Five Hundy by Midnight 195: Las Vegas Wishes 2009

Las Vegas podcast #195 includes:

  • Root of All Evil opener
  • Five Hundy by Midnight wins Best Las Vegas Podcast Trippie Award
  • Encore opens
  • New Years Eve stunts
  • CityCenter rumors
  • Treasure Island deal with MGM Mirage lasts one year
  • The Real Deal closes
  • Trader Vic’s rumor
  • Crown Las Vegas is back
  • Best of Vegas hotel deals
  • New Year’s wishes
  • Listener calls about MGM upgrades, Ellis Island, bacon martinis, Blue Man Group, Lion’s Share, the $20 trick in Reno, Mirage poker room rumor, Wynn comps, MGM Foxwoods, Encore, Andres, Golden Nugget, Grand Lux, Palazzo rooms, Paris buffet and more
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23 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 195: Las Vegas Wishes 2009

  1. Well Tim and Michele on winning the Podcast Trippie(again!)

    You really should give the other guys a chance – maybe you could drop the production standards a little.

    Also on the Trippie site I like the fact they have removed the color(sic) from your photo with only carrot top’s ridiculous bonce shining through.

    Well done again.

  2. Shower pressure at Encore was very good — no worries there.

    Ellis Island is more than basic — they still have the half-pint craps table for God’s sake!

  3. Tim,

    You da man. Very nice editing job! You took a complete shit and droning call and actually made it sound semi-coherent and concise! Thank you!

  4. Two questions with 30min left on #195:

    What are they going to call MGM Mirage when they sell off the Mirage?
    What the Hell happened to Troy?

    BTW – Congrats on the Trippie

  5. Congrats on the Trippies!!! Thats where I found your podcast. Hopefully like me more people will start to download with that plus people who new iPods as well.

  6. The podcast starts…”Today is Sunday January 4th, 2008″.

    Ok, I admit I did it today too! Got to get the eight out of my head.

    Happy New Year everyone!!!

    Congrats on the award.

  7. Oh man… I knew I was going to mess up the year on the first show. I’m glad I didn’t let myself down.

  8. As someone who has been around Penn National Gaming for about 25 of my 33 years on this planet, having worked for them, and having witnessed their growth from a small low-level claiming track in Grantville to one of the countries largest gaming comapnies, all I can say is that I really hope they don’t get their hands on Mirage or any Las Vegas property for that matter. If you thought that what HET has done to Caesars is bad, just want until PNG takes control of a Las Vegas property. While they did a surprisingly good job with their slot hall in Grantville, it still has that lack of forethought that many PNG projects have been fraught with.

  9. The Best Las Vegas Podcast, again & again, back to back!

    Keep doin a wonderful job!

    I was not surprise of the Trippie; I AM surprise that nobody from LV has fully endorse the podcast (not that you don’t need it, and maybe you don’t want it). But the podcast is the go place to be update with news from SinCity (and not Cincinnati).

  10. Bacon Links. Is that anything like a string of sausages ?

    Lionel Richie Live – awesome. We have seen him three times in the last few years and that man sure can entertain.

  11. Greetings!

    Congrats on the Trippie! I couldn’t believe my New Year’s Eve call made it onto the show. I remember screming into my phone, because it was so loud. I wasn’t sure if the first call went thru. I do remember calling a second time. I got there on Tuesday evening, and stayed all the way till Sunday. It snowed pretty bad on the long drive back to Limbo, Arizona.
    But I made it back home, and now back at work.
    I was supposed to be back in Vegas on the 16th, to go see a concert.
    But I am not sure if I am going to make it. BUt I still have hope, and am crossing my fingers.
    Well, that it is all for now.

    Love, Light & Peace!
    Stay Positive!

    One Luv,
    Dylan “Macca” McManus

  12. Mark G- I am still here. Still listening. Just figured you guys may be tired of hearing my reports and stuff every show. Still going to shows and staying in hotels here. Stayed christmas week at Flamingo in a go-room and saw Nathan Burton. Got lots of reports just slowed down on them.
    I did just call one in for the Raw Talent show at Sahara. Hopefully it makes sence.
    Thanks for missing me though. That was nice.

  13. I’m glad your experience with the Bacon Martini was better than mine. Are the Bacon Bloody Marys at the Double-Down as well?

  14. I think the best line of show 195 has to be

    “From Baccarat to Sigma Derby, that’s Mike E”

    Al always, another good show and a good start to 2009. I look forward to hearing calls from Macca, Mike E and Troy from Las Vegas.

  15. My Vegas wish for 2009: That no gambler, utter novice, casual, semi-pro or pro, ever sits down and patronizes a 6-5 Blackjack table this year.

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