Five Hundy by Midnight 193: All Is Calm Except the Phones

Las Vegas podcast #193 includes:

  • Siegfried and Roy opener
  • Welcome to Las Vegas sign parking lot opens
  • Viva McDonald’s: New location, same bad food
  • Wynn removes New Frontier marquee
  • Listener calls about Coin-dropping slots, AEG correction, Detroit casinos, burned out signs, Reno, Lawry’s, Sinatra restaurant, Las Vegas Marathon, NM Cafe, Fiamma, Lion’s Share and more
  • Christmas in Las Vegas by Clint Holmes and Leslie Gore
  • Daily Fiasco blog
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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16 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 193: All Is Calm Except the Phones

  1. Haven’t listened yet but I see you have my favorite Vegas Cheistmas song. Love Lesely Gore. Good choice.


  2. In regards to the broken neon: Although Harrah’s seemed to fix their sign, there were plenty of others burnt out. I took a few pictures, look for an article on VegasTripping in the coming weeks.

  3. The Oscars are going to have Hugh Jackman host, and they said they want to have more of a night-club vibe to the show. Why do I just keep thinking the whole Oscar telecast is going to be a three hour episode of Viva Laughlin?

  4. Hey guys i love the show. i just book a room for 3 comp nights at mgm so when i hit the casino i wanna check out lion share. ive been to mgm a zillion times but i have never actually looked for it, where is it located in the casino? keep up the great work guys!

  5. Chris, it’s on the southmost wall. If you’re at the cashier cage, head east, past the club, and along the wall. It’s the first slot you’ll run into. It’s right next to the waitress station walkthrough. If you get lost, ask any person that works there for directions.

  6. GregoryZepher> Just the Intro? Shows your a good gambler, you quit when your ahead.

  7. In bacon news, here’s a recipe I worked up for a potato side dish.

    Take a pack of bacon (1 lb) and fry it up. When done, remove the bacon and keep the pan with the grease on the stove. Take 1 lb of frozen hash brown potatoes and cook it in the bacon grease. While cooking, add salt, pepper, tarragon and rosemary. When it’s all done, put the potatoes in an oven-safe pan and add the cooked bacon. Mix the two together and put in oven until there’s a nice crunch to the potatoes.

  8. Just back from Vegas – Only one LionShare slot left at MGM. I dumped $20 into. It’s still there waiting for someone to hit the $2MM progressive. Good luck.

  9. I need some input….is taking the monorail a good idea for leaving an event at the MGM Grand Arena?…or better off hoofin it back north?…anyone got any ideas?

  10. Why oh why can’t Vegas have heavy snowfall, closing the airports, when we are having to leave Las Vegas. What an excuse for being back to work late.

  11. Stayed at Mirage 12/11 thru 12/15, 21st floor, North tower. Smelled like bacon when we got off the elevator. Must be something with the HVAC system, it was like that every day. Made us think of Michele every time. Played Sigma Derby with David McKee on Friday @ MGM. Tried to find Lion Share, never could, 2 employees gave us the blank stare. Staggered around casino with 1 ear bud in listening to Five Hundy hoping last weeks episode had location of machine, but couldn’t come up with it. Maybe next trip.

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