Five Hundy by Midnight 185: Jon Favreau Birthday Trainwreck

Las Vegas podcast #185 includes:

  • Colbert Report opener
  • Plaza v. Plaza: Plaza wins
  • Tropicana has big plans
  • Harrah’s mulls money-saving plans
  • Excalibur offers $1 rooms
  • Criss Angel update
  • Point Break Live dies a quick death
  • Sahara closes Speed The Ride
  • Paris closes poker room
  • Emeril runs a sports bar
  • Star Trek Experience moves to Neonopolis
  • Lefty Rosenthal dies
  • More cutting-edge restaurant news from Coast Casinos
  • Listener calls about drunk dials, Blue Man Group, Mohegan Sun ads, Circus Circus sign, Palazzo, Venetian, Sigma Derby, Boulder Highway, Las Vegas Wet and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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25 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 185: Jon Favreau Birthday Trainwreck

  1. Hi Tim and Michelle, just want to let you guys know that you have a fanbase of at least two (my brother and i) in Holland, Europe. Love your show. We don’t get to visit Vegas as much as we would like, maybe once every one-and-a half years, but listening to your podcast is something i look forward to every week. It keeps the Vegas drive going.

    Great stuff, keep it up!

  2. Vegetarian option: It’s a chain, and it’s off strip and it’s a buffet…but I’m a fan. Sweet Tomatoes. A great buffet restaurants with healthier lighter options, many marked as vegetarian or vegan. The entrees, soups, desserts etc rotate everyday. It was actually a find via my parents on a trip I took with them.

    There is one in Henderson and one a little nearer to the Strip if I remember correctly.

    The ever great Chipotle has some vegetarian options. There is one by the crappy Belz outlet.

    Another place to try might be visiting a Whole Foods. The vegan on our last trip just loaded up on snacks and dishes from there and Costco (we rented a condo) and ate his own meals and just drank during ours. 🙂 There is one at that new mall on the south Strip; Town Square, I think.

  3. A few thoughts:

    1. Ikea freaks Michele out? I guess we know where Tim goes shopping now.

    2. Isn’t the term “Bacon Links” a bit of a paradox

    3. Can we get a mash-up of Michele’s “I want meat…” comment with today’s “There is moisture involved”?

  4. By saying that Speed, The Ride is “closed for the season”, they leave the door open to reopen the ride if their building plans get delayed.

    The question is, what season are they referring to? Isn’t this the convention season for Vegas? Are they closed for the holiday season?

  5. TGI Friday’s – I was at Sam’s town last week and was sadly disappointed to see this new development. However, I walked by it inside and it appeared to be a higher end Friday’s then what you see in New England. On a positive note, they opened a Dunk’n Donuts in Sam’s Town. This is a huge plus.

  6. Dead Vegas Projects:

    The larger Strip project s may be dead but all of the housing projects on the Boulder Highway are still going. I was shocked to see the construction crews still swinging hammers and continuing to frame new housing. I have no idea what market is available for those houses but away from there are still many many housing areas being developed with downtown areas et al 30 minutes South West of the Strip as well.

  7. Whats with the knock on Dennys? I enjoy a five star breakfast as much as the next guy…but from a budgeting stand point Dennys gives the most bang for the buck…plus you get to experience the wolds busiest dennys and it is amazing.

  8. Hey guys nice to have you back. The week seems much longer without a 5HBYM podcast in it.

    I listened to the podcast in work today. You cannot begin to belive how desperate I was for a drink after to listening all your ice clinking.

  9. For other vegetarian options, there have been a few Fresh and Easy stores opened recently, mostly in old Rite Aid locations. There’s one right in my neighborhood at Tropicana and Nellis and there’s a new one being built at Trop and Eastern. And there’s always Trader Joe’s.

    But back to bacon. I’ve been hearing a lot about this so-called Applewood Bacon and I want to know if any stores in Vegas carry it. I live right across the street from an Albertsons, but I don’t like so much economic raping with my food purchases.

  10. Randy,

    I’ve been into Albertson’s a couple of times and despite my being impressed with how clean it was I wouldn’t go back. They were a bit on the bend you over the register and violate you side of prices.

    I once had to buy ice for a wedding out there. Granted they were large bags of ice but $60 for about 4 or 5 bags was insane! I know they conserve water in NV but it’s ice. The recipe isn’t a secret.

  11. Speaking of Shelly Adelson, (per Hunter’s “F- Adelson” comment as quoted in the podcast) I got back the other week from the Venetian/Palazzo and asked someone about the “Tao Beach” banner there.

    If you drive down the strip you can’t miss the “Tao Beach” banner hanging off the under-construction condominium complex between the Palazzo & the Venetian. I originally thought it was a tacky banner advertisement to attract people to the pool party that goes on there. (After all the Tao ‘Spritual Dining/Religious Nightlife’ ads on the side of the Venetian look so out of place, the banner might fall right in line)

    But the banner was so crappy, when I went there I got to thinking that maybe it was really there to help cover up the construction because the incomplete building was so unsightly. Since it hangs over Tao Beach, I thought may be it was a move to make the Tao Beach experience “more visually appealing” by hiding the I-beams when you’re in the pool.

    However when I commented about the banner to a lifeguard, she smirked and pointed to a man behind the sign near the corner of the building. I guess the construction workers used to just stand up there with binoculars and check out the “European bathing” during the day, so they had to ‘protect the privacy’ of those partying from the peering eyes of the dayworkers.

  12. Thanks to ‘Ben’ who called in with the kind words about Vegas Mate – much appreciated.

    Version 1.1 came out today and along with a few other changes you can now write, read and share reviews right from your iPhone or iPod Touch!

  13. Haven’t listened yet but one comment.

    The show is 1:37 to long.

    Can’t put it onto a normal CDR for regular play so can’t play it in my car only my wife’s which plays MP3’s.

    Not to complain much but you should keep it under 80 minutes. As a metter of fact, maybe you could edit this one and remove some extraneous tangents. 🙂


  14. Rothstein was the character in Casino. Sal (?). And did you know that in the begining of the movie when Sharon Stone is shooting craps, there is a gentleman to her side with big glasses and a ‘stache? He is the same person who works at Bernini’s in Caesars. At least he was there in 2005/2006.SOmeone tell me I am not nuts!!

  15. A double locomotive head on collision. Magnificent! A new Low. What else can I say? Whats with drinking out of a plastic cup ? I’m in this for hte ice clinking and you break out the tupperware? Am I mistaken? Sure didn’t sound like crystal to me. Maybe you can work on that. Don’t listen to the haters, the show can never be too long. Thanks guys.

  16. Has there been any update to the parking lot being put in at the Welcome to Vegas sign?

  17. Oh Tim, don’t be a baby. It’s not the listeners fault that your much better half is so much more entertaining. Just stick to your task as the production guy and let the talent be the talent.

    By the way, the $500 price tag on an h-job wasn’t a personal experience, but it was a story I heard from a previous trip. Talk about spunking your money away!!

    One thing I forgot to do on my call was to add a sign-off like some of your callers have started. So i’d like to add to my message……


  18. Wow…what a train wreck…you weren’t lying about that.

    However, much like an actual Amtrak head on collision with a truck full of meat products, I couldn’t not listen.

  19. “As a metter of fact, maybe you could edit this one and remove some extraneous tangents.”

    …Personally, the extraneous tangents are the only reason I listen to this podcast.

    “By the way, the $500 price tag on an h-job wasn’t a personal experience, but it was a story I heard from a previous trip.”

    …yet another example of how overpriced Vegas has become. Same thing can be had on the streets of Oakland for a 20. (So I’ve heard.)

  20. Another great podcast, thanks. And now I can laugh about it all over again reading the comments.

    This stuff cracks me up;
    “breaking out the tupperware” and “double locomotive head on” oh and don’t forget the “extraneous tangents”. These are so good you couldn’t make it up.
    And oh yea, references to a “$500 H-job” and bacon in the same show comment section, too sweet.

    Keep it up we are all laughing, well most of us.


  21. So PISSED about Point Break Live!!! I left a lengthy review of the NYC version on your VM and now it’s canceled, WTF??? Keep up the good work.


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