opener
  • Harrah’s Entertainment becomes Caesars Entertainment
  • Harrah’s diamond lounge update
  • Guggenheim and Society of Seven are closing
  • Matty-O’s 1973 Las Vegas video
  • Listener calls about free concerts at Green Valley Ranch, Fireside Lounge at Peppermill, Cowboy Cabaret show review, fun with a raspy voice, Bodies, getting bumped from a hotel, Planet Hollywood’s pool and Prince-themed slot bonus round ideas
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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15 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 161: Stripping Elvises, Closed Museums and Buttless Pants

  1. What do Tim & Michele look like odds update.

    Tall 1-2
    Short 1-5
    Skinny/boney 1-4
    Fat 1-4
    Mustache 1-3
    Mullet 1-2 (Interest in a Rush concert makes it more likely both are secretly Canadian)
    Glasses 1-7
    Shoes older that 2 years 1-3
    Looks like he never left the 70’s 1-5 (See mullet entry)
    Looks like he never left the 80’s 1-2 (Knows way too much about Prince, nuff said)
    Looks like he never left the 90’s 1-10
    Secretly Gay 1-10 (The attention paid to Stripper Elvis attracted action)
    Hall 1-8
    Oates 1-5
    Bacon 1-8

    Tall 1-3
    Short 1-4
    Skinny-boney 1-4
    Fat 1-7 (Distinct lack of bacon talk reduces interest)
    Mullet 1-3 (See Tim’s mullet entry above)
    Day-glo scrunchie 1-5
    Glasses 1-5
    Shoes older that 2 days 1-30
    Looks like she never left the 70’s 1-5 (See mullet entry)
    Looks like she never left the 80’s 1-6
    Looks like she never left the 90’s 1-8
    Lesbian 6-9

  2. One thing about “Bodies The Exhibition”… you’ll either leave with a craving for beef jerky, or you’ll never want to eat beef jerky again. That’s what all the tendons and muscles look like.

  3. Well Drambuie you know owners are supposed to have some same characteristics/looks as their pets … a boxer eh …

    BTW 21 – not a bad film, though takes too long to get to Vegas for my liking. Still, an entertaining evening. Not sure why the newspaper review I read gave it one out of five.

    As for headliner in Vegas, after seeing them last week would love to see ELO ( or as they are called now ‘The Orchestra’ ) out there. Such a large back catalogue of tunes ( they did a three hour concert and still missed out a fair few of their hits ). Ok, I know, its a long shot.

  4. We have three days comped at the Pallazo in the fist week of May and I will call from there.


  5. Actualy I was in Vegas for the Fist Week of May. Couldn’t sit down till August.

  6. ‘Bodies’ can be seen in the latest James Bond movie “Casino Royale”.

  7. I’ll be in vegas soon…sometimes I think about a drunk dial, but by the time I’m drunk enough to want to call…I’m either too drunk to care or too drunk to dial.

    I’m hoping to miss ‘fist week’

    where is the best bacon in vegas?

  8. all I have to say is that it’s a good thing the waitress’ bring alcohol and not bacon to you when you’re playing….that would be really bad for you.

  9. While preparing for my upcoming trip to Vegas, I was looking at…why I don’t know it might be the worst travel website in the universe (every review has an issue that most of the time could be resolved with some common sense) anyways the long story short if you go to the skylofts photo section there are two shots from “the new pool” which one can only assume is wetRepublic….figured I would share

  10. Thanks for the laughs this week, though they were largely supplied by Gay Bob, but the Prince bonus rounds were excellent. I particularly like the idea of the ex-girlfriends round, since I’m dying to know what Cat looks like these days.

    BTW, I feel like I have to defend myself for going to see Sylvia Browne since for two weeks in a row, you’ve had calls related to my patronage of Ms. Browne. I am completely aware that she is horrible (though perhaps not to the extent that others are), which is why we went to see her. And, yes, I gave her money, but it ain’t called Sin City for nothing — like many other activities in Vegas, it’s not something I could have ever imagined myself doing, and afterwards I look back with thoughts of “What was I thinking?” but at the time, well, it seemed like a good idea and it was fun. I’m already going to hell anyway, and I can’t wait to see Sylvia there!

  11. I had called about the Palazzo showers. The water pressure was fine; it was the temperature that wasn’t fine. In fact, it was quite bad. Scorching hot. Blistering, boiling, can’t really bathe hot. Scalding.

    Three phone calls later as well as trips to the front desk… it was still scalding. :-/

    That was literally their first week, so hopefully they’ve regulated the temperature a tad.

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