Five Hundy by Midnight 171: Have a Lucky Day

Las Vegas podcast #171 includes:

  • Dennis Miller opener
  • Hats! The Musical closes
  • Purple Reign performs at Harrah’s Carnival Court
  • Encore’s Web site is up; reservations accepted
  • Cosmopolitan gets sued
  • Christian Audigier: The Nightclub coming to Treasure Island
  • More about the economy and Las Vegas
  • Listener calls: 808 at Caesars closes; Goldfish slots rule; slot clubs are confusing; roulette wins us money; Palazzo is good but the shopping center is a cluster; Hooker Alley has moved; hangover remedies are necessary; LeReve makes people pee; and much more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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10 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 171: Have a Lucky Day

  1. Advice on where to find hookers and how to prevent/cure hangovers. Why do other podcasts even exist?

  2. If “Hats!” closed due to targeting too small of a segment of the market, I have the perfect solution. “Bacon!” would make a great musical, and would appeal to all ages.

    I found the article you referred to that talked about “one-third pound of bacon, fried and caramelized with maple syrup and served on a stick.” Man that sounds good!

  3. Stayed at the Red Rock. They gave a suite for 3 nights and 100 slot play in the mail, couldn’t pass that deal up. Room was huge, but a shitty view (3rd floor), can’t complain for the price….Also, was down about 400 hundred playing BJ on the first night, but hit 108,000 pennies the next day on the progressive Life of Luxury slot….Not bad off of 60 cents. All in all still a loser, but Red Rock is soooo nice. Was debating calling you guys, but fell asleep at the BJ table, literally. Too many New Castle beers…….

  4. In response to a few of your questions posed in the podcast:

    Cosmo *had* to bring a trademark fight. Trademark law requires that you make efforts to protect your mark, otherwise you’ll lose it. Even if the case is flimsy, having evidence of your enforcement efforts makes it easier to prove when there’s a real infringement.

    There is a great blog tracking slot and comp programs, Jean Scott’s blog over at Las Vegas Advisor.

    Poor Tim, you’re suffering from a well-known malady: “Straight Guy’s Fear of Massages Syndrome.” It’s all too common, but rarely fatal… it just means you’ll have a less fulfilled life. 😉 Here’s a few things you need to remember: 1) massage therapists are trained to have a “clinical” touch, so unless you get wood when the doctor checks you for hernia, you’ll be fine; 2) even if you did sprout wood, trust me, they’ve seen bigger and better in their careers and they’ll just ignore it — as should you — and it will go away; 3) if you really can’t imagine enjoying 75 or 90 minutes of somebody massaging away all your aches and pains, it’s fine… don’t take up valuable appointment times that are already hard to get for those of us who have gotten over our fears. 😉


  5. Interesting theory on why I haven’t had a massage, but it’s completely off. I don’t fear getting a massage or anything that goes along with it. I’m sure it’s relaxing as hell and if I get wood, oh well. I’d simply much rather use my limited time in Las Vegas gambling or boozing. I suppose I could get one when I’m not in LV, but I’ve never had the desire. Different strokes (literally) for different folks.

  6. Much like they have swim-up Blackjack tables, if they installed a video poker machine accessible from the massage table…..

  7. massages? shotguns? red hats? I seem to have lost track of what’s going on.

    One of your callers mentioned a Vacation Village salesperson and it reminded me of a new approach one used with me on my last visit. Walking along through one of the shopping malls with a ‘ceiling sky’ and this woman walked up to us and said, “May I help you?” It almost threw me since I was expecting to be asked how long I was in town; but it was easy to answer ‘no’ and keep moving. I give her points for creativity and actually responded to her as opposed to my usual failure to acknowledge their presence.

    I’m unlikely to get a massage, be invited to join a red hat club, or go hunting with Dick Cheney. A shooting range might be fun though.

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