Five Hundy by Midnight 192: Rumors, Open Bars and Las Vegas Stunts

Las Vegas podcast #192 includes:

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32 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 192: Rumors, Open Bars and Las Vegas Stunts

  1. Per the “Wine Automat” at Aliente Station: it sounds exactly like the Wine Automat that’s in the Whole Foods Market that just opened down the street from me in Richmond, VA. Same concept – you need to sign up for a debit card.

    The one in Whole Foods charges in one, three, and five-ounce increments. The cost depends on the wine. Those prices obviously suggest that smaller sizes are meant for tasting.

    On another note: the three-night weekend after New Year’s we’re staying at Venetian for the first time at a not-too-shabby rate of $79 a night. Incredible because we were provided the offer based on minimal play LAST New Years’ Eve. We showed them our Diamond Card and signed up for their players card, then played an hour of Video Roulette to pass the time from 10-11 before hitting the strip to partake in the festivities. We only lost about $25, which is more than a fair trade for the offered rates.

  2. I am trying to fix out site regarding selling ‘Hungover For Vegas’ and will let you guys know when I have it fixed. Thanks again to all the support-joe
    Five Hundy rules-your bacon vegetarian friend-joe

  3. I’m currently contemplating going out to Vegas specifically to see the opening of Encore. A free Southwest flight is burning a hole in my pocket. I spoke to Encore reservations and I got some additional details about the timing of the opening on December 22nd:

    * The occupancy permit doesn’t turn on until noon on the 22nd. That’s the soonest that people can start to check-in to Encore for that evening.

    * Guests of the Wynn will be able to visit Encore after the noon opening. The shopping esplanade and the restaurants and bars will be open.

    * The gaming license doesn’t take effect until 8 PM on the evening of the 22nd, so the casino will be dark until then. All the machines will be powered off, no table staff, etc until then.

    Personally, I’m tempted to go. It would be trippy to walk aroiund in the casino with no machines on.

  4. “Crocs are the Comic Sans of footwear.”

    Well done, Tim, well done. You are a clever fellow, but that was your best line of the year, in my opinion.


    I’m intrigued by where I can find the “Burger Brassiere”? It sounds uncomfortable. Uncomfortably delicious…

    Foo Fighters do a pretty good cover of “Baker Street”, swapping guitar for the sax part. (by the way, in recognition of the legendary Minneapolis music scene, were you ever a fan of Trip Shakespeare?)

    Thanks for the show!

  5. Some of the best live shows I’ve seen were Trip Shakespeare, and of all the great bands that have faded into the mists of time, they are probably the one I miss the most. If you haven’t already, check out the YouTube videos of some Minneapolis cable access shows they did.

    Back to Vegas, regarding booking rooms and re-booking later at lower rates, this has always been one of the great no-risk plays of planning a Vegas trip, but I did notice in the last 6 months, MGM properties started a “No Regrets” promotion that offered discounted rates (not drastically discounted) with the caveat of “no cancellations/no refund”. It was their way of locking in people at a rate and avoiding losing out if the rate subsequently dropped.

    I didn’t like it, obviously, but suspected that the current economic climate would remove their leverage to maintain that policy for long. Beggars could not be choosers. And they haven’t included that proviso in their last few promotional emails, so I think they’ve realized it’s not going to fly anymore.

  6. Tim,
    Where in the heck were those Love Boat slots? We looked everywhere for them 🙁

  7. Show 200. How about a live (recorded) one hour phone in. Or failing that a video podcast.

  8. I agree with Darran. I think a video podcast is in order for show 200!

  9. In honor of Tim and Michelle’s 200th show I will attempt to drink 200 beers. I will no doubt fail around number 14 and possibly vomit if i make it to 17. Cheers.

  10. Sorry, but the song you ended the show with was pretty bad. The voice overs made in sound like “paradise by the dashboard light” …. all yuu needed was phil rizzuto and michelle yelling …. stop right there!

  11. Thanks ‘Music critic 101’, ‘Podcast’ is a bad ass song- Meatloaf is my main influence…I agree with you that Tim and Michelle made the song great.

  12. I look forward to Music Critic 101’s song submission. I’m sure it will be the world’s next Stairway to Heaven.

  13. It’s an awesome song, wish I had it on my iPod. Put it on iTunes, I’ll buy it

  14. Theres a lady whos sure
    All shoes need to be sold
    And shes buying a size seven to heaven.
    When she gets there she knows
    If the stores are all closed
    With a word she can get what she came for.
    Ooh, ooh, and shes buying a size seven to heaven.

    How’s that!

  15. show number 200 should be a behind the scenes videoblog of the making of a five hundy episode….start to finish…what goes into it

  16. and ice – don’t forget the ice. Oh and dogs drinking water. That is a common theme.

    Also, I really enjoyed the song. The voiceover bit complemented it really well.

    Are you going to publish the lyrics Mr Sedita? I had a bit of trouble deciphering a few on the first listen in the car.

  17. Dave Lifton -‘Wings for Wheels ‘ is a great podcast-diggin episode 47 with Tim and Michelle//

    Chris-I will try and post the lyrics to ‘Podcast’ here later, sorry misunderstood your question.

  18. Podcast by joe sedita @2008 seditasongs

    I got my laptop and my pda. Paid for a mic and a ‘Go’
    room today.
    Gettin’ emails from right wing bores-tellin’ my
    can’t say that no more.

    Give me meat-bacon
    Give me meat-bacon

    If I could have a podcast everything would be ok.
    Talk about Vegas and cus all day.
    A dirty podcast filled with booze and drunken whores.
    Calls from listeners that can’t wait to score.

    Gettin’ cold up in the great white north.
    Dogs are licking each other and snores.
    Gotta put out another show.
    People will download it then do some blow.

    Give me meat-bacon
    Give me meat-bacon

    If I could have a podcast everything would be ok.
    Talk about Vegas and cus all day.
    A dirty podcast filled with booze and drunken whores.
    Calls from listeners that also are bored.

  19. Hey Tim and Michelle,

    On your advice I surfed over to which was fun, and I was fortunate enough to win the contest for American Casino Guide 2009 Edition.

    Thanks for the tip –

  20. Show #200 ought to be a “Best of” listener input, be it drunk dials, e-mails, listener submitted mp3’s, or anything else that listeners might have brought to the FHBM universe that have improved the quality of the show over the past several years. Snippets of those segments could be followed up with waxing nostalgic about how those have impacted the lives of those around FHBM.

    You could EASILY fill an hour on that alone!

    Golden stuff is in the archives. Let us relive it one more time.

  21. Unless it will be a special feature on the Five Hundy Box set (with packaging shaped like a slice of bacon), I think show 200 should be the much requested, eagerly anticipated and long awaited and unedited replay of show #14.

    I’ve never heard it but the fact it was pulled only increases the need to hear it.

    Free show #14 from the Five Hundy vault!!!


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