Five Hundy by Midnight 183: I Want Some Meat, And I Want It Now

Las Vegas podcast #183 includes:

  • What Not to Wear opener
  • The Lion King rumored to replace Mamma Mia
  • Las Vegas Hilton sports book heist
  • Gold Coast announces a hot new restaurant
  • Last year’s Thanksgiving dining options
  • Listener calls about Treasure Island, Harrah’s arena, Sigma Derby, Orleans bedbugs, Golden Nugget, Dirk Arthur, Hennesey’s Tavern, Red Rock Canyon, Craftsteak and more.
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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32 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 183: I Want Some Meat, And I Want It Now

  1. Sorry, but wanted to be the first to let you know, courtesy of Wikipedia, that Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos (born December 19, 1967) is better known by his stage name Criss Angel.
    Love the show.
    Philip (from the UK but living and working in Palm Springs, CA)

  2. I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving in Vegas again. I’m really going to spend a few bucks and have a decent meal this time. In the past I’ve dined at buffets at the Plaza and at Sam’s Town. For my very first Thanksgiving here, in 2004, the then-girlfriend and I were so broke we ate Turkey Spam with a bottle of economy gravy which I promptly dropped on the floor before we could enjoy it. Luckily it was at the Daisy Motel downtown and the stains weren’t that distinguishable from the ones already there.

    Ah, memories.

  3. Oh, and BTW I checked with Chuck at VegasTripping. There is no link on his home page (as of this typing) to the 08 Trippie Nominations, so either check his forum section for it or click the link from FHBM show notes for episode 182 (the last one) to vote.

  4. good luck on the trippies five hundy-you got my vote-
    perhaps the Gold Coast will roll out a whole new series of high class dining like-
    Steak and Shake and Arby’s !

  5. I heartily recommend Arby’s, because it tends to keep me employed. Lunan Corp., the local Arby’s franchisee, has no units in any Vegas casinos. I don’t think this is because there’s not money to be made there, but because the rent would be too high. Also, it must be noted that Sam’s Town (also a Coast Casino) has closed its restaurant and is erecting a TGI Friday’s in its place. Because there aren’t enough of them, apparently.

  6. Randy-you will be happy to know that the Arby’s around the corner from my house in Dallas does brisk business. No offense meant to Arby’s.

  7. I’m surprised I’m the first to figure out the angle on the TGI’s at Coast Casinos. All those fancy casinos have resturants with big name chefs, Coast couldn’t compete until now. They’re going for the Food Network connection with Guy Fiori, current spokesman for TGI.

  8. Who needs big-name chefs when you have flare? Maybe get Mike Judge and Jennifer Aniston to make a commercial for Coast Casinos/TGI Friday’s. The possibilities are limitless…

  9. Vegas food really should be narrowed into two catagories:

    1) Experience Dining – Mesa Grill, Michaels, and all that stuff

    2) Fill your stomach so you can continue drinking – O’Shay’s Food Court, all the lower end buffets, Subway at Casino Royale, etc.

    TGIF doesn’t fit the model…too slow/expensive for 2), not good enough for 1). …Arby’s would be good though.

  10. Tim – Who is that first band in your intro who gives that ‘Las Vegas, Nevadaaaaaaaaaaaa!’?

    It actually sounds like Corey Feldman – the douche that he is. Will you inform inquiring minds?

  11. I think it’s The Scorpions. The voice sounds just like the lead singer’s, Klaus Meine.

  12. Wow…I woud have never guessed the Scorps…does this mean that Tim and Michelle are headbangers?

  13. It is indeed the Scorps, recorded at a show at Aladdin a couple years ago. I didn’t record it, but we were there.

    And yes… our CD collection includes a fair amount of metal.

  14. I asked Tim that same question a while back. Come to find out I was at the same show.

    But Tim- Does your collection include any GWAR or Rammstein?

  15. No GWAR. I have one Rammstein song (“Du Hast”) but Tim won’t acknowledge it.

    Also? The German version of “99 Luftballons” kicks the English version’s ass.

  16. On the Lion King replacing Mama Mia:

    I think it’ll totally work and be a raging success. Why? Other than the Excal Tournament of Kings, you have no shows you can take kids to. Most Cirque shows are going to produce a puzzled ‘wtf?”‘ from most kids.

    Also, Michelle is right. It’s in keeping with the overall direction of Mandalay Bay. The wave pool is a huge draw for families with kids. The pool is clean, the eating choices are good and the rooms are nicer than most other places on the strip. Other than Mandalay Bay, the only other remotely kid friendly options are Excal or Circus Circus. From a strategic point of view, it’s great. Mandalay can fill in the niche of “kid friendly places that don’t suck”

  17. Troy, I thought that was 88 lines about 44 women.

    Where can we d/l the “I want meat” MP3’s?

  18. Is there anyboy else who always feel hungry after listening to this podcast lately? Talking about Vegas food is always sounds delicious.

  19. “99 Words For Boobs” is a great parody song. It’s about my absolute favorite topic, and I used it a few months back on one of my podcasts…

    Also, I was catching a bus today and I saw a few pair of women’s thong underwear just sitting there. Hot pink, too. No one else seemed to notice them, but I bet some perv’s picked them up by now.

    And no, it wasn’t me.

  20. I always want bacon after listening to the podcast.

    Who has the best bacon in Las Vegas?

  21. Hey everyone!

    Really weird thing happened tonight. I’m going to Vegas in a couple weekends (Thursday – Sunday). I have a solid deal booked, but I was poking around Kayak because I couldn’t sleep and I found something amazing.

    I got a deal that just simply blows away everything I’ve found elsewhere. Basically it looks like a glitch where I got the rack Thursday rate, but I got it for each of the three nights. Basically this translates to a huge savings. I got it directly through the hotel’s website, but only by clicking through Kayak.

    Anyway, of course I booked it, but I was wondering if there is any chance this gets canceled or modified somehow because it is a legit glitch. Has anything like this happened to anyone? Or did I get incredibly lucky?

    Anyway, I can assure you this is legit, I’m just being a little vague out of paranoia that this will be read and fixed…

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

  22. I’d love a place that serves REAL bacon, and lots of it. The kind we have at *rby’s is pre-cooked pepper bacon. Not good at all. We just heat it up in the oven, but it’s actually tastier when we speed-cook it in the microwave.

    I like thick slices of smoked bacon. The greasier the better. And cook the hell out of it.

  23. Randy> Sorry those are mine, and I really want them back. Do you have any idea how hard it is to get thong undies for a guy my size?

  24. Lucky if you print out the confirmation from Kayak I would be pretty confident that they will honor it.

    The rack rate might be cheap but it’s not like you’re getting Wynn for $59 a night or something.

    (if you are, congrats, lol)

    Give us a little hint on what you paid and the hotel.

  25. Not that good, but the jump in the rack rate from Thursday to Friday/Saturday is over $100 each night. So I’m saving at least $200 if they honor it. And it isn’t the Wynn for $59, but it something along those lines for about $150 each night.

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