This is Vegas?

Get ready gamers and Las Vegas fans alike. Coming later this year to a PC or gaming console near you: This is Vegas. From the preview video, it seems the goal of the game is to complete a series of missions proving you’re the biggest douchebag in Sin City. Thanks to Johnnie Velour for tipping us off to this one.


8 Responses to “This is Vegas?”

  1. 1 Bill M

    Of all the things wrong with this game, implying that “Drinking…..makes dancing impossible” stands out. I call BS on club aqua.

  2. 2 Chris from Dallas

    The members of the Rat Pack are spinning wildly in their graves.

  3. 3 dave from buffalo

    I’m feeling a little bad for the poor cheesy bachelor. Being a cheesy bachelor doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to get the shit kicked out of you.

  4. 4 Ken

    Seems pretty accurate to me 😉

  5. 5 Darran

    What no Porn Slappers ?

  6. 6 Mike in Syracuse

    Wow. This video is hilarious. I haven’t laughed this hard in ages. Everything about it is funny: the narration, the dialogue, the dance moves… I’m just glad I’m not a “bachelor.” I think I’m also glad I don’t frequent Vegas clubs. They’d have to escort me to the door for laughing too hard at what I see. The vomiting scene is priceless. Hey is this a real game or just an internet joke?

  7. 7 Bill M

    I heard that Tim spent $49.99 on this game, and then couldn’t even get into Club Aqua because his avatar was wearing sneakers.

  8. 8 Charles

    I keep seeing this game everywhere. Its like myspace meets Las Vegas.

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