Five Hundy by Midnight 184: What Should We BeLIEve?

Las Vegas podcast #184 includes:

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29 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 184: What Should We BeLIEve?

  1. I’m headed downstairs to pickle a peck of fresh picked peppers and partake of the pathological podcasted pontifications of a couple of Vegas Baconers. I hope that somewhere around minute 18 there’s a reminder about not rubbing your eyes while slicing 8 lbs of jalapenos.

  2. Wow. A caller said partake. And I had just looked it up because I don’t think I have ever written it down. Funny, to me.

  3. Postd on CHERWORLD

    The producers of Cher’s show, AEG (Anschultz Entertainment Group), also revealed that the mystery upper repertory ailment that has felled the singer three times over the past two weeks is “asthma-related bronchitis.”

    Cher, now 62, says that she’s really sorry the illness has forced her to quit the Caesars show schedules this year but looks forward to her return early next year. Its believed that the medical problem resurfaced again this weekend because “she had tried to please fans by returning too early into her recovery last week and it only aggravated the condition in a worse way.”


  4. Did you see the best of bacon on the Today show on Saturday.

    Was going to call but didn’t know what time it was in the mid-west.

    The commercials for Mohegan Sun are awesome, but the similarity to Viva Laughlin is scary.

    At least they didn’t use Hugh Jackman.

  5. Circus, Circus is the scariest place on earth. Why the Stardust is gone and Circus, Circus is still there can only be explained by Norwegian
    Black Death Metal Band lyrics…

  6. Thanks for the playing of the Mohegan commercials, I can avoid them here at home but not on a podcast…now I gotta get this shit out of my head.

  7. My last week before Vegas! I’ll be in Thursday afternoon, staying until late Sunday. A few questions:

    1. I’m looking for a spot for dinner Friday. A few criteria: reasonably priced as we have reservations for a fantastic meal Saturday, center or north strip preferred as we’re staying at Cesear’s, not steak/burgers as that’s the Saturday plan.

    2. What’s it like getting into the lounges (not full on clubs) late Saturday? I’m talking about three 20something guys trying to get into Ghostbar, Revolution, Caramel, etc. around 11 or midnight. Any other recommendations for a nice night out that doesn’t involve an overpowering base line?

    3. I kind of what to do a nice breakfast. I’ve heard Bouchon is fantastic. Any recommendations? Can I make breakfast reservations and what happens if I sleep through them?

    Thanks so much, hope that gets some conversation started!

  8. There is ALWAYS bed bugs and other nasties in hotels.
    Think about it-
    When was the last time you saw them changing a comforter in a hotel room?

  9. Have seen Blue Man Group three or four times now from all over the theater. Front row of the balcony was much better than second row center.

  10. Damn. Was going to be there next month. I’m getting married, and was _this_ close to recommending this show to a bunch of early arriving guests. I wonder what kind of opening night pressure there was: “Have a good show, all, but …ahh.. there’s nobody out there and we’ve got 3 days to make some money”.

    Bohdi: Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.

  11. “The producers of Cher’s show, AEG (Anschultz Entertainment Group), also revealed that the mystery upper repertory ailment that has felled the singer three times over the past two weeks is “asthma-related bronchitis.”…“she had tried to please fans by returning too early into her recovery last week and it only aggravated the condition in a worse way.”

    There’s a really dirty joke to be made at that last comment if somebody wants do so.

  12. A statement from the producer of Point Break Live: “The V Theater, although great for the purposes it usually serves, is not appropriate for an intimate and immersive punk rock theater experience like Point Break LIVE! Distracting aesthetic issues, combined with unforeseen and irreparable audio and lighting issues, broke up the continuity and intimacy of the performance, thereby leading us to decide the V Theater was not fitting for Point Break LIVE!”

    They’re seeking a new Las Vegas venue.

  13. …’cause punk rock will always be about crystal clear audio and a great light show (not to mention $60 tickets). Nevertheless I’m still up for it if they can find a new home. But man, it didn’t help hearing a caller say she saw it for $10.

  14. Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos or as I like to call him- Saran wrapped tacos

  15. So my sister calls today and asks, “So what do you think about Circus Circus?”
    To which I replied, “Well, I was there recently, don’t ask, and let me think for a second if there are any other casinos with grafitti carved into the public bathroom toilet seats…. Uh, no, not a one.”

    Just saying.

  16. @Futurejd
    I don’t know what reasonably priced is for you. For me, reasonably priced equals anything that’s less than $200/person. Translation: No Joel Robuchon or Guy Savoy.

    A really nice evening if you’ve got a girl (or wife in my case) is the following:
    – Andre’s – 6th street, Downtown 6PM (NOT the Monte Carlo location)
    – Defending the Caveman – Golden Nugget 8PM
    – Fremont Street Experience 9-??
    …make your reservation to Andre’s using They’ll submit your name and such to Andre’s who will print a custom menu especially for you when you’re seated.
    …Defending the Caveman has two packages – spend the extra for the $10 t-shirt. You can ignore it or pick it up if you want, but if you buy this package, your seats are in the first 3 rows instead of being in the back.
    …Fremont Street is fun in the same way that Bourbon Street in New Orleans is fun if you want a completely different scene from the Disneylandish-atmosphere of the strip and you’ve kinda already ‘been there, done that’ with the themed resorts. Good for a once-a-year trip if you don’t play tables.

    Don’t get a ‘line pass’ for any of the top shelf clubs – they’re worthless and will give you no juice. They’ll only work at places like Rain. If you’ve got a casino host, just ask him to put you on the list. Otherwise…
    If you’re looking for high priced talent at places like Jet, Pure, Lavo, Body English, Tao, etc… AND you’ve got a girl, prepare to yell, “BUDDY!” at the bouncer, palm him $50, and tell him to keep you in mind. It should take no longer than 5 minutes.
    If you don’t have a girl, well, you’re probably looking at $100 for you and a couple friends. More than that, you’ll probably be better off buying bottle service. Call the club beforehand a reserve a table for $300/bottle/group of 4/hour.
    If you’re just looking to hook up, your odds will probably be better 2nd tier joints like Rain, Tabu, or LAX.

    …personally in my single days, it was more fun to just hang out at Rehab during the day or any of the Day Clubs they got going these days like Tao Beach. Just as much alcohol, a great pool to relax in, and a lot more scenery.

    Best breakfast is the Sterling Brunch hands down and it kicks the holy bejeezus out of the Wynn & the Bellagio. Only problem is that it’s $75/person and it’s Sundays only at Ballys. Reservations only.
    Best general breakfast is probably either Lucky’s 24/7 at Hard Rock if you want to order (order ‘off’ the menu – do an Internet search), Le Village Buffet at Paris if you want a breakfast buffet with great desserts. If it’s ‘brunch’ buffet, I’d go Wynn or Bellagio – same diff. Get a line pass from a pit boss if you can. And yes, Bouchon is a good recommendation, especially their Champange brunch on the weekends. It’s never busy so you can just walk in.

  17. Thanks for the kind words Kurt.

    Caveman is a great date show. Women love the show, and the men who bring them. It’s also a great Broadway show for guys, because there’s no singing and dancing, guaranteed!

    ~Kevin Burke, Caveman

  18. I see Flamingo are starting to offer two new show & room packages for the Donny/Marie Show – either getting you a free photo book + dog tag ( the Rock n Roll one ) or free doll + butterfly charm ( the Country one )

    So does that make you change your mind and now want to get tickets Tim/Michele?

    Oh ok … no need to answer that.

    ( was just looking to see if room rates have fallen – honest ! ).

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