Announcing Vegas Podcast-a-palooza

Vegas Podcast-A-Palooza

Join Five Hundy by Midnight, Vegas Gang and The Strip at 4 p.m. on Aug. 16, 2008, at The Lounge at Palms for the first-ever Vegas Podcast-a-palooza. We’ll be recording our shows live on stage and fielding audience questions. It’ll be the most fun Palms has seen since Trichelle moved out.


16 thoughts on “Announcing Vegas Podcast-a-palooza

  1. Some other thoughts ( just for fun – dont’t get me wrong looking forward to listening to the podcast and congrats and all that )

    1. Will Tim be pulling that Elvis jumpsuit out of the closet especially for the show ?
    2. Drinking game ( re: real life ) counting how many time Palms is mentioned ?
    3. Don’t forget the dog lapping water sound clip for the true hundy experience.

    Will get those cocktail drinks ready for that authentic listening pleasure.

  2. Regarding a live feed of some kind – this was part of my original idea and depending on what the Palms can provide, it may still happen.

    BTW, probably goes without saying but all three shows will be recorded and posted for anyone that can’t be there.

    I’m soooo excited about this.

  3. Damn, one month later I would have been able to attend. One day I will meet T & M and will no longer have to play T&M or not T&M when I am in Vegas.

  4. Bummed because the 14th is my birthday and I wanted to go around then, but couldn’t swing it and will be there in a few weeks instead.

  5. Hi Tim & Michele,
    Long time listener, first time commentor from Wisconsin.
    Would love to be there for this, but arriving a week late (23rd).
    Hopefully we will be able to make one of your listener meets sometime in the future.
    You guys have a great show, hope it never ends!!!!!

  6. Here’s how I picture it:

    -fruity drinks delivered to the stage
    -live contestants for ‘ho not a ho, just a slut’ and ‘thong not a thong not a thing’
    -vegas fun a plenty

    Wish I could be there

  7. Crap, the week AFTER I am there. Was looking forward to LIVE sh!t-hammered calls.

  8. Ah, so now it comes out as to why you were so concerned with airline tickets for August!

    Nice reveal!

    Aren’t you worried about breaking that cardinal rule you always talk about with the “magic of radio”. Now everyone will know what you look like! You’ll be, like, famous, n’ stuff!

  9. I would be love to be there but I will probably still be wasted at Moorea at that time.

  10. Dam! I would be love to be there but I will probably still be wasted at Moorea at that time.

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