Five Hundy by Midnight 198: Answering Machine (You Promised)

Las Vegas podcast #198 includes:

  • Growing Pains opener
  • Listener calls about New Years Eve, Delmonico, Palms, Encore, Earl of Sandwich, Cheap Trick rumor, Tournament of Kings at Excalibur, Viva McDonalds, Circus Circus, Venetian, Wynn room deals, MGM Grand Detroit, renting a car, Palazzo, Simon at Palms Place, Society Cafe at Encore, Las Vegas Hilton and more
  • Call us at (702) 866-9494

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11 thoughts on “Five Hundy by Midnight 198: Answering Machine (You Promised)

  1. D gates is basically every airline but Southwest, US Airways, and international flights….McCarran is a silly silly airport

  2. By the way, Cheap Trick also covered Magical Mystery Tour.

    And I’d like to say that That’s What She Said is a very fine podcast. Matt and Kevin do a very good job, even though they hate Flenderson.

  3. D gate sounds awful.

    Even though Terminal 2 (Air Canada and others) hasn’t the facilites of Terminal 1, it is the first one you come to when you arrive by cab, the buses are easier and it is generally less hectic.

    It also has an awesome PGA tour store that we never miss buying something and an Ethel M booth. What more could you want.


  4. I agree with Tim. Having seen over 70 different shows here in Las Vegas, and having a certain family member who works for Cirque Du Soleil, I still have to say Jersey Boys is indeed the best show in Las Vegas.

  5. I may swear too much, but Papageorgio eats too much.

    Good show.

    Pile of shit stirrer, OUT!

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