Five Hundy by Midnight 175: Halting Echelon

Vegas Podcast-A-Palooza

Las Vegas podcast #175 includes:

  • Pinky and the Brain opener
  • Boyd postpones Echelon
  • CityCenter financing delay
  • Trump lays off 73
  • Flamingo plastered with Donny and Marie
  • Roseanne leaves Sahara
  • Venetian announces The Real Deal
  • Bally’s dumps shared-revenue slots
  • Star Trek machines introduce adaptive gaming
  • Listener calls: MGM Grand service, Pussycat Dolls, Imperial Palace penthouse suite, pornslappers, Planet Hollywood room themes, Circus Circus manor rooms, Matt Dusk, drink service, kids in Las Vegas, Palms Place and much more
  • Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza
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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 175: Halting Echelon

  1. I am reminded. Will the Las Vegas Ghost make an appearance at the “podcast-a-palooza”? He needs to come to tell everyone “What are you doing here at a nerd convention when their is gambling going on just over there!”

  2. Boyd should have kept the Barbary Coast and left the Stardust alone….we’d all be happier.

  3. Another excellent pod cast:D I know it’s a bit early but when do Halloween events get announced? Or is there nothing special in Vegas during Halloween? I assume there is something on at Haufbrau house for October?

  4. Pardon the off-topic question, all, but Drambuie_man, I have to ask: how do you drink your Drambuie? I love the stuff, but whenever I order it straight on the rocks, I am met with the contempt of bartenders, who insist that it’s supposed to be used in mixed drinks. And when I drink it that way at home, the dog looks at me funny. Your take?

  5. While I hope that you are going to Coverville 500 on the 15th, I think Brian would understand if you going to this instead:

    Music group Hall & Oates will perform August 15 at The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel.

    Hall & Oates’ show will begin at 8 p.m. at the venue. Tickets start at $49.50 and go on sale May 3 at noon at the Hard Rock Hotel Box Office, all Ticketmaster locations and online at You can also purchase tickets by phone at 702.474.4000. Tickets are subject to service fees. Dates and times subject to change.

  6. Every business flight out of LAX I used to stop at the In-N-Out on Hawthorne (big sign by the 405). I then would get one 4×4 animal style, and one double double animal style. The big one I ate there, the other I ate when I was about over Kansas as everyone drooled.

    Black Hills> Actualy I do not drink it much. I do enjoy it, straight or mixed, however it is not my favorite tipple (not to mention expensive give my foreign locale). It was a one-off college nickname that I used once as a screen name a few years ago and it kinda stuck.

  7. Shit. If Drambuie Man is gonna punt, i’ll run a 4th down Statue of Liberty on this one….

    Rusty Nail on the rocks w/a cherry (for good luck)

    Drambuie + Scotch (1:3 ratio) Chivas works great. You can go for higher grade scotch, but its sorta pointless when you mix it with the super sweet Drambuie.

    I usually knock back a coupla-two-three of these before I go jogging… helps loosen up the joints enough to realize that I wasn’t going to go jogging anyways.

  8. Great podcast.
    Why mix anything with good Scotch. Keep it simple I say.

    Maybe its a good time to keep some of the old places in Vegas and start sprucing em up instead of starting form scratch and leaving a construction site to look at forever.

  9. My God, I talk too fast.

    I left out the best part about my suite. Total cost – $100 for three nights. God bless the bad economy and Harrah’s hot deals. The guy who checked me out was very impressed.

  10. Thanks for the input, Drambuie_man and Chuckmonster (hope you enjoyed your richly-deserved sabbatical, BTW Chuck – love the site!). I tend to share Joe’s take on Scotch — I typically stick with one of the somewhat better brands, so hate to mix it, even with something carrying a similar price-tag.

    Maybe it’s time I just made things easy on myself and made the transition over to the girly drinks…

  11. Thanks Dan.

    I knew it sounded familiar but couldn’t recall the specifics. I suppose saving your status doesn’t do much good if the machines aren’t widely available.

  12. Did anyone else see that Cirque sample from Believe (New Chriss Angel @ Luxor) on So You Think You Can Dance? I actually enjoyed it.. FREAK SHOW! I might want to check it out. I’m anticipating the reviews now. I know this is pretty random.

    T&M, have a blast!

  13. Haven’t seen the machines in the East yet but we are still waiting for WOZ. 🙂

  14. My wife got an email from Luxor for $20 freeplay for locals offer. So we stopped in to take advantage of it. She needed to visit the players club to have it loaded.
    She decided to try the new eBay game playing between .50 & 1.00.
    Funny thing she got $40 instead of $20. She played the entire 40 and never hit the bonus. She pulled out $16.20.
    I lost $10, but came out ahead at Winn ($10 freeplay – net $20)and Santa Fe Station ($5 freeplay – NET $11 and 2 free pasta bowl sets).
    Ate lunch at the Omelet House on Charleston – huge portions.
    Another fun locals day.

  15. That caller named Mike is quite the attention whore!
    Great podcast Tim and Michelle, as usual.

  16. Wow – now I know why views of my Star Trek slot machines on Youtube took a sudden leap in numbers, after being sorta static for 3 months.

    its because Dan posted them here!

    I heard that the Star Trek machines were not going to be widely distributed until after the big Trek Con at the Hilton this month. I can’t imagine they only made two of them, so we should hopefully see them showing up over the next year.

    And the W of Oz machines – saw them in Topeka (Prairie Band) and Kansas City Harrahs. Even though they ARE evil, they are fun so I hope they make it to Niagara Falls.

    Guess I shouldn’t say they are too evil since I had a huge win on them in May in Vegas. But its obvious to me from playing them that there are very, very few good regular spin combinations. If you don’t hit a bonus you go down pretty quickly.

    The bonuses are fun -but I thought (besides my big win) that the bonuses paid off much better in May in Vegas at several casinos than at Harrahs or Prairie Band in July.

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