Five Hundy by Midnight 172: Saturday Night Las Vegas Fun Fest

Las Vegas podcast #172 includes:

  • George Carlin opener
  • Cab fares increase
  • George Carlin dies
  • Stage Deli closes
  • Hangover kills and other listener e-mails
  • New Yorker hangover cure article
  • Listener calls: Raos, Bouchon, Jersey Boys, bacon, Purple Reign, Peppermill, Big Elvis, Lion’s Share, WSOP, manpris and much more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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35 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 172: Saturday Night Las Vegas Fun Fest

  1. Yep sure wish for the $250 air ticket. Just booked up for next February ( such a looong time away but have to plan these things )and a direct flight from England ( including air miles )has gone up from approx $600 to $900 for one return ticket.

    Still at least when we are there we take advantage of those favourable exchange rates with the food / hotels and ( dare I say it ) shopping.

    One little tip for those people who only visit once a year who have some slot club points ( particularly Harrahs ). Dont let them elapse. If you book your rooms from the hotel site straight away, even if it is for a room in a year’s time
    at least you will get your discount and made use of them ( can always cancel if your plans change ).

    Perhaps Tim you could have used your Atlantic City points to book a room for 2009 ( or even 2010 ) .. just in case.

  2. Did you catch the new series on Travel Channel, Passport to Great Weekends with Samantha Brown? I big chunk of the half hour show is devoted to the bacon martini. My wife was very impressed with the fact that I knew about it already from listening to your show. (Ok, well, not really. She just said it sounded gross. But I was impressed!)

    Much of the rest of the episode involved the Pussycat Dolls and eating every meal on the menu in one sitting.

  3. We caught the Samantha Brown thing. It’s always fun to see the Double Down on TV. The bartender was correct when he said the bacon-infused vodka makes for a great bloody mary.

  4. Hey!

    Glad to share my good fortune story about the 6 weeks at Rio. Now, I will watch my cell nervously for any incoming 702 area code call.

    “Uh, yes sir, there has been a computer error with your reservation… sorry to inform you but…”


  5. Regarding the call placed by Paul from Boston (love the Sox – they’re wikkid retahded!): no offense, but isn’t complaining about the caliber of an omelet at the Peppermill much like complaining about the lack of a dollar store in the Miracle Mile? All references I’ve read with respect to the Peppermill relate to the excellence of the lounge’s ambiance and drinks (and cocktail waitresses), rather than the quality of their restaurant.

    Speaking of, has anyone imbibed in a Scorpion at Peppermill? I’m a big man (not as big as Boog, but close) with a big desire for a big beverage with a big boozy taste, and this one sounds like just the ticket (after trying out an oatmeal cookie martini, of course).


  6. Oh the good old days of Vegas gone by. George Carlin at Bally’s, hotels, The Dunes, The Desert Inn, The Sands, The Stardust, the old Treasure Island pirate skull sign, and now the blue tape. At least I got to see them in person. To the memories…..Cheers everyone!

  7. Have to agree with BHBH. The Peppermill isn’t known for fine dining. The experience and atmosphere along with the huge portions AND the one of a kind lounge make it a Vegas must see. The Bloodymarys are a great drink and salad bar all wrapped up in one.

  8. Glad I could help share the bacon love.

    I have noticed a lot of people on listener calls and on other sites saying the $20 “trick” has been working. Makes me wonder if the whole economy thing is hurting the higher-end rooms at a disproportionate rate, leaving them open for schlubs like us who want to tip our way into better accomodations.

    I hit the ground at the IP late on Sunday, 7/27, and am hoping it works, even though I’d have no use for a love tub.

  9. I just heard they are making a cartoon starring John Oates Mustache. No mention of Hall. A modern day family man being enticed to return to his rock life by his mustache(played by Dave Attell)

    Jay Stache. Look for it soon.

  10. I am sitting here watching Casino and wishing my next vegas trip was sooner than december.

  11. Wow, I can’t believe you guys just shat on the Bourbon Street hotel! That place had an awesome location and wasn’t that bad at all.

  12. My God – Troy’s call on the podcast is right.

    This rising gas price thing…it might affect frequent travellers from Los Angeles, San Diego, and Phoenix… heck, it’s gonna affect everyone. Maybe even strippers. And soon, it may affect the fragile stripper ecosystem i.e. the carefully calculated P&L spreadsheets that determine expected stripper revenues versus operating costs & plane fare… so much so that… they might not come!

    What will we do with our singles & spare $5 chips?
    Where will we go after 3AM?
    Who will we turn to for celebration/solace when we win/lose at the tables?
    What woman will actually buy the pink sweatsuits & matching duffle bags at Fashion Mall?
    Will the Hard Rock have anyone to hire for Rehab?

    Something must be done or we’re all doomed!

  13. The best hangover cure I know, but I doubt you’d find it in Vegas, is a good British Sherry Trifle.

    Cold out of the fridge, you have alcohol, plenty of sugar and if you add a layer of fruit and jelly (jello to those in the US), it’s really refreshing. At Christmas I usually make a spare one and we all have it for breakfast the following morning – brilliant.

    As for manpris they’re very popular over here in England – not a good look on a man.

    Flight prices booked 11 months in advance to keep the price down were around $650 each the same flight booking today is just over $1,200

  14. I’m going to charter a bus and call it the Stripper Express. LA to Vegas. 50 dancers. 1 driver. And me. Its a tough job but someone has to do it in the name of propping up the Vegas economy.

  15. Another thing about Trump Tower- They have cold bottle water waiting in the car for you when the valet brings the car up.

  16. MANY strippers here on the weekends come in from Los Angeles and other areas.
    I have been told that a girl can make as much here in two nights as they can all week back home.
    There was an article in Maxim magazine once that said the best place to meet a stripper is on a Southwest flight from Burbank California to Las Vegas on a friday afternoon.

  17. I fly from Vegas on SW to Burbank sometimes on Sunday nights. You should see what those same girls look like without makeup or sleep. It’s enough to make you sober. The only thing attractive about them is the handbag with enough tax free cash for a mortgage payment.

  18. I’m a friendly (read: cheap) Midwesterner, but I’ve gotten lots of Vegas room upgrades without using the $20 trick.
    My tactic: “Would you happen to have a little larger room?” or “Might you have a room with a strip view?”
    Works like a charm at Bally’s, Harrah’s and Flamingo. (Although they have also equally politely offered to let me pay for an upgrade to a Go room.)
    And don’t worry: I don’t deprive the Vegas economy of my $20. I always re-invest it and more into margaritas and slot machines.

  19. What no Podcast just because you’re in Oklahoma… Last check, 2008 Casino Guide, Oklahoma has 89 casinos… granted most w/o latrines, but still a little leak by the car coming and going can fix that.

    As long as it isn’t Sunday you can even drink (but they have to have bathrooms to serve you) liquor. Otherwise its 3.2 Beer. Yee Haw!

    Where in OK did you spend the 4th? Sounds like a blast! TNT in the lake for fish, lots of Hogs for Bacon, Sounds like a brunch on the 4th!

    Happy Travels

  20. Just watching a tv show guest starring David Hasslehoff..

    Looking to make a musical as his next career step…

    Ummm called “Viva Hoff Vegas”.


  21. I also swear by the 02 bar as well. Between the free flowing drinks and being at a different altitude I know the 02 helps.The location at T.I. is my favorite but Fremont will do in a pinch.

    The one at T.I. is a better price than most and it isn’t set on a timer. They also give you a vodka cocktail if you choose. If you go in feeling ill you will float out of there, worth a try and less weird than the pills.

  22. Small mention on the Golden Gate shrimp cocktail price increase. There is still the discount as mentioned with the players club but good luck catching anyone at the booth.

    When I got there she was “on a 15 min break” so we went for a stroll around. We went back after some distractions 45 mins later and she was “just on a break”.If that is truly a concern for you I suggest going sooner than later. I have to say I was scared of shrimp that inexpensive but it was great

  23. Apparently there is competition for Viva Hoff Vegas.

    A production called Viva Lassie Vegas.

    Its going to be running at one of the older casinos that has gone to the dogs.

  24. Cheesy acting going set my remote,
    set my remote on fire.
    I got a whole lot of chips ready to eat,
    so get the 80s hair up higher.

    There’s a thousand pretty women waiting out there,
    but see if the Hoff really cares
    He’s too busy eating in his underwear.

    So Viva Hoff Vegas
    Viva Hoff Vegas
    Viva, Viva Hoff Vegas

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