Five Hundy by Midnight 181: Icy Times

Las Vegas podcast #181 includes:

  • America the Wright Way opener
  • Girls of Glitter Gulch slots refused
  • Criss Angel Believe delayed
  • The Real Deal host named
  • Plaza lawsuit proceeds
  • Cosmopolitan developer designated
  • Palazzo Sports Book opens
  • Minus 5 cools off Mandalay Place
  • Best of Vegas
  • Vegas Bars by Blobots
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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21 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 181: Icy Times

  1. Slot machines? I thought you said SLUT machines!

    But seriously, folks.

    Do titty bars really need slot machines to lure the rubes in? I’ve walked by that place a number of times…and if the girls standing outside the place are any indication of what’s inside, I don’t think I’d pay the admission (or buy the two or so drinks) required to spend my time there. In other words, to work in a so-called “titty” bar you really should have TITTIES…not be some skinny, coked-out looking skank.

    Also. I moved to Minnesota in the year 2000 after living in Texas all of my (then) 32 years, and on the third or fouth call to my mom, she commented that I talked “like a yankee”. I did find it amusing that the soda aisles in Cub Foods were labeled “Pop”, but the novelty soon wore off and I got used to it. You may have noticed that there’s no real “Vegas” accent, because almost everybody here’s from somewhere else. I work in food service, and more often than not I can identify if someone’s from the midwest simply by their accent, down to the point of determining if they’re from Minnesota or Wisconsin.

  2. Another great show guys!

    Michelle my partner would like to know the best shops for shoes for our upcoming trip. We’ve heard that there some good shoe shopping at the outlet malls. Could you spend a little bit of time going over vegas shoe shopping?

    And I would like to know when the casino’s start advertising for halloween partys?

    Thanks guys!

  3. Josh– I like the look of it, but I don’t know if I’d want to bathe in bacon.

    Tim, pretend you don’t see this next section, k?

    Kire– If you go to , it will give you a store listing for the Las Vegas Outlet Center (south of The Strip) and Las Vegas Premium Outlets (close to downtown).

    I haven’t been to the LV Outlet Center since they closed the Etienne Aigner store a few years ago. The Premium Outlets are a little more upscale, with selections from Stuart Weitzman and Salvatore Ferragamo (although they just opened a Crocs store so it might cancel that out). Both malls have Naturalizer and Liz Claiborne shoe stores, which I like. And of course if you want to go really upscale, visit the shops at Bellagio, Wynn, Caesars, or Palazzo.

    There’s also an outlet mall south of Vegas in Primm, about 30 miles away. I’ve never visited, but information is available at .

    Not sure about the Halloween parties, though. Maybe early October? And some of the casinos might have special slot promotions or tournaments, but the parties would be more of a nightclub thing.

  4. The outlet in Primm has a very good Tommy Bahama outlet and a William Sonoma outlet which is almost worth the trip.

  5. There’s a Zappo’s Shoes Outlet store on Maryland Parkway, just off Flamingo. You’ll find it next to the Boulevard Mall. There’s also a Barnes and Noble, Best Buy, Circuit City, and a Toys R Us right there. But…and this is best of all…Seafood City. It’s mostly Asian foods, and it is the home of the strangest fast food restaurant I’ve ever experienced…Jollibee. Filipino hot dogs. I dared not ask what was on them, or in them.

  6. Minus 5?

    I’ll take you ice fishing for $20, it includes a beer. Contrary to their FAQ’s, beer is just fine at 27 degrees.

    My new nightclub concept is ‘The Beach’; you’ll smell just like you spent a day at the beach when you leave.

  7. There is a legitimate concern about people being confused about “The Plaza” and “The Plaza” and which is which.
    It is already hard enough with Harrah’s and Paris which sound a lot alike, especially to recently immigrated taxi drivers.
    Just saying.

  8. Regarding the “professional photographer available to take photos of you inside the ice lounge which you can view and purchase after your experience if you choose to do so.” at Minus5, I wonder how much these photographs will cost?
    We were at Craftsteak recently and they charge $150 for three prints of the same image.

    (BTW- The Elton John show is really good.)

  9. We saw Craig Ferguson at MGM. I did not know who he was and after seeing his show I still am not interested in him.

  10. Here is a quick tip for people, the $20 trick does not work during labor day weekend at the MGM. 🙁

    Also, the Lion’s Share slot still is going strong. 2.18 million when I was there. I’m going to try it again Dec 6th, so no one win it before I get another pop at it.

  11. Dovetailing on Troy’s point-

    I agree with his point on two possible Plazas as I have found, at least once, that saying just “Hilton” to a cab driver also can be confusing with the right (wrong?) cabbie.

    And Tim-

    LOVE the new Twitter Avatar. The Goldfish are my favorites right now, although the last couple of times at one of those machines, I was violated rather rudely.

  12. As a dog owner, you should know that hair on the ice is not what they are worried about. They probably don’t want yellow pot holes or brown speed bumps on the icy floor.

  13. I keep putting one dollar bills into the penny slot machines at the Longhorn Casino. Sometimes up to 2 or 3 dollars each visit. Please somebody stop me. I’ve obviously got a problem.

  14. OK, so I got my hands on some Star Trek slots.

    First impression: They’re slot’s just like any other. Except, they have this incentive to keep playing, if, that is, you sign up, and more importantly, you know WHY you need to sign up. I spent some time at the Star Trek slot today, and a couple of people came and went along side me without ever logging in or knowing that it was to their benefit to do so.

    I’m still on the initial phase of the game, but there are plenty of people that don’t understand the “sign up for better games” scenario. Even though there’s a, for lack of a better description, comic bubble that encourages people to sign in, they just don’t know to do it.

    The real problem is, when you bring something new and revolutionary to the slots, like having an easily remembered history, people just don’t intrinsically get it. To most people it’s a matter of put your money in and go. There’s no, “I need to log in first” that comes across. Most people just don’t get it.

    I found myself having to explain to a couple of people what the heck was going on with these slots. Now I don’t know if this was something that was designed in to the game, to give those that know what’s going on an edge, but I will say it made for another circumstance where listening to Five Hundy payed off. I knew what was happening while others around me didn’t.

    Now I just need to get back down to the Lion’s Share to hit the jackpot. 😉

  15. P.S. – Sorry about the above post, if it doesn’t make sense. Think of it as a drunk dial, without the dial, just the drunk. 😉

  16. I setup a log in on Star Trek in May when we were at the Hilton.

    May not be able to get back unitl next May so I hope it lasts that long . I think I had 10 medals at the tme.


  17. Hey Guys, I just got back from South America and I wanted to let you know that the hotels there have casinos with slot machine that are nice and something new I haven’t seen: They had this option where you could double your bet with a roll of the die… Just another way to lose money. Anyone else seen this before?

    Yep, decided to go to somewhere other the Vegas and still found casinos. …. I think I need to find an annonomous group.

  18. FYI, the Star Trek logins work nationwide.

    So if you play in vegas, you can use that same login at a local casino elsewhere in the country if they have the game.

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