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28 Responses to “Five Hundy by Midnight 196: Tripping Over The Trippies”

  1. 1 Darran

    Half way through podcast. Just have to say as good as you both are, the dogs stole the podcast this time. Had us in stitches. Any plans for them them to do a seperate spin off podcast ?

  2. 2 Dram_man

    As a REO Speedwagon fan, whose Mistress makes me go to Sam’s Town and enjoy it, I feel somewhat marginalized by this weeks episode.

  3. 3 Tim

    Damn… I knew we were going to offend someone. Sorry Dram.

  4. 4 Troy from Las Vegas

    I never thought to call down for a coffee maker.
    I wish I would have thought about that before I stayed at Flamingo last week at the end of December and bought those $4 coffes down in the lobby.

    Circus Circus main marque has been torn apart for several weeks now. It looks like shit.

  5. 5 Troy from Las Vegas I love the idea of this place but would be scared to stay there. This neighboodhood is really rather dicey right now.

  6. 6 Darran

    On Twitter noticed Cirque is developing a video game for Zumanity.

    Can you imagine it? Must be for Wii with the fit board. Somersaulting and swinging from the light fixtures in the living room ( if you dont do that already, that is ).

    Leotard optional.

  7. 7 Chris (now from) Las Vegas

    Oh man. I really don’t remember making those calls. Good Lord.

  8. 8 Jim

    Harrah’s suspends completion of Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace

    Harrah’s Entertainment has suspended completion of the 665-room Octavius Tower at Caesars Palace from its scheduled mid-summer opening “until a period of stronger demand,” the company confirmed today.

  9. 9 Tom in SoCal

    Why God, why did you take the historic Sands from us, when you could have leveled Circus Circus?

  10. 10 Dram_man

    Hey what’s with all the hating the ElCo? The place is classic! You know in some places the 50s are coming back, at the ElCo they never left.

  11. 11 Troy from Las Vegas

    Cirque Du Soleil already has two games for Zumanity on line.

  12. 12 AndyMN

    I just thought I would let everyone know that I just booked 4 nights at Imperial Palace in May that was completely COMPED! All I had to do was log on to my total rewards account and I thought I would also mention that I have ZERO Total Rewards points. I know, it’s Imperial Palace but I don’t plan on staying in my room much. All of the other Harrah’s resorts were also deeply discounted.

  13. 13 Dan north of Toronto

    Just got a free offer from the Wynn. Three nights mid week. But to qualfy for more you need 6,000 points per day (that’s $18,000 in play) or 4 hours at the tables with an average $250 per hand!

    They ain’t giving it away.


  14. 14 Dan north of Toronto

    So I was filling up a CDRW for the car when I added FHBM 1.

    In it Tim predicted that Lionel Richie would be the next Las Vegas act a la #195.

    Give it up already. 🙂


  15. 15 Tim

    I’ll never give up on my dreams.

  16. 16 daisy

    I gotta say, I have always agreed with Tim on the Lionel Richie show. That would be spectacular. DANCING ON THE CEILING, WHAT A FEELING! ALL NIGHT LONG, COME AND SING ALONG! Damn I’m old.

    I’ve always been disappointed with Prince not staying. I was there for opening night, but I always assumed he’d be there next time I came back. Needless to say I didn’t attend the show. I failed!

    I knew a girl named Nikki I guess you can say she was a sex fiend….

  17. 17 Dram_man

    It could be worse folks. Just think around 2030 when Tim Jr. says in FHBM #3022 that “I predict this year that either Justin Timberlake or Christina Aguliera will get a show on the strip. Speaking of predictions, I also predict that “I did it Again!”, the Britney Spears Cirque show, will be extended for another year at C Squared.”

  18. 18 Mike in NJ

    Has anyone ever stayed @ Polo Towers? If so how was it.

  19. 19 Cameron

    Troy, you’re joking, right? That area is fine if you’re not scared of your own shadow. I’ve stayed at the El Cortez over a dozen times over the last 5 years without incident.

  20. 20 Kelly from Texas

    I agree with AndyMN. I booked a trip to Harrah’s in April for 5 nights. Total cost……$0. Couldn’t believe it. And like he said I also had no points on my card. Interesting. They are really hurting. Guess it worked in a way. I may not be gambling in Harrah’s, but I will be staying there.

  21. 21 Jim
  22. 22 chip

    really?? harrahs is literally booking rooms for free with just the presence of a players card? ummmm awesome. anymore feedback or are you all just jokin’?

  23. 23 Darran

    Checked my entitlement on Harrah’s as well. Hardly gamble there and yes, four night at IP during the week comped.

    Suffice to say though will not be taking them up on the offer.

  24. 24 Darran

    Hmm my above message sounds a bit snobby. To explain, there are so many great hotel offers out there that coming from the UK really want to take advantage of a hotel we would not normally stay at, price wise.

  25. 25 chip

    wonder if thats just a uk exckusive deal? i lost my harrahs card (never play at any harrahs properties anyways) and cant get ahold of anyone at harrahs to get card #

  26. 26 Troy from Las Vegas

    “Troy, you’re joking, right? That area is fine if you’re not scared of your own shadow. I’ve stayed at the El Cortez over a dozen times over the last 5 years without incident.”

    Uh, no I am not kidding. Sorry, I am not from Bronx or southside Chicago.
    Have you been there recently? Have you ever left the building and wandered the neighborhoods surrounding the hotel? I have. I drove through that area about 1:30 am the day I made that comment.
    Anyone can just look at the area from Google Earth and see what the area looks like. Notice all the empty dirt lots or the houses with 6 cars in the back yard. What kind of citizens do you think that attracts. Not the model neighborhood.

  27. 27 Cameron

    Troy, I’m from a small town in the upper Midwest & have no problems walking on Fremont or Ogden Ave. between FSE & the El Cortez or former Ogden House, now the El Cortez Cabana Suites. Sure, it can get dicey if you go several blocks east of there, but not between the FSE & 7th St. Heck, it isn’t even that dicey to walk to the Western anymore.

  1. 1 Vardenafil.

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