Las Vegas podcast #162 includes:

  • Miss USA opener
  • Spamalot closing
  • Gans moving
  • Braxton ailing
  • Criss Angel believing
  • Tina Turner returning?
  • Liger ligering
  • MGM Mirage firing
  • Listener calls and comments about Bodies, salt-water pools, Flight, the $20 trick, Double Helix and blue tape at Palazzo, Goldfish slot machines, Las Vegas side trips, hookers at Wynn Las Vegas, airport trams, downtown and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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17 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 162: An Encore for Gans”

  1. 1 Darran

    Or better yet, Zombie Monkey Poker Dome.

  2. 2 Darran

    Five Hundy – The Remix ? New Closing Tune ? Missing the old one already .. will have to go back and play a previous podcast .. you know .. for old times sake.

  3. 3 Tim

    Fear not. It’s a one-time thing.

  4. 4 Drambuie_man

    Zion National Park?!? Zion Freaking National Park?!?!?

    Where is the Las Vegas Ghost when you need him?

  5. 5 vegas wife

    Great show, from Tina Turners space suit, mind freaks, zombies and a new take on some previously scorned hotels. I giggled and I learned, thanks for another relaxing Sunday afternoon!

  6. 6 BC

    Ligers do in fact grow bigger than tigons. We saw a liger recently on a Discovery Channel show and they said it was something about not having the genes from the mother which tell the animal when to stop growing.

  7. 7 Dave Lifton

    Nice touch at the end (sniff)…

  8. 8 Joey

    Best line of the podcast-

    “Fuck Tigons!”

  9. 9 Jim in Tulsa

    Did that ending come from TimbreWorx Music?

  10. 10 Troy from Las Vegas

    The New Criss Angel show ‘Believe’ may get confused with the Shamu the Killer Whale show also called ‘Believe’.

  11. 11 John

    Interesting how few people seem to be talking about the movie “21.” It did pretty well at the box office but it seems like a lot of people are have seen enough Vegas movies.

    I thought it would have been funny if they should Jim Sturgess going by the “Love” show ( since he also starred in the Beatles inspired “Across the Universe).”

  12. 12 Danielle

    OK so i was the girl who was raped my strippers! Sorry for no clarification of what happened but that was a very very very drunk dial.

    we were wondering around fremont street and we wondered in and then straight out of a strip club and on our way out these girl lock their eyes on to my boobs and come towards them with their hands out trying to get a feel…. now since we were drunk it took a minute to realize that i was about to be molested but luckly my boyfriends got between us as stopped them just in time! Turns out they were strippers that worked in the stip club and thought b/c we were wondering out for there that we were game to be grabbed.

    Needless to say i thought it was so funny and shocking all at the same time i had to give you guys a call. I was planning on calling more but kept forgetting and the last day of got sick and am just barely feeling better today!

    anyways keep up the great work i enjoy this pod cast more than anything out there.

  13. 13 Troy from Las Vegas

    “…these girl lock their eyes on to my boobs and come towards them with their hands out trying to get a feel…i was about to be molested but luckly my boyfriends got between us as stopped them just in time!”

    1) Uh, why stop them?
    2) Why do you have more than one boyfriend?

    Please call or write to clarify this. We need to know.

  14. 14 Bolo

    Your talk of zombies this week was quite serendipitous ..

    As you may know, one of Las Vegas’ favorite daughters, Jenna Jameson, last year announced her retirement from “the business” .. or as she said at the AVN Awards, “I’ll won’t be spreading my legs for the camera anymore” .. nope .. she’s *an actress* .. going completely mainstream .. last week (or so) .. her first mainstream movie is released ..

    .. wait for it …

    Stripper Zombies !

    Here she is getting interviewed about this landmark role ..


  15. 15 Jim

    agree that “Fuck Tigons!” was a mighty good line, but one can’t over look the quoting of Cousin Eddie “give me some of the yellow, and don’t get cheap on me”

  16. 16 Danielle

    ok ok ok sorry… i’m a bad typer! i only have one boyfriend…. but yeah i did think to myself afterward that i should have let them touch my boobs… may have turned into an even better vegas trip! hahahaha anyways…

  17. 17 Mark

    I’m going to Vegas in 5 weeks and 1 day (May 31st). I already have started having dreams about being in Vegas again. Life is good!

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