Five Hundy by Midnight 190: Now With More Boobs

Trippies 2008 : Best of Las Vegas

Las Vegas podcast #190 includes:

  • Colbert Report opener
  • Planet Hollywood announces Peepshow
  • Defending the Caveman moves to Excalibur
  • Mirage sells Terry Fator tickets, prepares to reopen volcano
  • Jillian’s closes
  • McCarran Airport renovations cause delays
  • The Kids in the Hall negotiate for Las Vegas show
  • Encore features Sinatra restaurant
  • Listener calls
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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22 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 190: Now With More Boobs

  1. Geek Warning!

    Just an FYI .. Dave Foley guest starred on this week’s Stargate Atlantis. Yes .. he does look a bit older – and a lot pudgier .. but don’t we all.


  2. Thanks for the birthday shoutout. The request was from my girlfriend who used to make fun of me for listening to the show. After some encouraging she now listens and follows your hijinx via twitter. The show is just one of those things that we both enjoy in our own strange way.

    To the caller asking about steakhouses, I have to recommend Craftsteak. I went there with a large group and had the chefs kobe tasting menu, which was a four course meal. I went to see if it was listed on the menu, but it isn’t. I can’t find anything on the menu in terms of selections that was like what we had. All of the courses were at the discretion of the chef with what they had present in the kitchen that day and consisted about about 5-6 apps, 5 different meats including two cuts of kobe beef, and 5-6 sides and desserts. With drink, gratuity, and an extra gratuity, the total bill came to about $230 per head. The food was incredibly fresh, with all of the flavors of the courses blending well with one another. The beef was of a high quality, and with one exception where all prepared excellently. The sides were incredible (my girlfriend will attest to how much I raved about the corn of all things), and the desserts were fantastic as well. For me what made the meal was the quality and freshness of the food along with the attentive service offered by all of the staff. For a group of guys that had some initially balking at a meal of that price, everyone came away very full and very satisfied.

    Lastly, I need to lose the name Roulette Boy. Although my prowess at the roulette table has made donations to the show possible, it sounds a bit creepy. Besides, I only play roulette to take a break from gambling. I’d much prefer Baccarat Boy if possible. By the way, I have trips planned for February and March, so there may be an influx of donations coming the show’s way…

  3. Everyone always asks for Steakhouse recommendations. I would wonder what people thought was the WORST steakhouse.

    Also, didn’t Scary Spice just have Eddie Murphy’s kid? So, if she shows boobage, they might have to change the show name from “Peepshow,” to “Leakage!” (Sorry for being dirty Michele.)

  4. Worst steakhouse?

    The worst one I’ve been to that should have been better than it is is AJ’s in the Hard Rock. I had a great steak there about 4 or 5 years ago, been back twice since, and sorely disappointed in food quality and service since. Strange, too, because AJ’s is/was owned by Mortons.

    I continue to give people the Circus Circus Steakhouse recommendation due to value. Incredible meal for the price and completely different than the hellhole that surrounds it.

    If you can’t bear to head north strip to visit the pink palace, I’ve had excellent steaks at Charlie Palmer in Mandalay, Mesa Grill at Caesars, and (budget oriented, again) Mon Ami Gabi at Paris. Binion’s Steakhouse downtown was also good years ago, I have no idea if it even exists anymore. I went to Craftsteak a year ago and was NOT impressed for the price – Circus, Mesa, and Charlie Palmer all served a better steak. Maybe it was an off night.

    There are some great high-end steak chains right off-strip that I bet are at least as good as any other of their locations in big cities. Mortons and Del Frisco’s Double Eagle rarely disappoint.

  5. Steaks: Nero’s in Caesars was high in quality and price too. Sirloin and Tenderloin were all Choice. A few years back they had creamed corn as a side, it was good, but it was pipping hot!

    Top of the World had a good sirloin too!

    Michele want’s some meat and she want’s it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. My girlfriend and I ate at a steakhouse called Don B’s, which is in Fitzgerald’s Casino on Fremont Street. This was back in March, on a Tuesday night (I think it was Tuesday), and they couldn’t have been more attentive and happy to see us. The place was a bit empty, but that was nice. The staff was very attentive, but didn’t hover. Service was excellent.

    She had a good-sized New York strip, I had filet mignon, and we split a tasty bottle of cabernet. Also, my filet came with what were, hands down, the best steak fries I have ever, ever had in my entire life.

    The steak was really, really good. Can you get better steak? If you go to Morton’s, or Ruth’s Criss, or DelMonico’s, sure – but it’s going to cost you.

    Steak, wine and a nice tip at Don B’s. $112 and, given the attentive, professional service and unhurried atmosphere, I think it was a bargain at that price.

  7. East side represent!

    Steak…bah! Too expensive and chewy for my tastes. As a budget food afficianado, my money’s on the Longhorn Casino at Boulder Highway and Harmon. One of the very few old-style greasy spoons remaining in a Vegas casino. They have a 24-hour 8-ounce chicken fried steak special…$3.99 last time I was there (about a month or so ago). It’s greasy, gritty, and cheap as hell. Best of all, it’s two blocks from my weekly rental apartment at “The Castle”. After a drink and a side of biscuits and gravy, you can still get out for under $8. Also, Corona and Modeo Negros are just a buck 24/7. Bon appetit!

  8. Man I would love to have enough time to explore off the strip places like Randy mentions.

    I just checked out the location on google maps and found streets nearby with great names such as:

    Dealers Choice way
    Jackpot winner lane
    Stacked chips road
    Fast payout Court
    Slow Bluff Street

    I would be proud to live in any of them (unless Randy can tell us otherwise) but i would invariably end up in
    Low Stakes Court or maybe Longshot Drive

  9. I know where most of those are They’re in a newly-developed apartment/condo community adjacent to the Eastside Cannery Casino. It’s a really nice looking place, though only partially complete at this point. And expensive as hell, I’ll wager.

  10. Interesting about the street names! Is there is a 777 Jackpot winner or a 21 Dealers Choice way or 2 Slow Bluff Street. It would a sweet if you can custom your street address number like that.

    I wasnt impress with the steaks at Stripsteak at Mandalay Bay but I still go there for the American Kobe beek consiemme and their fancy fries.

    Anybody else enjoying Rehab, Party at the Hard rock not storylines but for the Weather porn? 120 degree Sunny weather has never look so good as right now.

    Thanks again Randy! Yes, I do enjoy watching Monk. Now I need to TiVo that episode to see all those recycled Montecito stuff.

  11. As for the higher fares for the Deuce, I think it translates to an across-the-board fare increase for all Las Vegas buses. They voted on this a few months back, when gas prices were at their peak. Now that gas is half the price it was then, does this mean that the fares won’t increase? Well, frankly…no. This will probably also mean that the monthly pass will go up from the current $40 to $50 (or more).

    But I’ll tell ya the truth. When I lived in Minneapolis, MN for a brief time last year (long story), a monthly pass cost around $70…and they don’t even run 24/7. And you have to wait at the bus stops for hours in the snow when it’s four degrees. Vegas is a bargain.

  12. Sounds like Tim & Michele used that bus a lot in their last trip ( and getting a bit overexcited about it ) judging from all the shouts of Deuce on Twitter.

  13. Tim and Michelle will remember that the Deuce is leaps and bounds over the overcrowded, hellish buses that used to run up and down the strip. Those buses were old and always overcrowded, and the A/C never seemed to work. The Deuce buses are much more comfortable and better maintained, and you feel less like a sardine now. Those old buses weren’t put out of service…they were moved to regular routes where the tourists didn’t have to see them.

  14. Randy, I’d like to buy whatever you are smoking. Just kidding. I beg to differ on a point or two. The RTC is doing an excellent job of keeping ALL Las Vegas area buses up to date. Older ones are being retired. You can find the Deuces on many routes not used by the average tourist. including the 202 route which runs across Flamingo and does a turnaround at the Eastide Cannery.

    Also, the area around the Longhorn/Eastside Cannery is generally undesireable. Just look on Zillow. Rock throwing distance behind the Longhorn is one of the least expensive housing within 5 miles. Also check out Metro’s website for crimeview and see it is hot for crime stats, which may be why it is affordable living.

    Noting personal guy, just another locals observations.

  15. Just listened to the podcast and I must say that I never knew Emo Philips was such a big fan of the show. Hell, I didn’t even know he was living in Monteal.

  16. Daidy, I’d encourage you to take the 109 – Maryland Parkway – on a hot summer afternoon. Most likely the air won’t be working at all, and the thin, dirty seats will reek of whatever homeless person has been sleeping on them. Other routes that get the crappy buses tend to go through neighborhoods heavily populated by the poor and less glamorous, like down MLK and Rancho. Take my word for it, I’ve had to ride these buses recently. I got to witness a colorful exchange not too long ago on the 109 in which a homeless man was declaring himself the Holy Angel of God, and sentencing people to eternal damnation. He didn’t look like Morgan Freeman to me, though he obviously had been drinking…so, close enough.

    Boulder Highway has undergone a renaissance lately, and there are many building projects going on. The community I refer to is brand new, and to the direct right of the Cannery Casino. There are some nice apartments and condos being built there. I’d like to live there myself someday, but am instead just across the street…at the roach-and-scorpion infested Sportsman’s Royal Manor.

    In other words…what you call Hell, Rando calls home.

  17. Steak: Our favorite is Smith & Wollensky (“Smith and Wo”). They are adjacent to the Coca Cola store – just look down the alley to the left of the building for the restaurant entrance. (The patio / entryway that’s directly on the strip is for their separate bar and grill.) Fantastic steaks. Go easy on the side orders – one is probably enough for three people. We usually get out of there for about $100/person without alcohol.

    If you want prime rib it’s worth the short taxi ride to Lawry’s – just off Flamingo past Koval. We usually walk back to the strip in a futile attempt to burn a few calories.

    Will: You beat me too it!!

  18. Years ago there was a plumbing company in town with a fleet of vans. On the side of their vans was a logo that read

    A Royal Flish beats a Full House

    I have not seen those vans around in recent years.

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