Five Hundy by Midnight 173: Let the Anxiety Begin!

Vegas Podcast-A-Palooza

Las Vegas podcast #173 includes:

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17 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 173: Let the Anxiety Begin!

  1. If we do a Web cast, it will almost certainly be audio only. Video would be a ton of extra work and for this grand experiment, we’re trying to keep things (relatively) simple.

  2. Whew! Now I don’t have to worry about wearing certain colors or patterns and their effects on video. That will make the wardrobe planning slightly easier.

    We want to thank Chuck from for all his work on the Podcast-a-palooza site, too.

  3. Hey, Michelle & Tim: Remember the episode of THE CASINO when Tim and Tom raced each other from their apartment to The Golden Nugget? Tim won. I liked that one. I prefer Matt Dusk’s version of “Two Shots Of Happy” to Bono’s. Remember the episode of AMERICAN CASINO when the staff went on a company retreat to foster team building? Those were the days. BTW, I won’t be entering the latest contest because I already won the first one (thanks again for the Gordie Brown tickets… I’ll let you know how that goes next week) but here are two great people watching places: 1) The area near the piano bar at New York New York where the sidewalks criss cross in front of the pizza place… lots of traffic there and 2) In front of Caesars near the ampitheater and the outside bar. It’s perfect for games like Spot The Foobs, especially beginning around 10:00 P.M. as the clubbers walk by.

  4. I was just noticing that Hall & Oates will be playing at the Hard Rock on Aug. 15th — the night before your podcast-a-palooza. I think we should get a show report. 🙂

  5. Our memories of the Casino is linked to our visit to Vegas directly after the show ( and we still want to see Matt Dusk in Vegas one of these days darn it ).

    Going to the cashier after a particular poker chip ( being a collecter ) we got chatting with her and talking to her about the show when she asked if we want to meet Tommy ( I think his name was – the young guy who was trying to be a casino host ) who was still there working as a Casino host and sure enough she phoned him down and we got to have a good chat with him. Friendly people.

  6. I think Tim and Michelle should hire actors to portray them in person at the Podcastpalooza. I’m already sensing their tension at having to reveal their true identities to a room full of people. And if there are cameras present it would eliminate the need to pixelate their faces. (Although a lower tech and less costly solution would be for them to simply wear paper bags over their heads.)

  7. From the world of shameless self promotion:

    Tonight at I will be posting photos from closing night at The New Frontier, which took place one year ago tonight.

    Photos will be posted at the same time which they were taken a year ago, so it will provide a continuity of what it was like to be at The Frontier a year ago tonight.

    It is explained here:

    Hello to everyone.

  8. Roy–
    Thanks for posting that. I’m sorry — I meant to mention it on the show this week but completely spaced it. I’m looking forward to the photo series tonight!

  9. Your comments about a parade of bodies from Tropicana to Luxor had me in tears laughing. While I don’t think there’s much hope of that taking place. The mental image is priceless.

  10. Gah, I’m going to be in Vegas the weekend of Sept 1st. Can you all just change your plans and do it that weekend? Thanks.

  11. Excellent timing, podcastapalloozawatchamathing falls on day 28 of my upcoming trip (seriously… T-2). Looking forward to some IRL lurking 🙂

  12. I was worried that there wouldn’t be a show this week with all the whining Tim was doing on Twitter. He seems ok now, so I expect the same high quality effort.

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