Five Hundy by Midnight 177: Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza

Las Vegas podcast #177 includes:

  • SNL opener
  • Here it is—audio of the big Vegas Podcast-a-Palozza event. We had an unbelievable afternoon and will be babbling about it on the next show. Enjoy the awkwardness of our show with a live audience. We sure did.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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25 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 177: Vegas Podcast-a-Palooza

  1. Wow.
    You two make me smile.
    Just love your views on Vegas. Hope to make a call when we get there on 9/7.
    Awkward is soooooooooo the new cool.
    BLT is on our list of must-visit(s).
    Thanks for the many hours of enjoyment listening to your podcasts.
    Your Palooza was the best.
    Carrot Top Rules! Right? Right?

  2. I had such a great time watching the show Live!

    I was so nice to meet you in person!

  3. Freakin’ sweet. And now, after weeks of listening to archived shows, I’m totally caught up.

    LOVE the podcast and the live show was a classic. But Tim, who are the “off-Strip, bearded Magicians” that are haunting your dreams???

    Can’t wait until the next one.

  4. I have been looking forward to this podcast for weeks. I can only hope that you guys do a live show again sometime in the future. There would be no way I’d miss something like this a second time around.

  5. I wish I could’ve been at the Palms for this show, as it’s obvious everyone had a blast. Following you guys all week on Twitter has allowed me to enjoy Vegas vicariously, however. Thanks for the service you provide and keep it coming.

    FHBM is always one of the best parts of my week. You two rock!

  6. Tim and Michele! The live show was the second only to finally getting to meet the two of you. Certainly a highlight during this long Vegas stay for the book.

    Thanks for all you guys do! I love the fact that “engaged listenership keeps you wanting to do the shows” (as you said during the Q&A). That’s truly a sign of doing something for all the right reasons.

    Thanks again for a great day! Next year!

  7. Hey guys…

    It was great to meet you! Thanks for posting the Q&A Session. I had to duck out early. Meeting you also inspired me to make several drunk dials. Hope I was coherent enough.

    Good to meet you. Thanks for the laughs and making some of my commutes to work more fun.


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  9. Tim
    What this rumor about you shopping while you were in Vegas
    Did you buy a pair of mandles?

  10. Tim & Michelle – It was great meeting you two, after having listened to this podcast forever. In the past, I could never really swing any of the Vegas meet ups until Vegas Podcast-a-palooza… and after waiting for more than a year plus, I was not disappointed. You guys really are as nice as y’all sound.

    Being a public speaker by profession, I felt every crest & trough in the podcast rhythm & flow which brought an appreciation for this event that might have been unique to me… but anyway.

    I really hope George Maloof found it a worthwhile marketing opportunity for the Palms, because the venue was surprisingly cool. (Despite the fact that I refuse to play any games at the Palms Casino) Hope to see this happen again.

    p.s. My wife and I tried the BLT Burger’s “Night Rider” (it apparently lacks the all important “K” in the drink name) spiked drink per Michelle’s recommendation: Very good and surprisingly stiff for what was essentially a dessert. Tried the Fried Pickles per Tim and they definitely AREN’T StripBurger “Pickle Chips”. More like Beer Battered Pickles. Still good but not “chips”.

  11. This sounded like so much fun.

    I love the question and answers.

    Any pictures anywhere?


  12. Well done you two!!!

    I thought Michele was cool and calm from the off. Tim sounded a bit nervous until he got into his stride but once he did there was no discernible difference in the (high) quality between the live show and the usual podcasts.

    You should both be very proud.

  13. …. well there goes the Dressen or not a Dressen game.

    Congrats on the podcast. Only problem was 30 minutes ? Darn they surely should have allowed you an hour at least!

  14. Yes Darran, that is true. For those who hadn’t met them and were still wondering what they looked like, the cat is out of the bag.

    T&M- Great job you two. And thanks for hanging out so long afterwards. Nice to be about to chat with you again.

    Re: “But Tim, who are the “off-Strip, bearded Magicians” that are haunting your dreams???”

    Oooh. Oooh. I know. I know. But I am not gonna tell. And I ain’t just whistling dixie. Duly noted.

  15. If anyone is interested, my wife recieived her cheque for the $50.50 ticket for the ticket she forgot to cash in May.

    It was made out by a Georgia bank with a Las vegas address and mailed from Sweden.


  16. I did not know that Penn had grown some facial hair again.

    Sorry just here Doodling.

    Now there is an idea for a rival for Twitter – Doodle, where people can etch-a-sketch little Doodles to pass those quiet times at work.

  17. @Troy from Las Vegas
    “Oooh. Oooh. I know. I know. But I am not gonna tell. And I ain’t just whistling dixie.”

    OMGROFLMAOBBQSauce! Best. Comment. Ever.

  18. Tim, could you link to the other two podcasts that participated?

  19. Tim, FYI, it was when you mentioned that you had bought the I heart Carrot Top online special for this occasion that the guy who was wearing the Black T (Not the Owen Wilson looking guy that organized the event, the other guy) did the out and out spit take and then looked around to see if anyone saw. I saw, and Owen Wilson saw.

  20. Hi guys,

    It was great to meet you at the show. Marylou and I enjoyed it so much we might actually sit through a time share pitch to watch it. Great podcast!

  21. Tim and Michele: GREAT to see the magic happen. Thanks to you guys, Hunter, Steve and Miles for pulling that show together. Definitely the highlight of our trip.

    Mike from EP: You want “The Strip” and “Vegas Gang Podcast”, listed under “Friends of Five Hundy” on the FHBM front page.

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