13 thoughts on “Five Hundy Mac Widget

  1. talk about narrow-casting! How about a widget that works with most of the comuters people actually use? I think listing the Mac marketshare at 7% is hugely generous – how many of that 7% are in grade school – maybe half? Then how many only use Mac at work becuase they work in advertising or graphic layout, another couple points? So realistically, this widget is designed for about 3% of computer users. Fine, but how many of those 3% of computer users are interested in Vegas at all?

    This widget is entirely useless. Why don’t you go back to wearing your hemp hat, driving your Saturn hybrid, and smugly smirking at the rest of the world for what it has “done to you”…

    Michele, maybe someone could get to work on a shoe widget that streams images of the latest sytyles and sale prices!

  2. If someone wants to put together a widget for Windows, we would welcome it. No need to be a prick because it’s not something that applies to you.

    For what it’s worth, our site stats show that around 20 percent of our visitors are Mac-based.

  3. Nothing like a little biting the hand that feeds you.

    How bout a “Thank you for the hours of entertainment”?

    How bout a small donation?

    God forbid.

    You think that T & M are getting rich off this site?

    My guess is that it probably either costs money to run or is close to break even. So instead of the snarky dis, why not offer some positive encouragement for those that do this type of thing even when they might rather skip a week or two?

    Just sayin.

  4. Dishing it out but not taking it. The applet says not for windblows but windblows users are pricks when they point it out. If you cant take insults dont hurl them.

  5. A) Another listener created the Mac widget, not Tim, and has graciously been made it available to anyone who wants it.

    2) This netcast and website is a labor of love and hobby for the creators. We are all guests here who have been welcomed into their lives and virtual home. Please remember that.

    c) For those looking for non-Itunes optoins, there are plenty of netcast players and aggregators out there for Windows: http://www.podcastingnews.com/topics/Podcast_Software.html

  6. Mr. Burton,

    The fact that Tim and Michele have not taken in your show at the Monte Carlo was no reason to slam the nice gesture of widget creation and, by association, the show.

    Please do us all a favor and stick to your magic.


  7. Wow! Sounds like a tigon must have peed in his cornflakes that morning!

    I guess I’ll stop programming my shoe widget. I don’t want that f@%ker taking any credit for it.


  8. Wow … Just got back from Vegas and I love the little storm that my widget has brewed. I work with Macs all the time and I knew that Tim produces the podcast on a Mac so I knocked up my modest podcast widget as simple thank you to Tim and Michele for all the time and effort they donate to the podcast that I have enjoyed for a couple of years now.

    It doesn’t really give you anything over any other way of listening to the podcast so Windows (& Linux) guys & gals aren’t losing anything other than to have another glossy widget taking up valuable space in an already overcrowded Mac Dashboard – it’s like having a bumper sticker – it really doesn’t make your car go any faster. If I had the windows skills to make a widget for Vista then I would happily do so.

    Suffering badly from post-Vegas blues (and jetlag) today and probably won’t get a chance to return for a couple of years now – that really blows.

    I caught VegasU2 (a U2 cover band) at the House of Blues while I was out there – I really wish I could deliver free entertainment that rocks as much as they did.

    I’d put my hemp hat back on now … but it caught fire while watching the Siren’s show 😉

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